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Keep this in mind when looking at Iwata in that picture:

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It kind of does. Keep in mind that Nintendo's own studios will have to begin developing games for the new console soon and since a lot of third party developers won't make games for the Wii U, it kind of puts it in a tough spot.

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Funny how all these famous people got famous for using their mouths in different ways. Some for shouting, some for moaning, some for speaking, some for lip synching with auto-tune, and one for sucking.

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Now the PlayBox U will have a competitor.

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What's the point in owning a Vita if they're going to port everything that sells well to the consoles.

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Sony - LittleBigBoss.

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Genome Soldier: "Whose footprints are these....on the unemployment line?"

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Don't draw attention to positive game news, you'll create a time paradox!

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Rest in peace, Taylor.

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"Your tears, Mmmm... They're so good. Yes, yes, Mmmm... Cry moar, Mmm.. So delicious, Mmmm..."

Says the guy who just went on a four comment crying spree. You have one comment left, you should use it to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, HAHAHAHAHA!

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There'll be a security update next week, then.

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Is this similar to the Dark Souls games?

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Sony handhelds are like Brock Lesnar- expensive, powerful, and no personality.

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Funny how all you atheists make fun of Jesus all your lives, and then cry out to him on your death beds.

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Those magic mushrooms are adding years onto his life.

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tilt to the right*

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Looks like it might to the right with the weight of your hand.

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They should nickname the Xbox One 'Yokozuna' because it's friggin huge.

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These feminists don't want to be treated as equal. They want to be put on pedestals and worshipped.

They'll still call men sexist pigs for doing that, though.

I don't see why women who clearly hate men are never called out on it, and a man who says anything to criticize a woman is labeled as a sexist monster by these feminists.

Equal rights is about being treated the same as everyone else, not better than everyone else.

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Kudos to Kudo.

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