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The game isn't closing down? Shucks! I have been wanting this company to fail for a long time now.

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As an owner of the 360, the PS3, and a gaming PC, I have to say, the PC version is the definitive version of thr game, by far. If you love Skyrim, the other versions are so far behind it's not even funny.

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Every game in the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind has had gamepad suppprt. If this game doesn't, I will not buy it. I know some people will think I am crazy, but playing games without a pad is a very clunky experience for me.

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Not a single one of these things is unique to Halo. Not. One.

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No...... hardcore gamers just suck at life. Seriously, they sit around playing games for 15 hours a day and then whine when things are too easy. Then, they bitch at people who have real lives and real jobs and can only play for 5-10 hours a week. Really?
I hate these tardcore dipshit no lifers. Really, I do. They have have a pack mentality and a vision of true gamers vs false gamers. The way it's going, the only people who will be able to enjoy the hobby are those without j...

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Reasons not to play it: #1 tired series. #2 m-rated, only not. #3 ridiculous mechanics (jumping over bullets)...

Sorry, but this series jumped the shark when Halo 2 came out...

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Using the term gamer loosely? What are you, a twu gamer?

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Launch is a total ripoff. Games from just last year are going cheap as hell.

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List should be called "overhyped games to avoid..."

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Yeah, I forgot individual loot. Yup, the current loot system really ruins the online experience completely. Better loot in multiplayer? Who cares when the host just ninja'd it all away? May as well stick to single player and never risk losing the drops.

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See you in 2014 then. Sales and ratings are high.. it won't drop for a long time.

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100% custom characters, not gender locked. Full DX 11/12 support for PC, ability to sync Xbox, not just PS3 and PC. Itemization balanced more loke BL1 and not BL2.

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This is one of the most poorly written reviews I have ever read.

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Rumor: Winter is Coming!

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Why do people buy these things? Just play the damned game!

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I hereby suggest that we pronounce the III as "eye eye eye", because in truth, there is no Diablo 3.

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I want to create a character from a template next time instead of just picking premade.

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This article isn't about a game called Promethians? Umm... someone messed up the title.

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Build your own or don't even bother.

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Many places can't get better than DSL... sad but true. So yeah, in Cliffy's world, games will take days/weeks to download. Sounds fail IMO. Now, if ISPs step it up several notches and offer great speeds everywhere, then disc-less gaming might be nice.

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