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Im 40yrs old, and you are fos. #3.2.2
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Oh, how nice, I get a response. There is NO CAPTCHA in the sign up process. I tried 3 times to sign up but couldnt, because this elusive CAPTCHA doesnt exist. #1.2.2
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The website is fake. I tried to register so I could discuss the review. It wouldnt allow the registration. Said I didnt correctly enter the CAPTCHA. There is no CAPTCHA security in the registration process. #3.2
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You are silly. Ive tried registering with the site that put this ridiculious review up, and it doesnt allow me to register. I simply wanted to comment on this review, it isnt allowed. Site is fake. #1.2
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I wouldn't say that this game is demanding from a graphical standpoint. Its basically 3D planet/star models surrounded by a wallpaper. There are a lot of XB1 games that are more complex from a graphical standpoint. That isn't to say that what ED does isn't convincing. It looks great no question. If there is anything that I would say is demanding, it would be the number of ships that you can encounter at any given time within a solar system. #1.1.1
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Every single one of you fanboys are pathetic. Take a moment to objectively examine your own behavior, and the behavior of other fanboys. You are behaving like children to put it bluntly. Grow up. I cant tell you when, but I can tell you that at some point in your life you will reflect on this behavior and see how childishly ridiculous it is. #1.1.9
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Absolutely, same situation here. I use voice commands every day on my Xbox. Im even starting to remember commands for my favorite tv channels lol. I don't need a remote at all at this point. I would be lost if I had to go back to searching for and managing two remotes(tv and cable)again. #1.4
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I agree. The tutorial in no way prepares you for what the actual game offers. I think its kind of amusing that someone would write a preview based on the tutorial. #3.2
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Ive been a gamer for 35yrs, and there is nothing wrong with the word "gamer". Its nothing more than a general term for someone who has gaming as a hobby.

He is attempting to separate himself from a verbally broad term that has been established for decades. Why, is the question here. Is he simply using his creative writing skills to spitball, and hope something gets attention? Was he bullied? Does he feel like he is somehow superior to other people who enjoy games? J... #6.2
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Yep, I was an idiot for over 1500hrs. Ive got, or had every exotic multiple times. I can do every role in both raids(Hell I can two man it up to Crota,even on hard). I can solo every Nightfall.TPE,ToO, the Lighthouse, name it Ive done. Ive got every faction ship. Ive got all but 2 of the faction shaders. Yada, yada. You are fooling yourself right now. If I asked you, and you answered honestly, Im willing to bet that you are still playing to gain a particular reward/s. In other words you are p... #2.2.1
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Definately smooth and gorgeous. My only gripe is the demo is a demo. It does a fantastic job at seamlessly introducing the player to what Forza 6 has new. But trying to use the demo as a "main course" for your racing hunger isnt going to work. At least MS and Turn 10 did take enough pity to include Rivals in the demo. Cant really fuss too much, it is just a demo after all.

I cant make this post without mentioning the Indy race. The contrast in speed in the 2 races b... #1.1.9
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"Work for", thats funny. Every part of Destiny has an rng attached to it. You arent working towards anything, you are WAITING for that lucky roll. Once you have done the exact same tings enough, you will realize. Take your time, its not my problem. #3.1
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Lokk, Ive got over 1500hrs sunk into Destiny if a pissing contest is what you are looking for. I also once had a gambling addiction. Hey, your right, Destiny is a cheap gambling addiction. But that doesnt change what it is. And when you finish making up excuses to keep playing this flake game, you will be disgusted when you realize the "gaming gods" at Bungie knew exactly what they were doing when they made this flake game. #2.1.2
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Quiet isnt anything new to anyone familiar with Metal Gear. For many different possible reasons H. Kojima adds sexuality into his games. This game is hardly the first. Does it arouse anyone thats seen the real thing? Lol probably not, at least I hope not. Either way, he has found the formula for making a game be a game, and the game is fun. Lord knows his writing is atrocious, but its fun nonetheless. I really hope that this isnt his last game. He is a veteran of decades and it would be a los... #1.4
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Destiny is a fps gambling simulater. Dont feel ashamed if you arent one of the idiots making up excuses to play the same content 100s of times over. Go talk to a 70yr old slots player, they have the same problem. #2
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Myself, I agree with the author of this piece. I have thought Kojima is a terrible writer for well over a decade now. This isn't to say that his games aren't fun, his writing is just awful. Try comparing his stories to any acclaimed plot driven shows, movies, games, or books. #1.10
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Im hyped for it. Id be lying though if I said that no Galactic Conquest didn't bother me. Once I have this, and Fallout 4 pre-ordered Ill have the rest of this year covered game wise. #1.3
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Definitely cool tech, but does everything have to be a pissing contest between MS and Sony? Who cares about the opinions of deranged fanboys? I don't know if it comes with age or what, but this console war mentality is childish. #1.1
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I cancel out your +stereotype, with a -stereotype. Ive had countless girlfriends, and female sexual partners. So if we were standing together, and some a-hole tried to insult you, I could instantly reduce them to virgin status with tales of my sex life.

Pro-tip: A smile and/or a simple wave can get your foot in the door. Give it a try, it gets easier and easier the more you do it. #2.4
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Sorry bud, but you are wrong on this one. Ever wonder how a person can sit in front of a slot machine for hours pulling that same lever over, and over, and over again without getting bored?They are waiting for that jackpot. Destiny, and slots have something in common. They both use a random number generator(rng), to give out rewards. Ever wonder why someone can play the same content over, and over, and over again for months in Destiny? Were you excited when the rng fin... #1.1.3
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