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I want to be honest I was at first not offend but not really feeling this collectors edition but to each his own. Like many have said here if you don't like it don't buy it! Period! Like the zombie head for the walking dead collectors edition season two which I didn't like that neither but again everyone has their own opinion on what they think is cool especially when it comes to collectors editions. It makes sense it is a zombie game! Would we get the same reaction If it was a zo... #27
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Just saved $60 on a game I was not going to buy, what capcom and ninja theory did to DMC is horrible. The reviews may be great but the demo did not blow me away I played over and over repetitive gameplay and enemies.( I played with positive intent since I've been of fan of all DMC games) it's too bad. People are upset with the ending showing up why if that's the ending its weak, brother I loved you is this what makes Dante mature and be such a cool badass later on oops my bad its... #7
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I normally don't agree with Patch, but he is rich. Going from a small screen to controller can get tedious. I don't see how first player shooter will work well when I'm looking @ the controller trying to select a weapon. Nintendo will sell a ton but i'll wait and buy once the price drops. I don't like the idea of Nintendo toying with 1080p, I mean it is next gen right? By the time PS4 and Xbox 720 come out they'll be in the new standard of high def 4k.
Nintendo... #52
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I agree with it being the relaunch of Home, Though the MK II robot from metal gear 4 is suspicious, So is the weapon rack. If you look carefully there are a array of different types of weapons some look futuristic to what the soldiers are carrying. May be it's cross chat? Though Sony has said this is not possible? Let's hope it's something cool though.Btw anyone notice the glowing eyes in the trees following the soldiers? #91
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All of us fans of FFVII have been requesting this game in HD or remake since we saw the opening sequence on the PS3 several years back but yet Square Enix refuses the fans of this title. Instead they remake other titles or new ones and they don't sell as well or as good. No Love for FFVII. I feel they would sell millions. It's really too bad. Hope is a wonderful thing but it's running thin. #37
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This is such a amazing looking title. I can't wait! Yes this is so much better then the Emo meth addict DMC coming out. #4
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I am such a huge fan of the series. This was such a great idea and teaming up with Arc system works WOW! I hope they continue to add characters to the game and plan a lot of DLC and it would not hurt to bring a special edition to the US Please!!! I ready to Reserve !!! #1
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No Sir I don't like it! Very repetitive gameplay, if I'm not mistaken the part in the trailer where he is swinging from one point to another I think God of War did this already or it was Darksiders. It looks very boring. Weapons are similar to Darksiders. Still not excited and Ninja Theory convince me. Doubt it will happen destroyed a franchise I loved. Boycott! #11
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We never get any cool colors in the US. Boo! #10
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LMAO.....Capcom is saying this because of all the backlash they are getting from the fans. They want a scape goat to blame for when the game fails and it will!!! I don't know how Capcom let Ninja Theory convince them to make this game the way they feel will be a hit.I hope true fans don't buy into the hype and don't buy the game to send a message to Capcom but also to Ninja Theory that they SUCK!!! #10
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I agree with several of the comments here...
1. DMC will never be the same again
2. We as gamers should stick to our guns and not buy the game if we don't like what we are seeing.
3. NinjaTheory sucks!
The trailer doesn't really show anything new or awesome. Dmc is dead!
I hope sales of the game prove NT can't make good games, I know people say enslaved was good but it really wasn't, short ending was whacked. Heavenly sword was great but... #20
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I know about electronics becoming outdated, I guess my comment should have been clearer. I just felt nintendo did it more frequently then most other companies. Ign had a article that showed their game systems having a 5 year life cycle I agree with that. It did bother me when big N did this but I still went and bought their newest system to have latest and greatest. I feel nintendo could have had so much better systems and portables but always held back. I feel Wii U is a HD Wii with a coole... #6.1.1
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My first gaming system was a nintendo I've owned every home gaming system they've ever made and almost all the gameboys. Though now I will not buy into Nintendo anymore I have spent to much money to always be left with a outdated system. Like most gamers have commented on the Wii U I've out grown the big N the games are recycled and I'll have to wait to next year to buy the top games of this year Batman arkham city , Assasins creed just to use a special controller wannabe Ip... #6
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:( sucks #5.1.3
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:( ahhh sucks, I thought my troubles were over :( #5.1.2
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The new Dante looks like a young evil Jim Carey only more pale and like a drug addict who has not slept in days looking for his next fix. I understand the creative side from Ninja Theory but they went in a very wrong apporch. I understand how fans feel being a DMC fan but even I don't like it,I could deal with it but NT has changed so much his look, the story, his trademark guns they look like they came out of a era when guns required gun powder. I agree like one user said this is a reboo... #23
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I think it's great. I dont have internet and this will help add DLC content to games I own already.Also no need to use Credit Cards. #5
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I own the originals instant classics.To gamers who played the originals no doubt instant buy.To new gamers who never played either instant gems and a must buy.To all who buy enjoy,enjoy. #12
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I'm sorry ninja theory after the comments made about sales losses due to Heavenly Sword being exculsive to PS3 and whining it's to hard to develop. I turn my back on you and will never buy any games made by you in spite to see you fail. PS3 put you on the map be thankful you have nothing under your belt, nothing to come and brag and make all these claims. My wife and I are huge DMC fans but now you destroyed what we love and no we are not secretly in denial. As much as I love capcom b... #36
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