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Jesus Christ guys... any of you read the article?!

What he is saying is that DRM is back on Xbone! On the PS3 you can download a PLUS free game and play it offline as long as your PLUS subscription hasnt expired yet. Apparently (from the article), you cant play the game offline on Xbone even if your GOLD subscription is paid. #1.1.4
Man! The PS4 sure is awesome!
People could never do this by any other means like a PC or something...

Oh wait... -_- #1.1.5
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Of course they do!
AC Trilogy (originally planned) was my most antecipating games I wanted to play in the PS3/360 generation.

The first one was repetive but with a great and interesting story.
AC2 was great and left me wanting more...
AC2 Revelations and Brotherhood completly dstroy my expectations about AC series because I knew then that the story woulnd come to its original ending because they saw the milking potential of the game.

... #1.2
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Lets see how my luck is working! :) #340
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@all the above
What amazon is doint here is called... get ready... a business strategy!
By giving you 85% of the value you spent they loose nothing. Their 15% profit is still on their pockets. After that, you buy a new PS4 for 400$. Again, amazon is getting 15% profit from you. So, by doing this, they increase their profit from their initial xbox1 sale of 75$ to 138$ after the trade in the x1 and purchasing a ps4 and a few accessories for it. #1.1.9
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What if Lee isnt real?! Like an imaginary friend or a form of Clementine´s paranoid schizophrenia.

I mean, he could simply be a "Lori" type of character to Clementine. Where she needs to accept what happened and change her ways in order to survive this cruel and harsh world.

Either way, cant wait to play this! #1.1.4
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Its strange it doesnt recognize its a X360 game at least... #1.1.3
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I bet it still worked after the first shot! lol #1.1.4
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Titanfall is the next generation Biochock kind of deal. First will release on Xbone and one year later will come to PS4.

I believe it wont take one year. Im a guessing a 6 month mark. #1.1.1
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MS is just pathetic. They went 180 because its was a stupid move and they got scared of all the backlash of retailers and gamers.

I wonder how they will justify all the crap about always online is good for this game and that game.

I didnt like DRM and Im glad they changed it but their intention was evil in the first place. They bought the guns, hide their faces with masks and stormed the bank ready to rob it. When they got there, a change of heart and they le... #1.1.4
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User: Xbox!
Xbone: Yes? *excited*/
User: Turn ON Xbox360.
Xbone: Ok.. *sobs* #1.1.4
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No matter how you spin it, it still sounds awful.
Xbox1 DRM is just wrong! #1
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Well, FF XV is announced.

But the doubt remains! When will it release.
By the time the PS5 is 6 years old and FF XIII is on its 9th installment, they will announce that FFXV will be releasing for mobile phones.

-_- #1.1.4
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How to implemnt DRM on PS4?
Easy! PC game style.
A disc with a code inside the case. You redeem the code and voila. Samething as if you downloaded it. The same thing can happen right now with PS3 and Xbox360.

But SONY is focusing its games towards non DRM and non Online pass. Although I dont trade my games, its good to know that I can lend them to my friends and family.
I also can take my console on weekeends to my uncles in a rural area (no internet)... #1.1.1
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One thing is implementing a feature that is mandatory to everyone like xbone did.

Another thing is to leave it to the publisher to do it. Besides, that what online passes were all about.

Also, to add a simple argument, DRM can be implemented right on PS3 or Xbox360. All it has to happen is a 12 digit code like PCs. You put the disc in and the license to register the game. Anyone can do that.
But in a land where one can make a choice, th... #1.1.8
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Exactly! I paid for it, its mine. Its a physical thing, not a downloadable game.

But I gotta be honest with one thing. 10 years ago if one would say you would have to pay to play online, everyone would rise and slay the demons who said it. But look at it now! What if Microsoft accomplishes this. What if they succeed in making people believe its "ok" to not own these games? What will the future of our hobby be like? I fear the day the Xbox One becomes a success. I kn... #1.1.1
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Microsoft damage control: ON! #1.1.5
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The thing with Hayter is that you heard a clip of him talking like Snake and you immediatly thought about Metal Gear Solid.

Kiefer Sutherland has a great voice too but when I hear him, its Jack Bauer talking. Even when I saw Phone Boot I immediatly knew who the sniper was because his voice is very distinct. #1.1.4
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Well, its a smart move for Microsoft.
Instead of explaining themselves and get bad press, they wont explain themselves and get less bad press. #1.1.1
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My thoughts exactly!
Why review a game that released months ago?? #1.1
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