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I doubt Microsoft will make another console honestly. They expected Xbox One to sell well over 100 million units & will be lucky to get 40. They expected 40% market share in place like Germany ( It's got one game in the top 40 there. They've had to give up Kinect, always online, control over used game... #22
Not to do list wars but PS4 has Planetside 2, LBP 3, Drive Club, The Last of Us, Guilty Gear, Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, N+++, Not a Hero & Galak Z, Deep Down all out before Xmas & Bloodborne and The Order before the end of the Financial year. You're not looking for PS4 games hard enough (most likely don't want to because of your cognitive dissonance). #1.10
A. Halo 5 was announced as having 60fps, there was no mention of resolution.

B. Diablo 3 is 900p

C. Wolfenstein uses a dynamic frame buffer, it drops to 1440 x 1080p regularly. #1.1.49
Thanks! Fanboys are easy to beat: They hate logic & facts! PlayStation 4 has a solid line up for 2014 which really can't be disputed. #13.1.1
Literally every Xbox One game has an analogue on PS4 this year.

Dead Rising DLC = Infamous Last Light
Forza Horizon 2 = Drive Club
Project Spark = LBP 3
Halo = Planetside 2
Killer Instinct Season 2 = Guilty Gear Xrd
Dance Central = Singstar
Sunset Overdrive = The Last of Us

PS4 also has big digital titles like Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, The Witness, Deep Down & Galak Z among many others. This PS4 has no ga... #13
Art design > specs. Every single time! #3.2
Cocaine is a hell of a drug! #7.5
So fake. Sony make their own internal engine(s) & have the ICE team. Crytek don't really have any worth while IP either. I imagine the only part they may consider is Crytek UK but that's incredibly unlikely. #32
I've no comment on this game but your post is pure stupidity. How on earth can a gay character take you out of the game? Do women & black people take you out of the game? Having a range of characters from diverse backgrounds is great as long as they fit the game. #6.1
Are you going to go to a Forza Horizon 2 thread & talk about lag or a Sunset Overdrive / Project Spark thread & moan about 30fps? #13.2
Secret Ponchos is definitely gonna be free on PSN Plus on release, Sony said this at E3 last year. #4.1.1
Perhaps DICE should stop focusing on graphics & make a produce that actually functions. I had to return the game to the Amazon because the game was so broken. #23
Halo Collection. It will be Xbox One's biggest title this year & next by a country mile. After picking up LeCreuset's mic, you can pick up mine. #1.9.3
If you know anything about this game you would know the maps span for miles. The bases are more complex than a large Battlefield map, there's about 100 of them... #8.1
It is, but lazy bloggers like a sensationalist headline to get cheap hits. Terrible journalism, if you call it that. #4.1
A straight resolution increase from 900 x 1600 to 1080 x 1980 would require a 50% + increase if all things are equal. #25.1.1
All this article proves is the Xbox One version is lower than 1080p, while it is 1080p on PS4. This is not something to celebrate. #25
That's actually about 800,000 pixels extra. #10.3.1
It's going to be depend on the market & adoption. PS3 & Xbox 360 had such a long cycle because of lack of profitability for such a long period of time, not because of it. MS & Sony can adapt to market contraction without worrying about the investment they've already made. If anything, if Xbox One doesn't sell at MS's expectations over the next 2/3 years, expect them to release a successor way before Sony (possibly 4/5 years at their current trajectory). #4.2
DX12 will act as a barrier to get the most out of the Xbox One, you want to get as low access as possible to take advantage of a console (the way all consoles have been used since the very beginning!). Xbox One will not just give up a power & memory advantage, but a coding one. Everyone should want developers to code to the metal: Halo 4 & The Last of Us are great examples from the previous generation. #21
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