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I remember back in the day when you could run your own servers.

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They're going to be translating headtracking movement to the directional movement of a controller. It's not ideal but I suppose it's better than nothing.

I'm sceptical but that's what they're saying they're doing. I won't give this any thought until they show a working prototype preferably not just them in a video saying it works.

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That's a really poor example. 60->600, 600->600 the extra polygons were actually modified and sculpted to look better. From 6000->60000 it was simply subdivided. Look at that 60000 model and compare it to Ryse character models or Crysis 3.

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I would think it's less because graphics are becoming more realistic and more because video games are becoming more ubiquitous in our culture worldwide. If games looked like Crysis 3 in the early 90's I'm sure the uproar would be just as loud.

Games become more common in our culture as time goes on, and graphics improve as time goes on. I'm pretty sure this researcher would come to the same conclusion if he just replaced graphics get more lifelike with time on...

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Also who does this game appeal to. I always see the regular Elder Scrolls fans hating on it for not being Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind and a lot of the MMO crowd is complaining about the creeping clouds of a cashshop as well as the "why play this game when all these other games have so much more content"

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They already seem well positioned to have a cash shop ready for the time free to play happens like they're already planning for the inevitable. SWTOR had to make up there's later. WoW came in years after release, and once they stagnated. WoW will go free to play someday.

Plus I've never seen such a big name MMO get so much bad publicity before it launched. Warhammer, Rift, SWTOR, Age on Conan, FFXIV (initial launch before that disastrous beta and even then the die...

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The recommended GPU is a GTX 670. Now there's a GTX 760 which is marginally slower, like 3 fps less on average. A GTX 760 is $260. By the time this game comes out the 800 series will be out as well as the next AMD cycle. GTX 670 performance will be at or less than $200.

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With digital being so much more prevalent this gen, I would love if we could at least get subtitles for games that generally wouldn't get a lot of exposure in the west.

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Talking about this AMD-64

as opposed to this

Pretty much anything on desktop out now supports that. The hdd requirement is probably something to put it to prevent OEMs from skimping on some parts of the PC. Don't want a Windows Vista la...

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Screw the ISPs, their margins are more than enough to compensate for prgress. They should have been reinvesting and improving infrastructure this past decade rather than stagnating and doing whatever they've been doing with their cash.

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They're there for manufacturing purposes. There are bound to be defects in the delicate process so there are redundancies to compensate for non-perfect yields.

It's standard practice. If they were to unlock those disabled components, there is no guarantee that they would work on every PS4 out there. I remember a few years ago with AMD Phenom II x2 CPUs, you could buy those and unlock them to quad cores. Some worked perfectly, overclocked p...

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Mobile is the future for a lot of developers because there's more money to be made there and standards of quality are way lower. Main problem though is that rarely does a mobile studio create a fanbase that can be relied on for continued success which results in their vulnerability to being swept away by the next big thing thing.

So many $5 dungeon crawlers with no story whatsoever, that are about the size of one dungeon in Diablo. And even then in-app purchasing of micro...

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If it does I hope they make the multiplayer like the first one. Real simple and fun. Plus I really liked the rolling around shotgun play.

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The stream file size is 3.86GB. Since I'm at the school library right now I downloaded it in like 10 minutes and I think this is the first time I've watched a youtube gameplay video that wasn't super blurry. Wasn't perfect everywhere but definitely better than what I'm used to from youtube. Don't care much about 4k. Don't have a monitor for it. But I appreciate the quality of the video.

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Microsoft is trying to kill the PC gaming market in favor of Xbox. They can't get any of that Steam money and they want a Live subscription. They seriously tried to push Xbox Live Gold on PC when there service was the current crappiest pc game store.

This is why I hope RT never catches on. If it does, Microsoft will have control over the software market on Windows. That's when they'll try that Xbox Live Gold Crap again. The day we see Microsoft take PC gaming seri...

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Piece of crap title. For people that don't want to click to website with crappy titles, you now link your Steam account to your humble bundle account and you're good.

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September 30, 2014 is when fiscal year 2014 ends. It is a placeholder.

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Kind of early to ask for a bundle. This game is years away. I'm not getting my hopes up for anything sooner than at earliest 2015 and that would still shock me as being a quick release. What timeframe is FFXV supposed to even come out?

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I have absolutely no interest in the streaming games part but I do have an interest in the OS and what it will do for the other distros. It doesn't seem like this is a full Windows replacement. As long as a full desktop or terminal is in your requirements then this would probably be something that you would want to dual boot into. The talk of improved graphics performance I hope can be adapted well into the other ditros. I like Mint. I can use Ubuntu but that taskbar really annoys me for ...

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Now EA needs to get a strong selection of non-EA games on Origin to put some real pressure on Steam.

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