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What's up with all these "I don't trust Phil" comments?

He's no different than anyone else in this industry. #9
Too bad there's no way to show people VR without them actually putting on the HMD. #8
Is a connection to a media server secure?

Is there any risk in connecting my Vita to my Android phone?

I'm completely clueless about media servers. #2
Shouldn't be too hard since Android Watches are just repackaged Android phones, and Android phones can easily emulate PlayStation games. #7
This will likely be the best DBZ game since Budokai 3. #2
Looks like the reviewer tried to hurry through the game. #6
It also had games that didn't need constant patching and had on-disc DLC, like today's games. #4
He should be in jail for the crap he pulled. #1
They should've just delayed the game to fix it up. #1
I watched a few of Angry Joe's videos a few months ago and his act got boring real quick. #8
Has this been released in Europe yet? #2
Go Go Power Rangers! #1.3
The remastered version won't be 12 year's old. #1
Maybe it'll catch on in 25 years when they try to make it mainstream for the fourth time. #1
What's the point of leveling up the Cryptarch? I'm on Cryptarch level 24 and he still only has white and green items. #5
Halo 4 had both of these. Why weren't people moaning about it back then? #16
All I'm saying is that sometimes the sideline is the best place to be, especially in this crazy industry.

I mean, when this blows over, somebody else will pop out of the woodwork to cause another round of controversy.

Hat wearers will probably feel misrepresented in games, or something. #1.1.1
I could play this game forev....wait...wait.... the boredom just hit me like a ton of bricks. #3
There's a big difference between ignorance and just not giving a crap. #1
This is a re-release of an older Duke Nukem game. It's not a new one. #2.1
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