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So... Rohypnol, right?
4 to 5 drops to an all nighter.

*grins* #1.1.4
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This is one of those things I have to try myself to believe.

Any type of visor you put in your head to see through is awkward.

One thing that bothers me about this all VR stuff (sony, MS and others) is that I move my eyes regardless of my head position. Perspective is not due to your head position but your eyes. The visor seems to detect head position. FOV "awkwardness" and headaches will ensue. #1.1.2
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I once heard a phrase that said:

"History belongs to the victorious, not the just."

SONY has a plan for its console. They showed it in this E3. Im not into this "who won" argument because to each their own. I was an adamant believer of backward compatibility and bought a launch PS3. Never played a PS2 game for more than 5 minutes on it. I still think it was a great feature for Microsoft to add to its console. But I think it came too late.... #1.1.1
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I thought Nier was a really subpar game.
Even though its a sucess in Japan, I dont remember it being to much of a hit in US and EU. Some spinoffs (sequel or prequel) released only in Japan because of this.
Well, I hope its a good game and caters to a new audience and fanbase for a great IP. #5
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-Kill a cow with a sword = raw meat
-Kill a cow with Igni = raw meat

Immersion killer for me.


PS: Making sense in videogames (even with humor remarks) is kind of.. uhm... DUMB! #3
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Puft... spoiled kids...
Last year... bah!!!

/sarcasm #1.1.2
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Something like this?

:P #1.1
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At least a SPOILER tag!!!
As soon as the vídeo start = Huge spoiler! #1.1.1
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Im going on a rant here but even though the graphics dont seem that good in the trailer, it will still be downgraded!

The problem with preview trailers is that people speculate a lot! Like I did above (wink). And half of you wont even read the rest of my post and click disagree.

Thing is, I hope the game is good and has visuals that immerse me in the experience. I played great games with 100 polygons on screen and a pre-rendered background. Thought it was ama... #2.1.1
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I agree with you though.
The only problema is that my last Fallout experiences werent very smooth on launch day. I played the PS3 versions and glitchs and savegame errors are still present in my memory.

Dont get me wrong, Im still excited about this game, but I prefer to wait a few months till they iron out all the launch problems. #1.1.1
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I´ll pass and get the GOTY edition 6 months later.
Thanks anyway.

Bye. #1
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I was hoping it came out today too.

Im really "worried" about their font size adjustment. I cant seem to imagine how it will fit the overall size of the HUD.

The loot pop-us are easy to increase but the rest of the text wont be as easy.

Im really looking foward for this patch since the text size is atrocious small. #1.1.2
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"Biting the hand that feeds you."

-Publishers send gaming "journalists" gifts and special editions of their games.
-Said "journalist" talks honest and points flaws in games.
-Publishers stop sending special signed editions game that sells for a 1000$ on ebay.
-"Journalist" become sad.

I might be over exageratting but there is some thruth in this.
I usually see some truth in reviews in si... #1.1.5
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The only struggle I am having is Reading the small text!

Jesus... cant they make the font size bigger?

I can barely read some of the items. This is fine for PC but for consoles, man... way to small. #1.1.5
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So, by the amount of data the game downloads on day one, and its the DLC...

Does the physical box copies announce the DLC included in it?!

I mean, if im playing offline, then I wont be able to donwload the DLC announced in the box?

Am I getting this wrong or what? #1.1.2
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Sorry. Wrong post. #1.1.3
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Until I see someone with a controller actually playing the game, I wont believe any of this. It looks wayyy too good to be true. Like that first Final Fantasy XIII demo a few years ago that that showed damage numbers during a battle scene. Turns out it was a Full Motion Video with numbers added to it.

I want to be excited for Final Fantasy. Its the franchise that elevated my love for gaming to an art form. But Squenix has let me down way to many times. #1.1.1
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Guys, how about this:

This game isnt something for you!

Maybe its not your cup of tea. Maybe its a story you cant relate in anyway. Will the game be fun? I actually like these types of games. Im not the character I play, Im just the one controlling the shooting. The story unfolds whether or not I take part in it. Ive saved the universe countless of times, Im a good guy, right? Well, I never even walked an old lady cross the street. Game actions dont define my... #1.1.4
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I´ll just say this:
If a game looks exactly alike in both platforms, its fine.
But if both plataforms arent alike, one is more capable of achieving better resolution, then its not fine.
Its being held back. #1.1.5
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Jesus Christ guys... any of you read the article?!

What he is saying is that DRM is back on Xbone! On the PS3 you can download a PLUS free game and play it offline as long as your PLUS subscription hasnt expired yet. Apparently (from the article), you cant play the game offline on Xbone even if your GOLD subscription is paid. #1.1.4
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