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What a load of garbage. Embarrassing. You're actually suggesting that the Xbox One is 2 HD7870's combined. A. The Xbox One would be significantly bigger & would be the size of a large PC. B. The heat of the machine would require water cooling in a console sized box. C. A console with those specs would cost around $800 to build, so MS would be taking the biggest hit in gaming history & never recoup the costs. D. Games would be running in 4K or 60fps with 12x MSAA compared to th... #5.2.2
Square Enix is the publisher of Destiny in Japan. It's their decision. #5.2.3
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Why on Earth does anyone want Killzone or Knack over Velocity 2x or TxK? It seems people prefer to see production values than actually play games. #16
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I lost brain cells reading your comments. #10.2
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That's false, Ubisoft made 3 times more revenue on PS4 than PC this last quarter. There's peaks & lows, but consoles is the main bread winner for western & big Japanese publishers at the minute (bar Sega, who publish mostly on PC with Football Manager & Total War etc) #4.5.6
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CD Projekt are really losing my respect recently. Resolution is a PR differential (from a PC developer!), the collectors edition exclusives, being onstage with MS when the Xbox One was riddled with DRM & now this. Excited to buy The Witcher 3, but in no rush, other developers deserve my money far more. #13
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No we don't. Competition means there are winners & there are losers. Sony & Nintendo are not only in competition with themselves, but PC, mobile, tablets, Netflix, the gym(!) Etc. They have to make complying hardware & software or they'll die too. #18.2
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Maybe this 400 million is for the Xbox division as a whole, so that's all the profits of the 360 + a extra 400 million spent on Xbox One. We could be taking anything from 600 million to a billion lost. That's far far higher than expected I imagined. #17
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Sumo Digital made the LBP 2 DLC... #1.3
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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines has a dramatically different narrative & mechanics that fundamentally change the nature of the game. Obviously Western audiences do not have the same expectations, but the Japanese buyers are very disappointed. It's like the difference between Resident Evil 3 to 5. #7
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I'm rubbing my temples reading your comment. #11.2
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I doubt Microsoft will make another console honestly. They expected Xbox One to sell well over 100 million units & will be lucky to get 40. They expected 40% market share in place like Germany ( It's got one game in the top 40 there. They've had to give up Kinect, always online, control over used game... #22
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Not to do list wars but PS4 has Planetside 2, LBP 3, Drive Club, The Last of Us, Guilty Gear, Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, N+++, Not a Hero & Galak Z, Deep Down all out before Xmas & Bloodborne and The Order before the end of the Financial year. You're not looking for PS4 games hard enough (most likely don't want to because of your cognitive dissonance). #1.10
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A. Halo 5 was announced as having 60fps, there was no mention of resolution.

B. Diablo 3 is 900p

C. Wolfenstein uses a dynamic frame buffer, it drops to 1440 x 1080p regularly. #1.1.49
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Thanks! Fanboys are easy to beat: They hate logic & facts! PlayStation 4 has a solid line up for 2014 which really can't be disputed. #13.1.1
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Literally every Xbox One game has an analogue on PS4 this year.

Dead Rising DLC = Infamous Last Light
Forza Horizon 2 = Drive Club
Project Spark = LBP 3
Halo = Planetside 2
Killer Instinct Season 2 = Guilty Gear Xrd
Dance Central = Singstar
Sunset Overdrive = The Last of Us

PS4 also has big digital titles like Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, The Witness, Deep Down & Galak Z among many others. This PS4 has no ga... #13
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Art design > specs. Every single time! #3.2
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Cocaine is a hell of a drug! #7.5
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So fake. Sony make their own internal engine(s) & have the ICE team. Crytek don't really have any worth while IP either. I imagine the only part they may consider is Crytek UK but that's incredibly unlikely. #32
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I've no comment on this game but your post is pure stupidity. How on earth can a gay character take you out of the game? Do women & black people take you out of the game? Having a range of characters from diverse backgrounds is great as long as they fit the game. #6.1
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