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Can't decide if the luchador mask or the Scribblenauts hood was better. Either way, great vid.

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Well i was talking specifically about the dualshock. I feel that device already has a fan fidelity that would translate well to Apple products. I don't know how hardcore handheld gamers would react if Apple made its own controller for games...curious though.

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I disagree. I think being able to use a PS3 controller via BlueTooth on an iPad would really benefit the device in terms of gaming.

Of course, then the Vita take a hit, so that's not a plausible scenario. A man can dream though.

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Some quality stuff right here. I never get sick of 8 bit tracks. I listen to Overclocked remix stuff all the time.

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I appreciate all the discussion going on around this feature. I really wasn't expecting this, so thanks all for that. I'm also glad that despite the general disagreeing, ya'll thought it was well-written.

Now that the formalities are out of the way...

A consensus I've seen growing on this thread is that Uncharted 3 is not a game that should be marked for its story. It's a rollercoaster ride. Just dumb fun. And I agree with that to an exten...

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Agreed. I thought after they released Super Smash Bros. with Ness they would definitely bring out something.

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I've been debating DS 2 for this exact reason. As a huge fan of the first, I was hoping for more gritty, disturbing segments rather than the action-packed shocker that was produced.

I'm sure this game is frightening, but for different reasons. I want a game that will scare me even when I'm not playing it, and from what I've heard this doesn't do the trick.

I'll wait for a price drop and then pick it up.

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Though Rock Band is the better of the two, I always enjoyed GH2 more than any other game. It's what got me hooked. And the guitars were just awesome for it.

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Yeah I honestly have no idea what Peach is thinking slumming around with Mario. The dude probably doesn't even have benefits and she's a princess. Just makes no sense to me.

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neither have i...

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it's true. it'll be like Avatar and Pandora all over again. Only with less crappy movie and more awesome game.

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So glad you mentioned Odin Sphere. I'd have to add Okami onto this list as well. Much like Vanillaware's line up, Clover Studios was also lost in the shuffle from PS2 to PS3. With such an artistic and lush atmosphere, Okami would be perfect for an HD upgrade.

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Updating errors. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I dunno, I'd argue CoD Modern Warfare had an amazing narrative and was a fps. I like the dizziness of a cut scene when it's in first person. Killzone did it well too.

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i hope he fights more plants.

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