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also, kelly. women aren't inherently more intelligent. I saw this standard deviation graph where women were closer to the middle of the curve and tended not to be geniuses or retards as much as men. women succeed academically because they have more assistance from the "patriarchy". this is because of female only grants and scholarships in order to meet gender quotas that have nothing to do with merit.

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afraid? not at all kelly. I respect women and would love it if more females played these types of games at all. I just don't respect what feminism has become.

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as long as he doesn't bring in his feminist politics i really don't give a crap.

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not really a bioware fan but this looks good

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I think tabata had to cut a lot of stuff to separate final fantasy 15 from 13 and make it a singular game rather than a multiple part game like 13 was. it really sucks how the actual game is missing so much and i hope they fix it because i found myself not caring about the characters and the outcome of the game.

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wasn't worth the wait but was definitely worth the price.

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unless one of tracer's play of the games is her getting fingered in a back alley somewhere by the butch chick with pink hair, then i don't really see how this matters.

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totally agree. would be cool if they added the basic function of picking up multiple hunts at the same time. going back and forth is annoying as hell and hinders organic exploration.

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Woah. calm down there. it's not even the best Final Fantasy game ever made

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the lgbt community spent years insufferably telling everyone how it doesn't matter what gender, sexuality, race you are. then turn around and say, you know what, it totally does when my sensibilities aren't represented. which is it? does it matter or not? The answer is no it doesn't. When's the last time someone watched the smurfs and thought, you know what, there really aren't enough white people in this.

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basically what i'm saying is, even though everyone has a right to an opinion, it doesn't mean their opinions can't be stupid as shit. If i see a stupid opinion i will probably criticise it.

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I'm not asking people to blindly like it. I'm just saying to judge it fairly based on the game's actual shortcomings rather than trying to shoehorn in some feminist bullshit. Like why is she trying to make this game a social issue? I have no investment in this game as of yet so i'm not projecting my own opinions about the game onto reviewers, but any article that posts a picture of cindy's tatas and says "regression" will instantly lose any respect from me. men l...

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"In my first article, I was of the opinion that Final Fantasy XV was a regression, as it was a story told about men at the expense of female characters and gamers. Now, after playing it, I maintain that it is a regression, and one I hope Square Enix remedies with future games."
why is it so important to have female characters in a game? how is that the criteria that you judge the game by? and to call it a regression is absolutely ridiculous. I watched this anime called read...

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with all the speculation and hype for this to be red dead 2 i am going to say that it must be true because rockstar would have clarified by now if it wasn't in order to not disappoint so many people.

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The games that will take full advantage of the pro are still in development. apart from resolution and hdr there isn't going to be a massive difference. Textures won't just magically appear just because a game is being played on the ps4 pro. Devs will need to put extra effort in.

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I hope we still play as joel primarily

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the beta was amazing. definitely a must-buy game

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it's not petty man. more people should vote with their wallets on shitty business practices such as this one. They made a decision thinking they could have the best of an exclusive deal AND a multi platform game. As it turns out, the game isn't as relevant this year as it was when it initially released on xbone and from what i'm reading here, people aren't too pleased and can't be bothered to pick it up. I'm wondering what kind of sales this game will get on the ps4.

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hard to get excited for a year old game that people have forgotten about. especially with all the awesome games coming out soon.

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I sort of agree with you, but Dead Space has the same camera and it feels no where near as clunky. I do thing improving the controls won't impact the horror all that much.

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