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They cut the game out.

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You are the first person i've ever seen whose entire existence could be summed up in two words.
Those words are "SLURP" and "GULP"

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@ BabyTownFrolics
I think he was talking about the Nintendo and M$ CS'ers.

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You want SCEE to actually do something besides sucking each other's asses?!
Ha Ha Ha, that's a good one.

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@ LightSamus
There is a difference between not knowing and not giving a shit, you know.

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Pick up your copy of Pokemon White, get a pen and draw a 2 on the box.
There you go--you have Pokemon White 2.

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Who cares?
It's not like anyone is actually dumb enough to use that shit on a console anyway.

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If they did, the crying would never stop.

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Yeah it's the Vita's fault.
It definitely had nothing to do with Nihilistic being a complete bullshit dev that nobody wanted making games. /s

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Assholes more like.

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Whip U.

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@ bow2yoda
Nintendo didn't invent touch screen gaming.
Touch screen gaming, along with internet access, was done in 1997 on a handheld called the

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You wait.

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Xbox 360-inspired more like.

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I'm glad that i didn't buy this puke.

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Bubble for that.

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So long, Wii.
I'm glad the Wii U isn't being aimed at tubby old ladies like you were.

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Can you make a list of those endless possibilities?

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"Ubisoft: Wii U GamePad tech more advanced than people may think, “crazy” response time, low latency"
I'm sure Ubisoft's statement has nothing got to do with the fact that they're making 6+ games for the Wii U. /s
As soon as a new console/handheld gets announced, Ubisoft are always the first ones on the scene, promoting any system that they're putting their shovelware junk on.

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Spiderman cares.

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