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think i'll finally get Tomb Raider then.

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It's really hard to imagine how long ago this game was announced

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Amazon's web AWS service is global, with data centers everywhere. It's the perfect scalable service for all of these sites like Twitter, Pintrest and Netflix. The only problem is when one goes down it melts so many sites on the web.

It is odd because they compete in video-streaming

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it actually has a lot to do with Sony being in Japan. When the Yen is so much higher over the dollar or domestic currency, they lose money bringing over the sales from foreign markets.

Since Sony is loosing so much money in currency exchange rates already, it wouldn't be profitable (or sometimes possible) to discount the hardware even further.

Nintendo faces the same problem, which is why Sony and Nintendo are losing record-losses these past two years. ...

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yeah, best buy got the "preferred" list from Sony. I'm sure that costs a lot.

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you have the best user/name and avatar ever btw

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i can't tell if you meant Defining, or you were going for Deafening but spelled it wrong. Where is that Fry meme when i need it. Works either way though

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I was at the event, the 'digital' subscription they talked about was about earning points and earning savings, they did not go into detail but it sounded like PSN+, paid for but not needed, and was an extra.

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telltale just posted this on twitter, thought i would tell you since you asked

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