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@ nuke

Yea content that is NEEDED to play the game..the game will not work unless you have that content.

Both games are being rushed to meet launch deadlines imo.

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I agree. The one time when the OWL hacks the alarm the one Helghast does a 180 and only reacts when the player starts shooting at them again.

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So whats with the Altoids box on the cables of the controller?

Also really cool concept, will most likely keep my eye on this.

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original video that played in the player, I totally see what you mean in the second video though !

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this was the original video that played in the player.

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um.. cool. No idea what it means but it looks kinda cool nonetheless.

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@ Gribble

Not to mention memes are starting to be made from the situation.

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you possibly have a link or something that shows that?

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A Fire is beginning to Rise.. this next gen is gonna have even more competition and new ideas finally that will be explored. I think I can safely bet the ALL gamers of all types are gonna have some amazing years ahead with all the surprises and technology of the next-generation.

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Well the thing is that this demonstration was running slightly unoptimized... I'd say lets wait a bit and see how the engine runs after a couple devs including Epic get to put the hardware through some paces.

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Exactly, both are fantastic at what they do.

Terraria has more of a quest like feel to it because you try to save the world from corruption(or let it take over) and to do so you need to start small and work your way up in equipment.

Minecraft is different in more of it's a Survival type game, you start with nothing and need to gain materials to set up a home, start making tools and finding more stuff to make more tools.

Two games that...

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and can you imagine the optimization later down the road? it's gonna be crazy!

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You don't Represent me.

Well then, next time add a /s or something lol

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It's gonna be an All out brawl for GOTY this year. There have been some good surprises at the start of the year and its just hitting April.

All I know is Gamers are gonna have yet another good year of games. I think this one will be special though cause this the last BIG year for the ps3/360.

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Whoo! DLC for the just announced game! EA is the absolute best company in the industry, making sure we have quality DLC for our games that have no content cut from them whatsoever!

They even let me pay a small amount to get stuff that I could unlock by playing but heck who even plays through games anymore?

*In case anyone didn't know the above was in MASSIVE sarcasm quotes.

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No they won't. The backlash of online passes is bad enough as it is. The day you see either console company block used games is the day you see that console get dropped by consumers. People would throw such a fit that even if Sony would use the tech they would almost immediately stop using it.

The Only way Sony or MS could get away with blocked used games is all New Games would retail for $45 or less and digital versions would be even cheaper.

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Only thing that makes this weird is the font.. I don't believe that MS would use that font for the ENTIRE document. Maybe for a logo or something.. idk.

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I agree.. It would be STUPID of MS to block used games UNLESS they are able to sell the games at 30-40 bucks. I wonder how people would react to that proposition.

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what about something more... intrusive? like you could play around the map like you would in single player but other players will try to monitor you through the cameras and stuff, and then once they identify you they try to bring you down?

Idk but it would be a cool extension of the streaming part of the ps4/pc and such if instead of the viewers watching you through a stream they watch you on a camera feed.

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Game is looking good.

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