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In order....
The first one lasted 8 months (RROD), the second lasted an hour(RROD), the third lasted 3 months(CD drive fail), the 4th lasted 5 minutes(RROD), the 5th lasted about 1 year(RROD). (I also have been using a laptop cooler underneath for about 1 year) All of these were returned to Mircosoft. The newest one (first time I purchased new since the original) I've had for 5 days. #8.3
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Unlike my 360, the PS3 has been rock solid
My PS3 is a tank. I think I've had a freeze maybe once ever in over a year and that's it. I'm very happy. I have the old 80 gb model that came with Motorstorm. #29
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My 5th 360 just broke so I bought a Jasper
I am going on my 6th Xbox, so I recently picked up a Jasper at CCity. I will sell the other when it comes back from Microsoft. I have to admit the Jasper is MUCH cooler and quieter than my previous models. We will see..... #8
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Jason + Gears...hmmm
Should be interesting. Is a Hockey mask DLC coming? #1
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Its not just fan boy flaming. What if I own both the PS3 and the Xbox 360?
Wouldn't you want the best looking version. Sometimes it's too close to really matter like CoD, sometimes like MIrrors Edge it becomes a greater deal. In the case of Bioshock it was very good that someone pointed the problem out, resulting in a patch and a nice improvement. I for one hope to see more comparisons so I can judge for myself. #1
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There are many copyright material levels
Have you been online lately. They've relaxed their policy. Just play the game and you'll see tons. This article is dumb. #4
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Well done PS3!! #16
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Another dumb review
I just finished the single player game today. I loved it! 9 out of 10 easy. I thought it was on par with GoW2, the single player was better in many ways and the multiplayer actually works. Although I really like the horde mode on GoW2. A review of 6 is a joke. I suspect this guy made all the wrong moves possible. Honestly the game makes it easy. Right before a new group of bad guys come, just grab the new weapon while keeping one of your old ones. On the few times where you need an older wea... #17
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Does anyone else charge this much for two new maps and a PC map? #3
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The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50".?? WTF! Dark knight sold 600K Blu rays in its first day. I suspect this guy has never seen a Blu-Ray disk or played a PS3. #30
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You move roughly the same in RE5. You can't run and shoot. I recommended that you use the right stick and the A button though most of the game. Its helps you walk faster and turn a little better. #9
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The article says..
that the graphics have been improved. The lighting and textures have been improved creating a sharper and more detailed image, better lighting and shadows. Also it says that it has no visable loading time. #24
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Best single player ever
Having both a PS3 and a 360 I find this game still to be the best single player campaign ever. Gears of Wars 1 and 2 were nice, this is still my favorite. I can't wait to see what new areas they have in store. #83
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Yea just found out I got in! At 2:48 on the west coast #27
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Very sad
Things seem to be falling apart with the online aspect. Sony is crapping in its own food bowl. #26
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What are the costumes for Hot Shots Golf this time? #6
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I don't think the graphics look that bad at all. I like it. Nothing ultra special, but nothing close to bad either. Gameplay is also very fun. If you want to see bad graphics just turn on a Wii and check out Dead Rising when it comes out. Instant buy for me. #18
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I dont think I've ever been more pissed off trying to get a game
I don't know how long I wasted trying to get in. Never got it! F-these guys! #287
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Website error
The website is completely jammed up. Can't get it. #16
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Looks great!
Nice! One of the first games on the Wii I find myself really wanting. #11
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