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I dunno really, it has a lot of good stuff in it. like the signs look cool and stuff but there doesn't seem to be any balance between attacking and evading. Most of the videos i have seen, geralt is doing ballet instead of getting hits in. I'm all for difficult gameplay but there is too much evading and when you consider he is a powerful witcher it doesn't make sense to see him rolling through mud at the first twitch of a wolf's claw. I hope that the people playing just don... #3.1.1
Everything in the witcher looks good but i hope the combat isn't as boring and repetitive as it looks. #3
The worst thing about this is that they won't lose much if no one buys this shit, they probably cut content from the final game and decided to sell it separately. This is why i hate DLC announcements before the game has already released because you can't really tell #5
Hahaha, nice
never understood why so many people think there is a connection. I mean they don't play GTAV in Game of Thrones and look how violent those guys are. #3.1.3
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There is also no link between video games and violence. #3
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They said recently that each console has its own presets and optimisations, so high on PC won't be completely identical to consoles. I hope it is close though, they seem confident in the console's visuals at least so yay. #1.3
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I was wondering about that too. He will probably just get some nerfed stats or something. #1.1.1
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haven't they been saying for a while that the game would be 200 hours? why is it suddenly half that? #3
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Loved the second one!! and all of the other ones #6
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This is really great. An opportunity to experiment with Geralt's look. super psyched for this game. #3
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Best screenshots yet. shame i have to wait until the 27th. #2
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Don't make me write your name in my notebook. I already know what you look like #6.2.1
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I can't wait to play PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. I've been waiting for PS4 exclusive Bloodborne for ages and have been salivating at any PS4 exclusive Bloodborne footage. Does anyone know if it's coming for out for xbox one? #6
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Why do so many of these articles find it necessary to say "PS4 exclusive Bloodborne"? we all know what's up #3
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looking really good. can't wait for May #8
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I thought Gray Fox was a man called Frank Jaeger or something like that. Naomi campbell's brother i think. not sure when it comes to mgs #12
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The wording is pretty careful. Just because it is the last Metal Gear in the saga doesn't mean there won't be spin-offs and stuff #16
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This is the first game in a while that i have binge played for days. The combat is fun, the RPG elements are engaging and make you feel like you are becoming more powerful. there are so many moves to learn, buy, earn and missions to play repeatedly. Best dragon ball z game ever for me #11
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The user score is still quite low though. For buying games on launch, wouldn't you be hesitant to shell out full price? instead of getting a different game.
The last of us got 33 negative reviews, 398 positive reviews and 14 mixed. If you knew nothing about both of these games which would you pick? would you take a stab in the dark or make an informed decision based on the consensus? a lot of the negativity surrounding the order is quite valid. Just because this particular reviewe... #11.2.1
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Dragon Age Inquisition IS boring. But that's just my opinion. many people have expressed their opinion about the order and didn't like it all that much. I myself am a fan of this supernatural type of theme, so i will pick it up eventually regardless of the reviews. No where did i say not to buy the game if you want. I'm just saying the majority of the reviews are the opinions of lots of individuals and telling someone not to listen to reviews IN a review is pretty contradictory. #11.1.1
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