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You obviously did not pay attention to the story. The characters explain that she was trained, and comes from a long line of adventuring types.... the line "You're a Croft" comes to mind. Jason Brody, on the other hand, makes no sense.....

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I hated the original. It was like a game made by 13 year olds, for 13 year olds. Even Lara's body proportions were made by a little kid. This new version is mature and fantastic. Amazing reboot! 5 stars!

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Games that people couldn't return sold well? Who knew? It seems that the games sold well ib spote of their drm fhoices. I still maintain that if Diablo 3 were a proper sequel, we'd be seeing record after record shattered.. instead, the game merely did extrenely well, but didn't break any records of note.

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"Beware the Cult of Purity. Infectious imbecility. I've made my choice. 666"

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OUYA ia getting low scores because it exists, and it sucks. If this surprises you, you must be extremely gullible.

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Regardless of the points I made, I predict the game to be funded by noon on Saturday April 6th.

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I was a big fan of DAOC, but there are certain red flags that come up with this prpject. Jacobs is a multi millionaire already, so he doesn't *need* a kickstarter. Also, sub-based games are dying, and really, I refuse to pay a sub for this. Jacobs stated in interviews that he will use this game to springboard into DAOC 2... meaning, it will be short lived no matter how thibgs turn oit. And, if it is to be an MMO, the funding sounds low as hell. Rift cost $33 million, for example. ...

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1313's cancellation annoys me. Disney can do a Punisher comic where a dude walks around with his own severed nuts in a dixie cup, but they can't do an M-rated Star Wars game? C'mon!

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Force Unleashed was terrible. It had epic writing, but it was ruined by the slowest clunkiest mechanics ever.

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Someone should edit this article. It's terrible.

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Why is there no mention of Diablo 3?

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I got it for 11 bucks, played for abou 11 hours and was bored. Stealth mechanics are terrible. Every fight is punch, punch, kick, and the quests are quantity, not quality. At the end of the day, it was worth my 11, but if you paid more, it was kind of a ripoff. Plus, it came out the same time as Skyrim = death for any RPG...

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So... you used Steam, but you're not a Steam user? I don't quite think you understand how marketing works. It only takes one login for their advertisement splash to come up.. and that is what they mean when they say 40 million "users." They don't give a crap how active you are or are not. That's a completelyunrelated, and frankly unimportant, issue.

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Yeah.. because lack of EA support is killing Steam? Yeah, no... Steam made more profits than EA this year.. and Origin is giving games out for free and trying not to shut down. EA should consider suppprting the Steam Box befoee it kills them off completely!

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Unknown Relic? Steam has grossed nearly a Billion dollars this year. I think you have hem mixed up with that OUYA piece of crap!

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I wouldn't pay $1.20 for these. They just look ridiculous.

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OLD "news"... :-/

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#11 There were no $20 prima or brady guides... only the booklet that came with the game, and sometimes a hint or two in Nintendo Power or Gamepro.

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Hand helds shouldn't cost anywhere near the price of a whole console.

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Good bye, indie humble bundle. Hello, big-name cookie cutter trash!

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