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Its only for the MyClub mode which is best described as Pes Answer to FIFA Ultimate Team.

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Early indication of reviews, seem to be mostly very positive.

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Apparently the pilot does indeed fit into the Titan and there is some flashing light thing going on but think you are right when you say looks expensive.

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Microsoft teased a few days ago that these games will one day be TV shows but are currently in early talks.

"While these are Microsoft's concrete plans for Xbox Originals, they ended our meeting with a rather huge tease for things-to-come. A sizzle video showed off footage from Gears of War, Fable, State of Decay, Forza Motorsport, and Age of Empires with a promise that all of these Microsoft gaming IP will eventually become television shows. “The games that define u...

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Guilty as charged :)

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I think we have to wait until E3 in June for the answer on that one :(

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Excellent article and some valid points raised, if only Microsoft offered a little more for your money.

Especially considering most of the games are not even played on Microsoft servers like they were when the service was originally launched.

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