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Ganon: "Join me THQ, and I will make your face the greatest in all of gaming...or else you will DIE!"

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You guys have nothing to worry about. Sony won't implement this patent because they absolutely positively do NOT make terrible decisions....

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Doomed to fail.

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8 was the underappreciated one? I never hear anything about 9 if people aren't talking about 7.

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Question is, why do you want Versus so much? Was it not named "Final Fantasy Versus 13", 13 being the number you and other haters seem to really hate? Please. You want Versus because it looked cool, but you really don't what to expect, do you?

FFXHD and Type-0 are givens; they've been released and we've played them/watched them and know we'll like it.

But a couple of cool battle scenes mean NOTHING and you're just setting yoursel...

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Typical Call of Duty fanboys...always blaming the children for immaturity. Penis swastikas are too damn sophisticated for a kid. It's a fking adult.

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Piracy is bad. I still do it, but it's bad. Can't be justified. I am a net criminal.

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I agree with so much that is being said, and that says a lot on N4G.

Give us a Pokemon WORLD, not a land. A 3D adventure where you can make your own trainer, adventure into the unknown, and actually be afraid of what you might run into.

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Best indie RPG. And it didn't even have to make sense.

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If you didn't get the story, you probably weren't paying attention because you were too busy SoraxRiku-ing the whole damn game.

If you don't have handhelds for the other games, well...that's just too bad if you don't have money.

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I just wish Steam had more JRPGs!

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I was about to quote this. This made me lol

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Making everything an FPS doesn't solve the typical problem of lack of innovation.

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Yea many people "assumed" it was bad because it had the number 13 in it. In fact, the hate toward 13 is really just a bandwagon. I confess it isn't what made us love FF, but the game was not an atrocity. It could have used better and more memorable characters. FF8 had a wack story with a not-so-favored battle system, but the cast was likeable, except Irvine.

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Make motion optional, then everyone wins. I like Nintendo, but they shove so much annoyances down your throat. Thank God they at least got rid of Friend Codes.

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Now we are gonna see "Video games promote violence AND profanity" articles...

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You wouldn't get a reaction like that with a Sony Dome and a Microsoft Box.

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Wow, that's awesome.

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You know, guys, for people who aren't slightly interested in this game, you sure give it a lot of attention by commenting on it. I guess SE knows you trolls are gonna play it despite the hate bandwagon. You guys are no different from the console fanboys teeming on this site,

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A full 3D Pokemon world will bring back a lot of old players to the series like myself. A deeper story where you can create your own trainer and catch most Pokemon you see.

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