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win8 sucks buddy deal with it already

win7 anytime,anyday,anywhere

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waiting the superior version which is ofc on ps3 since ME1 IS THE ONLY version that use kitS of ME2-3 unlike MS-PC which are the same games frm back then
"comfirmed from bioware fangirls so dont be butthurt

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waiting for the superior version which is comfirmed ps3 by bioware.

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dream more fangirl mgs4 will never come on crapbox

meanwhile waiting for the superior version mass effect 1 on ps3 hahaha!!!!


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and how do you know that captain obvious ? did u play the game ?

oO right sry i forgot...u r one of those.. "OMG LOOK DA GRAPHICS BRO !!! THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVER"

play the game then talk...epic graphics dont mean sh!t if the gameplay sucks.

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ye ye we all saw the "best rpg ever made" like he said how hard it failed,FABLE 3 was a P.O.S
i wont mention fable journey cause this crap is a different story

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"The PS4 is launching a year minimum after the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Which obviously gives Sony much more time to take advantage of tech advanced innards"

then stfu cause its the same for the wiiUpgrade against the had 7 years to make something more pwerful and you brag this like the wiiU is the sec coming of christ....its 7 fcking years dude.So next time dont bother to mention how awesome is the wiiUpgrade in the graphics dep.

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the ps3 is the complete version with exlcusive story dlc
long live play.

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we dont give a fck about your hello kitty console.go back to mario nab

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future warfare 3.2 does a difference ? are u kidding or are u a activision fankid ?

the only thing that change is that the game is set in the future nothing else.

Same crappy engine
same stupid npc that hold my hand telling me what to do and how
same stupid overrated slow mow---->boom
same stupid breach doors--->slow mow--->boom boom
(repeat all till you finish the game)

yea sure buddy lots of ...

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There is no need for a killzone 4,Let it rest
Let guerilla focus on their new IP game
Bring back Killzone maybe for next gen

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sony have the best games out there easily...they need more promo's

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didnt they showed a pic of cloud with other ps character for the tv promo which has been removed cause the hair wasnt done right ?

Thats pretty much confirm that he will be in the game at some point.

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this will def win best platformer of the year easily
the art design is amazing

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this and the last of us
best games of 2013,these two games will get the most awards for sure...cant wait

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trust me 2013 say hi
with more than 10 exclusives coming with the candidate last of us for wich WILL be the game with the most awards
and other exclusives i couldn't care less

xbox is getting ANOTHER gears of wars and that's it while sony ofc is getting

the last of us
beyond 2 souls
Ni No Kuni
tales of xillia
sly 4
sumo digital IP
until dawn
GoW:A ...

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good to know the xbox got finally a game to play this year.

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Lol the game isnt out yet and they talk about DLC already ?
Omg i really want this pile of shit to flop big time.

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Ok PG i know you want your game to sell but saying bullshits like MGR is a REAL METAL GEAR game was completely useless since it is not a real metal gear game at all.

its a devil may cry meets ryu hayabusa
The universe of rising dont look like a MGS universe at all.

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