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Nothing Special here just a AAA G.O.T.Y 2010 game that's all.

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well we can only hope so.

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3D better in games than film lol.........NO.

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Natal is Next Gen Futuristic something like scientists only dream about.Natal will revolutionize how we play games. It's so advanced that it can recognize each limb’s movement independently and process them in real-time not only that but can also:

1.voice recognition

2.image scanning

3.facial recognition

4.full 3D human skeletal motion capture.

5.can distinguish a Droid from a true xbox 360 fan.

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2 things come to mind as followed:

1. xbox 360 exclusive game.

2. Natal xbox 360 game.

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DICE lol NO OnE CaReS.

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lol lol lol GOW3 is pure sh*tness.

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xbox 360 has the Best Exclusives and also the Best online service. U pathetic droids need to own up Fact is FACT i have to read your crap every day and u know what it's PATHETIC your online is PATHETIC your games are PATHETIC u droids are PATHETIC so wake up and realize your PATHETIC. So move on with your life and get a xbox 360 and u won't regret it.

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Microsoft always wins just like all E3 since day 1. Also Microsoft has just too many game announce that they even have to have 2 E3's so i don't think Microsoft has anything to worry about especially from Sony lol.

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Who needs Blu-Ray lol.........Microsoft was right all along.

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Better luck next time droids.

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Who cares Uncharted is a tomb raider wanna be with cartoon graphics.

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I am so hyped just when i was gonna fall asleep.......Bunjie why i'll never get to sleep now lol my mind is gonna explode i feel all restless. What can it be god i can imagine all the droids pissing in their pants right now. This is gonna be MASSIVE Damage to ps3 it's the beginning of the end for ps3 and Sony lovers.

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The PS3's 256MB of memory, half that of the Xbox 360 will be the reason why xbox 360 & PC will be gimped. If Crysis was xbox 360 & PC exclusive we could have had a graphical game of which we have not seen before but NO ps3 had to be the black sheep.

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The CPU & GPU which presides on ps3 is not up to task and won't be sufficient to run a game like Halo Reach. The Memory on ps3 is also a problem for ps3 developers take for instance GOW3 & Killzone 2 both of which struggle and have to run at 20fps.

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Heavy Rain is QTE simple as that nothing less also why droids purchased Heavy Rain was for the Shower Scene so they can play with there D*ck.

Alan Wake is all Game-Play not once will u see QTE in the game.

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What's the point of this Graphics Card when their's hardly any decent games which can take full advantage of this card. Like there are so many games that get made for consoles yet only a hand full for pc and that's if we are lucky.

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