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That's surely the worst thing to eat, unless you want to be killed by a mob of angry poultry. #2.2
Can't wait for this game, even thought we know so little! #1
Looking forward to the next Call of Duty announcement! Well, sort of. Actually not at all. #1
They really struck the market at the right time. #1.1
No, get a Wii. The Wii U will be overpriced at launch and quickly fall behind technology. At this point the Wii is a brilliant investment, as it's cheap and essentially a past-gen console. #3.1.1
Company of Heroes Complete Campaign Edition for Mac seems a good thing to get if you've not already. Great games. #1
South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge seems a decent pick this week. #1
Love the art style. #2
I enjoy the process of learning but I can't ever get good enough. #1.1
I still think that people who want a proper space MMO will go to EVE eventually. #1
It was stupid to begin with, I don't know who thought it would ever be a good idea! #1
There's none anywhere near me, it's so hard to find them. #2.1
I liked Tenchu 2, I had a demo of it and used to play it over and over because I couldn't afford the game. Frustrating but cool. #1
Silent Hill is one series I've missed, might be a good chance to play them. #1
I love Melee the most- I think it's one of the best fighting games out there. I hope the new ones lean more in that direction. #1
An absolutely brilliant name for a game. Should have been a B movie title. #1
I loved Tricky so I couldn't wait for this, glad to hear its actually good! #1
They did a good job making multiplayer fit so co-op would be a great addition. #1.1
I love the desaturated look of this game. #1
They really do make it better for everyone involved. #1.1
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