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You might not realize this but those "hundreds of shards" are worth ALOT of glimmer. Glimmer you are going to need when you decide to re-forge the perks of those shiny new legendarys. I have managed to "forge" some of these new weapons into both PvE & PvP beasts. Load up all of your Ascendant/Radiant/Motes into your inventory and go see the Speaker for material exchanges. #5.3
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First, I have sunk a lot of time into Destiny. Ive had/have every exotic available for every class. I have some of the rarest faction loot in the game.

Destiny is a gambling addiction with good gunplay. Ever feel that rush when an item you want drops? You just got blackjack. Ever heard the excitement in someones voice when their first Gjally drops? The weeks they spent betting on 21 red at the roulette table just paid off. Think about it. #1.6
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One of the funniest things I have seen while playing Destiny has been the reaction some people have when they get their first Gjally. Lol, you would think they had just won the lottery. #1.1.6
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Not saying that it will never happen, because more will be added to Destiny over time, but in 2013 Bungie said that there would be trading and gambling in Destiny. #1.1.5
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You are misinterpreting the purpose of EA Access. EA Access is simply a way for EA to make money after retail orders for a game have dried up. Its a win-win for EA, and gamers. The only victims are shops that sell used games. I would be thrilled if more publishers created a service like this.

EA, nor any other publisher, is going to trade the price of a new title for a subscription service. It doesn't make business sense to make such a decision... #6.1.3
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To my knowledge, Peggle 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition are the only strictly single player games EA has released for either next-gen console so far. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, its not going to bother me. I know there is a multiplayer mode coming to DA:I at some point. EA simply doesn't make many single player only games. #1.1.7
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"Single player games have a longer lifespan."

That is not at all true.

EA Access IS a great deal. You get a discount on new games, as well as dlc. You can drop $5, on a 1-month sub, download and play a new title a week early, and if you want to buy it you get a 10% discount. You install the whole game, not a small chunk of it. There are only time restrictions put on content that can be completed before the allotted early access ti... #1.1.4
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That's not true. Im not part of the gaming press, and I am disappointed with what I have heard so far. I was far beyond excited for this Battlefront until the details about the changes that have been made to the series.

The biggest disappointment for myself is the lack of the Galactic Conquest mode. This mode gave meaning to each map you fought on, now its been replaced by a meaningless map rng. That sucks ass imo.

Then you factor in some of the coolest... #2.2
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I think that some people have forgotten the gameplay structure of the originals. What I have seen so far, I am not liking.

In the originals, every map was a battle. If you won the battle, it would advance the "battlefront"(vice versa if you lost)so on, and so forth until you captured the planet. Once all planets were captured, you won/lost the war.

This Battlefront does not sound like the originals, at least not so far. It sounds like Battlefield wi... #1.1.6
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You should be an X1 owner trying to wade through all the negative X1 clickbait articles everyday just trying to get some unbiased useful news. I don't see myself using this site much longer, if the story quality doesn't improve. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why these websites choose to write clickbait. Clickbait opinion stories, and clickbait rumor stories should be put at the bottom of the pile, not the freakin front page. #6.2
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Yeah, it was something like that. They clearly didn't follow that philosophy in regards to Destinys PvP though. Bungie used the same gameplay tools in both Destiny, and Halo. But the two play very different in head to head gameplay.

About half of the weapon types in the Destiny beta were practically worthless in the Crucible. Same goes for grenade powers. The vehicles were nearly invincible if you were on foot with no super. They have some balancing to do with the Crucible. #2.1.1
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I agree with both of you. Im not sure what Bungies endgame for Destinys PvP is. But I found it to be unbalanced in the beta. Half the weapon types were worthless in the Crucible. The vehicles were pretty much invincible if you were on foot without a super. Contact with an enemy player was pretty much instant kill/death. Nothing like Halo.

I did enjoy the PvE in the Destiny beta though. That's pretty much the only reason I am buying the game. #2.1.3
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Never happen. Do you realize how expensive a sub service that offered titles at their release would be? Probably around $250-$300 a year. EA Access, and PS Now are simply trying to compete with used game dealers.

Also, EA Access isn't a streaming service. You download the games.

edit- My bad, I didn't read your post correctly. #7.1
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Ive seen a lot of websites, and comments about Destinys PvP being just like Halos online MP. That is complete bs. Both use similar gameplay tools (jump, grenade, special power, melee, weapon fire), but they don't play the same whatsoever. #2.1
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Guys, check the date on the article. #1.2
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People who do things like this, are not only an embarrassment for the fans of their platform of choice, they are an embarrassment for gaming as a whole. That also applies to the people who defend, and make excuses for these people. Gaming is a hobby, not life or death, get a grip. #2.1.6
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PS Now is more expensive than EA Access, and its true there are more games on PS Now. But PS Now doesn't have any next-gen games. The services are different in how they deliver content, but both have the same principle. They are both trying to make money on games that have stopped making money on their respective platform. I don't have a clue as to why there are no ps4 games on PS Now, but if they want PS Now to be a success, it is going to need access for next-gen titles.
<... #4.3
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No one is paying $30 for 2 sports games, people are paying $30($2.50 a month) for a 1 year sub that will encompass several games, early access for new EA titles, and 10% off EA games & dlc. I spent $30, and instantly got $80 worth of games, including any EA games that I don't own that get added to the Vault in the next year. If you cant see the value in that, then you would be better served to not hate on it, because it makes you look foolish. So you see why people who... #2.2.3
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Yeah, its clearly not xbox fans that are in an uproar. The front page is a total meltdown of Xbox hate. Kinda like when you take something away from a 5 year old. #1.1.5
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Yeah, between EA Access, and Tomb Raider being an XB1 exclusive, the sony camp is in an uproar. lol just look at the hate they are spewing all over N4G. Its got to be sony fanboys, because its obviously not xbox fanboys crying about it. #2.1
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