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wasteland 2 is the only game that has my eye at the moment. massive fallout fan =) #2
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on the fence about sniper elite 3, had mixed opinions about it. might pick it up when it's in a steam bargain bin. #1
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viewing the screenshots at 100% & counting the number of steps in round objects such as the car headlights/guards, the ps4 version is only marginally better than the pc version on low, but the ps4 version has better anti aliasing (but still not as good as pc on medium).

of course these are only static screenshots & the true quality of each will become apparent only when we can play the game & see how smoothly it runs. #21
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lol, just what i needed, another tool to feed my addiction to steam sales. #1
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just saying bf has no lag is a joke on its own. next they'll be saying it has no bugs ... #100
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oops, yep, see that now. obviously if it was multiplatform it'd be 1st Fallout 3, 2nd Call of Duty Modern Warfare. then all the other games just as fillers =) #1.1.1
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WHY YOU NO FALLOUT 3 !!?!?!?!?! #1
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I play many of my PC titles with a 360 controllers in front of the TV from my couch & use steam (of course). But you still need to wade through Windows to get to it which means grabbing the mouse & dealing with hard to read text for a moment (whereas a console is designed to be used with a controller from the time it is booted up). #4.1.1
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Eventually you'll probably get a Windows Console Edition in addition to Home, Professional etc & then just install to a PC box. But there will always remain a call for consoles as they are so much simpler to setup & start gaming & that's what console gamers want. #4
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Titan Fall is imo overly easy, which will make it an absolute joy for console kiddies (& the odd peecee hermit).

Personally I think it'll sell Xbox Ones in droves, people will want this game due to the instant gratification it gives you no matter how crap you are (as you simply can't be bad at this game, after 4 minutes even if you haven't done a single thing it'll give you a giant robot which will kill for you lol). #2
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deep down is definitely a game i've got my eye on, but i don't expect it to be like dark souls beyond being fantasy & medieval in feel, dark souls is just too unique. #4
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rumor is bioshock infinite, metro last light & outlast will be coming to ps+ next month. can't wait but i haven't even finished the games from past months lol. #6
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they're struggling so hard to keep the franchise fresh, they're losing sight of what actually made the game good. CoD needs to get back to basics imo. #1
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it has those nasty treasure chests from dragons dogma that eat you :/ #24
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this game is on my bucket list. i have been hammering rpgs on ps3 lately, been so many in PS+ offerings. #1
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should only be a banner at the top & a box advert on the right hand side ? #4.2
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when i read 'Don't Starve - PS4' i assumed it was going to rip into the PS4 re. the lack of decent (or any) launch games for it lol.

looking for to dark souls 2 =) #1
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real shame to read that the AI of the opposition cars is still terrible. have been on the fence in buying GT6 after being really excited to get GT5 & i still think i'm going to pass. wish they had something like the drivatar to improve it. #1
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i reckon streaming from the ps4 could be the big hit for the vita (yet some are already claiming it's too laggy). indie games etc won't do squat for it imo, if anything it'll bring it into line with phones & tablets for consumers instead of being a standout serious portable gaming system.

truly, it NEEDS (or should i say 'needed') exclusives for it to be a real contender. #7.1
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for me, games like that (along with shift 2 etc) are great to just let off some steam. but to hold my personal long term interest, it has to have a great sense of realism, not just from graphics, sounds etc, but in the way the cars feel, perform & behave. #3.1
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