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Its a cheaper form of what the trading card industry has been doing for years. MTG, Sports Cards, Star Wars cards, Star Wars digital cards, Pokemon, etc....

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One of the biggest differences is that Call of Duty has always had a costly DLC.
Battlefront 2's DLC is free, so to help cover the costs they went the loot box route. Not saying its correct, but since they listed to fans and removed it, maybe now we can tell em what we want.

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I agree For $44 on e-bay its one hell of a deal. Great maps.

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Its a good game one you get past all of the hate. Most of the hate comes from the last one getting an incomplete game and paying $110 for it +DLC and no campaign. Here you get a much deeper game, much better Spaceflight, lots of free DLC, a nice 5-6 hour campaign plus another free 1+ hour campaign coming. Despite some claims you can unlock Darth in 2 hours. I see a lot of misinformation here and on reddit.
I get why EA did it (to pay for free DLC) and I get some of the hate also. Bu...

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I'm loving the game so far. I'm only about half way through but I'd give it an 8.75. If it had CoOp I'd give it a 9.0. I'd give the original a 9.5.

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Alan Wake is amazing, one of the best games on the Xbox. I hope they make more. I'm getting this as soon as it comes out.

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The full Alan Wake game was given a 7 by Eurogamer also, for what its worth.

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I love Alan Wake. Good Atmosphere. Thought it was one of the BEST exclusives on the 360 to date. Can't wait for this one. I suspect it will be far better then what Eurogamer gives it credit for.

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Wii is a poor mans PS3/X-Box. Also why get one when a new one is just around the corner.

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I've been a huge fan because I love light gun games, other than than I really don't use it that much. But the amount of light gun games I have continues to grow.

Cabela Dangerous Hunts 2011
Cabela Big Game Hunter 2012
Cabela Survival
Dead Space: Extraction
House of the Dead Overkill
Time Crisis Razing Storm 3 game pack
The Shoot
Toy Story 3 (Very small part of the game)

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He was funny a few years ago but now I find him annoying.

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I have a more accurate news flash.

Xbox and PS3 developers say Halo is creatively limited.

Seriously these guys have been milking the crap out of a ho hum paint-by-the-numbers shooter for years. Yawn!

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I'm a huge lightgun game fan, so for me its the move. The Kinect has zero interesting games for me. Some great examples of the move.

Killzone 3
Little Big Planet 2
The Shoot
Time Crisis (3 games pack)
Dangerous Hunts
Big Game Hunter 2012
Toy Story 3
Sports Champions
Dead Space Extraction
Heavy Rain
Resistance 3

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Edge has quite possibly the worst reviewers on Metacritic. They exist only to troll PS3 exclusives an what ever else catches their eyes.

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I was waiting for Triumph the Dog to say " poop on!"

This is a joke. Its PS3 clearly.

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I love Cabela Dangerous Hunts for the PS3/Move. Hopefully they can put out something good for the Kinect.

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I like Apple, but give me a break, this guy is a total A$$. The ipad as of now and the next few years down is a causal gaming device with limited interaction. But it simply cannot hold a candle to a true gaming console. It's not even a close replacement to the Sony Vita.

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Day one, I wonder how many light gun games he's played on the PS3. I love em all even Cabela's Dangerous Hunts.

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The stock got hammered to do a poorly introduced and highly questionable product.
But Zelda looked good.

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If Nintendo doesn't watch out they will find themselves getting owned by Sony AND Apple.

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