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Relationships ruin gaming. I mean have you seen the games coming in the future? Got no time for women.

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does anyone else really hate Geoff Keighley's face? I just really hate his face and don't know why.

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I understand some people might find her attractive. But let's be real there's obviously an agenda to push "curvy" women even though they put no effort into fitness and health and aren't as attractive as thinner women. They just aren't attractive to me. They want all the benefits of being pretty while putting no effort into training and keeping slim.

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It really sounds to me like he's talking about charging customers for an easy mode.

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some games have options for colour blindness. Nobody is fighting against disabled gamers. however from a business perspective it may not be viable to put extra effort into a game for a minority of people. It really depends on the disability.

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as long as this will take to release i'm going to wait for a complete edition instead of playing it episodically. I'm a bit of a binge gamer. prefer a complete experience.

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I spent hundreds of hours on destiny's crucible mode. But are we really going to argue that destiny's launch was amazing and that the campaign wasn't boring?

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You are complaining about people having standards for video games while complaining about an article title which is presumably below your standard for titles. don't be a hypocrite. just because something doesn't meet your standard doesn't exactly make you an entitled millennial.

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Destiny 1 looked good in 2014. we all know how that turned out. this looks to repeat that trend.

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Same man. I've been playing them since i was a teenager. Used to buy them every year on my birthday but each iteration had minor differences. So inevitably i lost interest. And in this day and age where games are plentiful Dynasty warriors will only survive because of the core fans. I'm actually surprised it is still going.

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I used to watch dorkly videos but they won't stop attaching their agenda to their content so i unsubscribed.

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My issue isn't with female main characters dude, or gay, black or whatever. And i'm not being snotty or condescending. My issue is with replacing joel as the main character in this specific instance. A lot of people had the same issue with metal gear solid 2 and that was a male to male character change. I want to play as joel for the last of us 2 since we got time with him in the first game just like how we played as solid snake and were annoyed to be playing as raiden. I like ellie e...

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UK universities are just as bad buddy. I left one that had a massive left-wing bias.

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I hope so too bud. But with Neil being a fan of feminist frequency, i'm wondering whether he will try and make a statement with making Ellie the main character.

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Are people really complaining about that? I hate what the world is becoming. Everybody stop being white immediately.

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Do you often misunderstand basic sentences? I never said your comment was feminist. you said this; "Do you hear trash talk centered around you being a male? Not really." and i said this "The entire feminist movement is about trash talking men." so your idea that females don't trash talk men is laughable. please don't reply. you obviously have little in the way of a coherent argument.

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The entire feminist movement is about trash talking men. get out of here with this shit. You say with one sentence that what i'm saying is not necessarily untrue, then say that what i'm saying is "offensively dumb". Needless to say i'm confused. Also why is acknowledging characteristics of a gender a problem? It isn't. My comment isn't short sighted. It strikes at the heart of the complaint. you act all superior like you're the only one who has talked to a gi...

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Books are great and i love to read. However a medium like gaming has much more potential to create an unforgettable story. With books all you have are the words and your imagination. With games you have facial expressions, music, aesthetics, voices, challenges, choices and much more. The author might be thinking that because it reached further success in the hands of game developers, that he could have reached it himself. If he hadn't sold it, it would not be as successful as it is now....

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you never hear men complain about being trash talked online. only women acting like victims. If it's "toxic" and you can't handle it, stay away. I get hateful messages just for beating other players in a game. death threats and all but most gamers take it on the chin and accept that it's the nature of playing competitively against strangers. This is why i can't take female complaints seriously.

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careful. don't make them too beautiful. There are those who don't like that sort of thing. *cough* SJWs *cough*

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