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looking really good. can't wait for May #8
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I thought Gray Fox was a man called Frank Jaeger or something like that. Naomi campbell's brother i think. not sure when it comes to mgs #12
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The wording is pretty careful. Just because it is the last Metal Gear in the saga doesn't mean there won't be spin-offs and stuff #16
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This is the first game in a while that i have binge played for days. The combat is fun, the RPG elements are engaging and make you feel like you are becoming more powerful. there are so many moves to learn, buy, earn and missions to play repeatedly. Best dragon ball z game ever for me #11
The user score is still quite low though. For buying games on launch, wouldn't you be hesitant to shell out full price? instead of getting a different game.
The last of us got 33 negative reviews, 398 positive reviews and 14 mixed. If you knew nothing about both of these games which would you pick? would you take a stab in the dark or make an informed decision based on the consensus? a lot of the negativity surrounding the order is quite valid. Just because this particular reviewe... #11.2.1
Dragon Age Inquisition IS boring. But that's just my opinion. many people have expressed their opinion about the order and didn't like it all that much. I myself am a fan of this supernatural type of theme, so i will pick it up eventually regardless of the reviews. No where did i say not to buy the game if you want. I'm just saying the majority of the reviews are the opinions of lots of individuals and telling someone not to listen to reviews IN a review is pretty contradictory. #11.1.1
Tells us not to trust a review in a review of his own? then calls us an imbecile if we judge a game based on the consensus? my friend didn't think the order was worth the money, am i an imbecile for believing him? Also, what if he played it and the game actually WAS bad. He would be the imbecile for sure. #11
You bring up a good point. She can surely hold her own and provides an interesting joker-esque dynamic for the villains. I would much rather see how Harley deals with the grief of losing the Joker instead of a late game "Surprise bitch, I was alive all along" #7.1.1
I really like the joker as a villain. But please don't bring him back for the sake of bringing him back. He's not part of some checklist you need to tick off to make a game perfect. He's been in every arkham game so far and he died and should stay dead. It makes sense to make an excuse for the Riddler to come back since his existence is a facet of gameplay which is very enjoyable, but joker doesn't need to come back. #7
same for Sephiroth #10.1.1
Haven't bought a Dragonball Z game in a long time. But I respect that they put extra effort into this iteration and did something new instead of just sticking to the yearly releases that weren't very good. Can't wait for Friday. #1
"you might die at any point" yay. just like real life #10
This is what i thought. What does E3 have to do with Bloodborne at this point. #6.1
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Woah. I hope for their sake this game is worth it. been waiting for this game since i was in school ha. #6
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A review score on its own isn't usually worth a damn, but if you average the scores it can give you a good idea if you will like the product or not. obvious really. #12
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Of course. I mean it helps people decide whether to get this or a different game. It's a lot of money to dish out so you would be a fool to ignore the consensus. I myself am not made of money and need to gauge whether the purchase will be worth it. reviews help with that sometimes. #7.3
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I wanted this game to be great. but the reviews are pretty analytical and grounded. I hope this doesn't dissuade them from making a sequel since they have style, but i really don't want to pay that much for this type of limited experience. #17
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I seem to recall that The Order was quite well received at first. People were loving it. And then they started to show gameplay and people who had played it behind closed doors were saying it was boring and repetitive. After that there was a lot more negativity. I myself found myself thinking the gameplay looked a little boring. i hope i'm proven wrong though. #1.6
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The music in Bloodborne is killer!! #16
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They seem to have taken so much colour out of it. I wonder why #2
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