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wow some lucky collector got my mint ps1 suikoden 2 when i sold it a year ago, but im so glad it finally made it to my vita. #14
media is attacking jrpg hype, when it comes to NIS i wouldnt be surprised if they are already developing another game. #4.1.2
well its not super hard if everyone is experienced raiders, takes communication and execution. it was so fun we got past the first check point after like 15 tries. #6
this will make two betas, should be fun. #6
not only that but mgo1 was pretty much a big beta and when mgo2 came out it also released with a beta on ps3. #1.2.1
its not just grey, it has a emblem, the controller is also a custom paintjob with playstation symbols on the touch and the camera is also custom grey.This is the official AE playstation, its amazing all the other ps4 are cool but not AE. #1.2.10
technically mgo1 and mgo2 are both up and running still but you need modified consoles. #2.2.1
The game was far too ahead of its time. all i want is the freedom we got with the first mgo's. wich is mainly full control over hosting rooms and customzation. All these companies are becoming ever so popular because they take everything away from the gamer. i really hope theirs matchmaking lobbies too but i hope kojima doesnt go too mainstream like cod matchmaking. I also like you said, hope they implement a +- system like the old mgo's anyone can prestige, but in mgo if you were a h... #1
i dont find it too strange i found many people here telling people misinformation about how its just a MP-coop aspect of phantom pain. #5.1
slight exaggeration, mgo1 lasted a little under a year but had tournaments you could play out of the comfort of your own home and get goodies delivered to your home. all wich were monitored against exploits and the majority of glitchers did get banned.that was on ps2 with free online. on mgo2 with ps3 it also suffered from a lot of the main problems from glitchers especially when you could alter your upload speed in the settings but the game did last for 4 years and had a lot of cheap expansi... #2.1
i really really hope its like the original metal gear online games were you could host your own games with customizations. it really was ahead of its time characters are also fully customizable. #6
technically the ps3 is set to pass the wii u pretty soon, im not sure if its in na though. #1.2.5
ps4 consumes more electricity than xbox 1 by a small margin. #3.3.2
very few people don't like destiny. COD should of got the heat bungie did.I mean here people go off and buy COD AW when ghost came out this same year.....not only that. id say about 40% of people probably dont even finish the campaign and jump straight into MP on COD games. #5.2
i like both guns they both serve their purpose, i like the ice breaker a bit more. #5
i believe the masamune is also a weapon you put together in chrono cross as a secret side mission. #5.2.4
how do you know hes playing the same 4 #6.1.2
actually kingtrash their was also parity issues with ps3 and xbox 360 microsoft has been doing this for a decade, almost forcing parity. why did a exclusive ff13 look betterand play perfect than ff13 2 when it was multi plat? that was a red flag for me and that is when i found out about parity. #1.1.5
this is why i think a 1080 p patch could grace the ps4 just like the last ac #5.6
yeah the main reason i got it was because of its healing abilities paired off with my other ones i couldnt turn it down. #5.1.1
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