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most reviews are rather high #5.1
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I would agree, the game is a chore #1
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I'll take a graphical downgrade anyway if that means awesome AI. I just hope their AI system is as good as they say it is. #7.1
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I wouldn't worry too much about it, I played it a bit at gamescom and thought it was quite brilliant. #1.2.3
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come on now, the scale goes from 1 to 10, if 5 is "STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME" what's anything under that?

imo, "STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME" is a 1 #5.1
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There's no guarantee that the game is exclusive, but it might be some high-profile game as the other games on the list are mostly AAA #3
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I had a behind closed doors presentation and all deaths I've seen were a 1 second black screen and a restart, although the ones I saw were QTE fails #1.2.1
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this year I got myself a press pass for gamescom from a friend's website. I have a meeting with Sony for an unannounced game, I'm so excited. I couldn't get into the conferences though :( #2.2
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Did you really like the battle system? I thought the idea was cool, but it was missing an additional layer of strategy, it ended up being very same-y against every opponent. I think that just being able to place characters on the field would have made a big difference, getting all your characters hit by AoEs because they all stuck together was too frustrating. #6.2
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I'm not too surprised that *somebody* likes the game, but I never thought anyone would call it the best FF ever.
I guess we just have completely different opinions, as I thought that the story(or at least the writing of it) was bad and the voice acting OK at best. #2.2
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it's still a wonderfully well produced game. The game structure for storytelling is off, the content might be limited, and really it doesn't bring much to the table, but that said, the moment to moment combat just feels right and the environments have so much attention put into them(which explains why there aren't that many environments). #8.1.1
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I feel like I'm the only one really pumped for metrico, I've been looking forward to this game for about a year now. getting it "free" on day one is awesome. #12
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I got it on PC and did not get the appeal. But it's free, you better try it out and see for yourself #8.1
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I wouldn't call it horrible, I quite liked it, but the novelty of the tracks wore off quite fast, a bit like battlefield levolution (except better).

The first time I got to the spot where all the manholes explode one after the other in front of you is one of my best gaming memories. #2.2.1
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even a motorstorm: PR HD remaster would be good enough for me, I just want to have people to play online :( #1.2
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Maybe I'm interpreting too far, but I'm assuming that it'll be possible to explore the whole world and it'll be MMO-y à la Destiny. The assumption comes from the characters joining mid-battle and the zoom-out at the end #1.3
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yeah, I don't mind it too much though. Coming out of farcry 3 all I wanted was more camps to attack and it looks like this will bring bigger and better ones.

I'm not a fan of the bait throwing though, I preferred trying to get into the right angle to shoot cage open in FC3. It's quite pokemon-y to throw a thing a have a animal appear out of nowhere #1.1.1
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it's actually without L1, R1, L3, and R3. I tried using the back touch and that didn't seem to do anything. It's a game you should play on PS4.

Edit: just read the article apparently sprint and spells are mapped to the directional pad and front touch screen #4.1
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I was not a big fan either, the boss fights just killed it for me.

I must admit, that I found the exploration quite entertaining, and if the final game has a lot of it, I might actually get it. #1.1.2
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I wouldn't be surprised, they make very story oriented games. In the case of those, watching them actually can be a substitute to playing them. Particularly for telltale games.

I really believe this an interesting discussion to have, but not right now. Right now is the time to insult phil fish... #5.1
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