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The games that will take full advantage of the pro are still in development. apart from resolution and hdr there isn't going to be a massive difference. Textures won't just magically appear just because a game is being played on the ps4 pro. Devs will need to put extra effort in.

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I hope we still play as joel primarily

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the beta was amazing. definitely a must-buy game

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it's not petty man. more people should vote with their wallets on shitty business practices such as this one. They made a decision thinking they could have the best of an exclusive deal AND a multi platform game. As it turns out, the game isn't as relevant this year as it was when it initially released on xbone and from what i'm reading here, people aren't too pleased and can't be bothered to pick it up. I'm wondering what kind of sales this game will get on the ps4.

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hard to get excited for a year old game that people have forgotten about. especially with all the awesome games coming out soon.

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I sort of agree with you, but Dead Space has the same camera and it feels no where near as clunky. I do thing improving the controls won't impact the horror all that much.

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two generations have passed since this game's initial release. They might as well just remake the thing with current gen graphics and controls. but i guess it's cheaper to put another lick of paint on and just sell it again.

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Joel will be in a wheelchair for last of us 2 for disability representation

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Diversity not as important as graphics and gameplay. I don't buy games based off whether my race is represented in the game. I buy it based on whether it looks good and is fun to play. I never thought, "ho shit, this game looks good, but the main character is a girl so fuck it".

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the apocalypse is here, and it was ushered in by pokemon go

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ever heard someone say "sex sells"? it's true. Some ladies put cleavage in their youtube videos because they know people will click. Sex is not evil so just shut the hell up. For every sexualised character there is a character that isn't so why is this even a topic of discussion.

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Totally agree. The idea that wherever men exist, there needs to be an equal amount of women is frankly ridiculous. guys hang out together in real life.

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It's a damn shame that Neil Druckmann takes feminist frequency so seriously. hopefully he doesn't ruin the last of us 2 since i'm really looking forward to it.

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It's a first person perspective game. the gender of a character has zero relevance in multiplayer. jeez

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honestly it didn't make sense for nate to lie to her like that other than to add some artificial tension in that part of the story.

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every time kratos' wife touches him, she is touching the ashes of Kratos' ex and kid.

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I really loved 1 and 2. yourself?

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I think uncharted 4 gets more credit than it deserves. The gameplay was repetitive and boring for me but luckily the story and graphics held my attention until the end. I'm also quite sad about the lack of a supernatural element which had become a staple of the series.

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The first thing i thought after seeing the trailer is "I didn't know how much God of war needed this change". I think there are many die hard fans of the series as it exists now but until the e3 conference, i wasn't excited for the new god of war since it hasn't been relevant for me since GoW3.

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kojima hasn't chosen an engine yet

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