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from what i remember a lot of things were controversial. i remember it being the only ff that has cursing and the ending also had a lot of weird theories going on. #2.1
what are your top 3 favorite games? #2.2.2
i personally think it delivered within its own constraints of modern day gaming. mechanics are on point, its not just another run n gun shooter. the coop and pvp aspects of the game add to the immersive and beautifull worlds. story is pretty sci fi not just another standard military type story(although the weapons could have been a bit more sci fi)content is much much more than people should be complaining about and for decades gameplay has been stagnant for many years. like wth do you expect... #1.4
man... why did you guys bring it up now i gotta go pop that sucker in. #12
i really really want to know your top 10 games right now. and i will nit pick them and will probably much more repetitive than destiny. #1.1.3
yeah i was trying to figure out how all these fps games have gotten the pass with less content and even more simple mechanics (jump slash, melee,for years. Halo for example didnt do much at all with mechanics or content and actually boosted the dlc campaign. I was already playing loads of games! with great stories! the whole master chief and cortana thing was bland to me.

the mechanics are so innovative it hurts but most brainwashed fanboys cant see that you can do everything... #1.2.4
metal gear online on ps2 was epic then on ps3 was even more insane. the game had a wicked learning curve. Not to mention that metal gear online is always showed off on tgs, it is also the main reason why i was dissapointed with the phantom pain supposed multiplayer unveil. #1.1.3
bring back metal gear online with both snake eater and mgs4 and it will be gold. #34
yeah that is lame i was born in 85 and my screen name is grandpasnake. so this guy right here feeling old is highly unjustified 29 is a good age to feel old lol plus magazines back in the day were mostly all we had but they had demos and codes interviews and just awesome eye candy as well my personal favorite back then was PSM #3.2
i might of opted for this had i known sony really handled demand for different colored sku. #16
i mainly disagree because the majority of console players havent really played mmo's. this game if played by your average american can leads to much more hours of content. its not pvp in the open world but thats neither here nor their the game was also designed as a coop type of feel and even mmo's have worlds that are safe from pvp. the pvp comes in one of the best in the industry bungie with their multiplayer online pvp. 6v6 is not that bad considering it is keeping the games more c... #6.1
greatly said and lol at the people saying metal gear games are short hideo kojima easily lays a dump on almost 99% of developers when it comes to content. #1.5.5
i buy physical so it saved a lot of memory i have 10 downloaded games now along with my 12 physical. 8gb #6.2
as one that played all three i would say hunter and warlock for me #1.3
its not stupid it is incredibly smart to limit the marketing for the competition. when the 360 released, microsoft ran a campaign with ads and marketing convincing a large majority of gamers for a whole year before the playstation came out when a lot of multiplat games were released a lot of the advertising here in america was all is a huge deal! we live in the world were people are easily brainwashed by little things like this, but i refuse to believe people dont know it is comi... #28.1.1
i just dont like the xbox players turning their back on bungie. #28
i was just talking about this to a lot of my friends that is why i love rpg's in general. but a lot of individuals who talk like this usually are not so the question is why are you content with so much less content.During last gen i noticed games starting being really short and campaigns especially on shooters were brought down to around 4 hours of content some of the larger action adventure games were at about 7-10 hours to experienced players. now its like a lot of people think its ok t... #1.1.1
im having problems signing in with vita to ckeck friends at the moment #24
i bought a nintendo for metal gear then a ps1 for mgs then a ps2 for mgs3 and subsistence then a ps3 for mgs4 and mgo now its a ps4 for destiny but im actually anticipating mgs 5 and mgo a lot more! #3.3
totally agree with this. Most of these young kids dont even know about squaresoft ,enix, tri ace. personally i thought chrono cross was in a league of its own. #1.5.1
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