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Persona 5!! If any game could get me to run out and buy the system day 1, it'd be that.

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So having an abundance of fantastic exclusives is irrelevent because they arent as high profile as others? Sound logic there mate /s

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Known this for ages :/

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Great opening week for Ni No Kuni, and that's just for the US as well. I can see it possibly reaching the 1 mil sales mark when all is said and done.

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Is alot more than just a hd upgrade of Tri. Tons of new monsters, weapons, armour etc. It's essentially to Tri what MHF Unite was to MHF2.

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'Yes, Trophies might still be coming to Valkyria Chronicles, nearly a year after its release'

Don't approve this, article is years old, bloody got my hopes up for nothing v.v

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