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While the refund is really cool and pro-consumer, it can have a negative effect on the long run. It is easily imaginable that games with a lower than 2 hour playtime will suffer enormously from this, and that could mean not getting those on steam anymore, which would be sad.

some of my favorite games can be finished in less than 2 hours on the first playthrough: antichamber, besiege, 30 flights of loving, stanley parable, gone home, world of goo. 2 of my top-ever games are sh...

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It depends on how you play it, I've been playing it totally F2P since the early beta.

Many people just shell out the money because they see decks online and want to build the exact same one, and in that case it's more P2W. On the other hand, for me, trying to build a deck from the cards I have feels challenging and fun.

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that's too bad :/
I played it briefly at gamescom and quite liked it.

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While I understand that the idea behind your propositions are of good intention, they are actually quite bad for players and developers, I'll just explain why, you might get an idea about why you got disagrees.

-Limit the games added to plus by metascore like 7/10 minimum minus AAA title/exclusives (knack came to mind)

this just limits the possibilities of what's to come. And we clearly see all the people complaining that they don't get AAA, peop...

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ugh... saying that sex matters and then directly comparing the game to GTA, where sex doesn't matter at all

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yes. I've tried flower and journey with non-gamers and it absolutely isn't good for them. You have to be able to understand gaming language to play them. non of my non-gamer friends understood that they had to walk towards the mountain in journey, and they didn't understand why wind kept pushing them back when they tried to walk too far in the wrong direction.

I think it's easier to get people in with story and aesthetics, I definitely interested a few of my f...

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I didn't have the time to play it until yesterday, so I could get in a game relatively easily. Even then, I just played one match where I went on a killing spree and it wasn't fun. If a "shooter" isn't fun while you're winning there's something really wrong.

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the walking dead and game of thrones are very different though. In the walking dead you only care about the characters and how they survive, it rarely ever touches on the fate of humanity of the world. Game of thrones is the story of a kingdom, the rise and fall of powers told through the eyes of characters you care about. I'm afraid the game might be missing the part about the struggle for power of the different kingdoms/races/bloodlines.

If the ...

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I would love it to be great but I have my doubts. I can't shake the feeling that the story happening in the game can't have any importance, because if it has any importance you would have heard about it in the books ( I mean they can't go killing kings willy-nilly). It kind of removes the sense of importance that there is to the main story. I guess they could still make a cool small-scale story that ressembles what Arya is living.

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5-10 minutes of waiting and loading (when nothing crashes or bugs) for a 10-25 minute round definitely isn't worth it.

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I played both Shadow Realms and Evolve at GamesCom and I had a blast, but that was with a full team of players cooperating. playing Evolve through random matchmaking definitely doesn't feel the same nor is as fun; I have a feeling shadow realms will be the same

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well... most of the game isn't textured, that saves space I guess

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They gave out towerfall, and could run on a super nintendo surely. Still it's the most fun I've had with a game in a long time

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Or maybe... we're just happy with the indie games we're getting and we own most of the AAA games?

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I would guess that the game doesn't demo too well. I didn't have that much fun with it at the beginning, but once you get how it works, it's a blast.

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The Lord of the Rings name is just there for selling the game. The game itself really doesn't care about the lore; the story is ridiculous and the main character makes no sense in the universe.

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Believe me, you don't want them to rush it. The servers are still kinda down for the people who paid (I can't access the challenges and the multiplayer is iffy). If a few million new players arrived it would be completely down again.

I'm not saying this selfishly, with the servers down PS+ players would hate the game as that version doesn't have a "campaign" mode and there wouldn't be anything to do.

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I also prefer getting indie games, because I most likely already own the AAA games, but I think it would be nice for everyone to have a healthier mix of AAA and indie

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yeah, other ubisoft games were given out pretty quickly, AC3 and FC3 were given out in less than a year after their release iirc

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They should put The Killzone multiplayer for free. It's the only part I enjoyed of the game and I would like to go back to it with a fresh batch of players

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