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I really loved 1 and 2. yourself?

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I think uncharted 4 gets more credit than it deserves. The gameplay was repetitive and boring for me but luckily the story and graphics held my attention until the end. I'm also quite sad about the lack of a supernatural element which had become a staple of the series.

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The first thing i thought after seeing the trailer is "I didn't know how much God of war needed this change". I think there are many die hard fans of the series as it exists now but until the e3 conference, i wasn't excited for the new god of war since it hasn't been relevant for me since GoW3.

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kojima hasn't chosen an engine yet

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"I feel like Sony is strong-arming people into buying the PS4 for just the game". Well that is the nature of console exclusives. Sony naturally want you to buy their consoles. This is why they bought up naughty dog a while back because they saw the potential they had to bring in gamers. Microsoft have exclusives too. If you want to play the new spiderman badly enough you will find a way to make it happen.

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Your essay is redundant "bro". I never said that konami shouldn't take the actions they have taken to preserve themselves. you came up with that one. I just said it was a shame and that their public image has been destroyed. I don't care about the implications that has on the company. I'm not about to pull up a pdf of Konami's financial reports for the fiscal year who gives a shit. I'm simply lamenting a once great company. Not about to go to business school to u...

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I feel like in terms of the public's perception of them, they have shot their foot off. They have turned into one of the most hated gaming companies today. Sure, creating more profits is fine and all, but look what is happening because of their aggressive pursuit of more money. they are shutting down servers for games that aren't even that old, and throwing their legacy under the bus. I'm not too familiar with what's happening at konami, but with the cancellation of P.T and br...

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I don't understand. if konami don't do games, what the hell do they do? I've never seen a company shoot themselves in the foot this much.

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I don't think a lifetime ban is ridiculous. if you don't want to get banned don't cheat. simple. more companies need to be this rigorous.

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However i look at this, all i can think is that Jaffe is reaching. Women love to dress-up in elegant dresses for occasions like prom. not many girls I know would pass up the opportunity to dress-up in an elegant dress to dress up as a superhero. the word sexism is overused lately. It is an attitude of hatred towards a gender. Doesn't look like those ladies were being hated upon to me. looks like a nice fun photo.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has amazing water. IT blew me away when i bought it for ps3 ages ago

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Most rewarding experience i've had in gaming is beating Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode. You only get three saves for the entire game but it's worth beating to get the awesome foam finger gun

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well for example, bungie could release an update for armour. instead of nerfing mida for example so that it doesn't make people flinch when they receive a headshot, they could add an option to the armour that mitigates that feature or other features. This way, players get more freedom of choice. As it stands now, armour is boring anyway. there aren't many unique perks like there are for weapons and most of it boils down to having increased ammo for a certain class of gun or reducing d...

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I wish bungie would come up with creative solutions to balance the game. instead they resort to buffing and nerfing because it is the easy thing to do.

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Hopefully they will sort this out by release when they optimise and whatever but regardless of whether they do or not, the game is beautiful and i really loved the combat in the demo. looking forward to this game sooo much.

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Not to mention that he got layed off for an actor who barely says anything throughout the game. He really didn't need to change the voice actor at all really

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So that's what they look like. For some reason i hadn't noticed

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you can acknowledge that a system is powerful and still be aware that there are more powerful systems out there. that isn't what he was saying though. They are saying that Uncharted has some really incredible visuals which is unprecedented on consoles and the ps4 is making it happen.

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My main complaint about MGS 4 was that there were way too many cutscenes. It made the replay value plummet because the gameplay segments were short and spaced out. I loved the game regardless but i'm quite happy MGS will have less cutscenes.

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Is this how the tv trailers will look? "GET READY for a game not as shit as Assassins Creed Unity"

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