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Official magazines don't give bad scores to games that are exclusive to consoles owned by the people who fund them. #3
Skypecraft. #11
FACT: Boobs outnumber women 2 to 1. #20.1
The funny thing about this is if a game came out that allowed women to stroke a man's chest there would be an uproar. #16
Better late than never.

I'm still waiting for that Pong review. #6
The only problem I have had with the DualShock 4 is the rubber covering the top of the sticks has came apart. #1
That's great news for Japanese gamers. I doubt even 20 of those games will come to the west, though. #14
Well I'm donating $32 Million.

In your face, Oculus guy. #1
God was playing Oblivion on The Simpsons Game. #20
Microsoft will be fine.

All they have to do is BO-LIEVE! #12
Rule #1 Love God.

Rule #2 Love your neighbor as yourself.

That's all you need to do in life.

You don't need to be part of any hypocritical bigot-infested church, or to chase people around telling them how evil they are.

Joy and peace to ALL who read this. #4
The PSP used proprietary memory sticks and had been hacked to hell and back.

The Vita uses proprietary memory sticks and is under threat of being hacked constantly.

The 3DS uses SD cards and has never had a serious piracy issue.

The proprietary memory sticks are nothing more than an expensive burden created just to make more money and isn't really making anything more secure since hackers will always find ways around things.
Why not just allow all capable phones to run it?

It's just video being streamed from the PS4. #12
Give me some of whatever it is you're smoking.

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You're getting an extremely addicting game here, Xbox One owners. Enjoy.

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I have both, so my grass is extra green.

Just how I like it. #19
I usually dislike anything got to do with Charlie Sheen but I have a lot more respect for him after seeing him do his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Nice one, Charlie. #4
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Give me a price I can fall in love with. #1
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