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Weed is less harmful to your health than drinking or smoking cigarettes. Being high doesn't lead to violent crime either, like alcohol does.

I smoked weed socially in the beginning, videogames had nothing to do with it.

However, I love to get high and play videogames now. Its like the one thing that can make a fun game even more fun. After you get used to weed, it can actually make you play even better. I have no idea why, but you can become so focused th... #1.1.5
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I would be lying if I said all the problems BF4 has had hasn't been annoying. But I still love Battlefield. There are no other games like it, except maybe Star Wars Battlefront, which hasn't had a new game for about 10 years. #1.1.3
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I am pleasantly surprised by this game, its really good. Getting it free is a plus as well. #2
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Meh...I used to be a fanboy. Both sony and MS, just different points in time. Ive come to realize that Im too old for that s**t. I come to N4G daily to see the news, but rarely comment anymore. Maybe Im getting old, but the "console wars" just seems silly to me now. #1.18
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It really doesn't make much sense for Ryse 2 to be canned. Just because Crytek doesn't want to sell the rights to the game to MS shouldn't have any effect on whether or not there is a sequel made. They could easily make the game multiplat, or even cut a deal with MS for exclusivity like they did with the first game. I don't think we have seen the end of Ryse. #3.1.4
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The Unity engine was used for Max The Curse of Brotherhood as well. It was a pretty game. #8
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I have Madden 25, I think I know what it looks like.smh #2.1.2
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Doesn't look much different than Madden 25. #2
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Glad to see this finally happening. Currently, you cant see anything regarding your X1 account on Xbox.com without Windows 8 or Smartglass. I have neither, and I check my account daily on Xbox.com. #4
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Thank you. I agree regarding indies, I don't look to them for my gaming main course. They do have their place though. There have even been several indies that turned out to be great games. #22.1.2
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Do you mind listing sonys holiday line up? From what Ive glanced over on the internet most of sonys exclusives are indy games, I could be wrong though, truthfully I don't know how many games are in sonys 2014 line up, other than maybe Drive Club. Not trying to hurt your personal opinion of course, but for me personally, I didn't spend hundreds of dollars to play indie games. #22.1
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Lol, you don't have a clue. There is nothing currently on the market that can touch Ryse visually.

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I agree. I was floored by how good Ryse looks. To the folks that are saying only the character models look good, you need to look again. The enviroments are gorgeous as well. Like you said, "The King" level is jaw dropping. Ive been gaming 34 years, and Ryse is the best looking game I have ever seen. There are times that the graphics are near photorealistic. #1.6
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Do you honestly expect a sony employee to give MS good PR? #2.9.3
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I think you take this whole console war bs too seriously. I didn't bother reading your first post, but I think its safe to say you are fanboy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the logic in my post.

Regarding indies. I didn't pay launch price for a next-gen console to play 16-bit games. 9 out of 10 indie games are garbage. But hey if you like indies that much then go for it, but don't be surprised by people that don't share you... #1.2.10
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You make a fair argument. But on the other hand, sony has made the biggest push for indies than they have in their entire history. Could this mean they are just trying to provide more games, or could it be a sign of sonys financial woes? It has yet to be proven either way, so arguing about it is senseless.

And again, Naughty Dog. There is no proof yet regarding the quality of their next game, because its not coming out any time soon. We do know the... #1.2.4
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Amount of bubbles is irrelevant on this sony biased website. Just like you relate him with being an xbox fanboy and having one bubble, I can obviously see you are a sony fanboy by the amount of bubbles you have. Or do we need to search your comment history for proof? #5.2.2
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They actually don't mention Battlefront in this story. They do mention Mirrors Edge 2, and kind of imply that DICE is working on it. I hope this doesnt mean there wont be any Battlefront footage at E3. Because I am super hyped about Battlefront. #1.3
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@imt558, threefootwang, NewMonday, tuglu_pati

You guys obviously don't understand what was said. He was simply letting people know that unplugging the Kinect would not change the games you already have by 10%. Which is a pretty idiotic thing to think to begin with. The games currently available have been coded to allow 10% for the Kinect. But games going forward can be coded either to reserve the 10% for Kinect, or use the 10% to boost the GPU. #1.1.14
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I would definitely take a sequel to Ryse. I think Crytek laid good groundwork for a AAA i.p. with RSR. The graphics quality needs to remain in tact. Imo they simply need to add more depth to the combat, and add more enemy models. I would like them to add more equipment models in the online MP as well. #1
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