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Why is it ridiculous? It's a fantastic family game.. as stated in the review.

I guess you haven't played it and don't have kids?

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I had a pistol not far into the game from one of the side quests. Think it was for escorting someone to the lifeguard station.

I loved the melee combat though, especially with customised weapons.

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Thanks, glad you liked it :)

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Lamborghini missing is apparently down to licensing issues :(

Fingers crossed it will be resolved in a future update.

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Appreciate the comments.

The problem when you only have a rating out of 5 to work with is that scoring a 4/5 gives a max of 80%. 5/5 doesn't mean its perfect and if you read the review you will see I've mentioned stuff that I didn't like and problems I found.

For me it's definitely higher than 80%.. more of a high 80's mark so it gets a 5/5 from me.

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