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Well I wasn't waiting for emotion but they look just wrong when you look at them. #3.1
I think there should be situations like in BF2 that if you don't have the right class you get the hell out. That's the thing that made BF2 great and different from many other games, you weren't an all around hero but a soldier equipped with tools to do what you are meant to do. This is a thing that many games have forgot since then. I have no doubt that the BF3 MP will be a blast like BC2 but they have nothing on the feeling and battles of BF2. For BF3 of course I can't be cer... #1.1
I pay for for the plus, also I haven't been able to play even offline because I can't access my old PS3 saves on my new PS3 because I can't log on PSN. For me this has been very frustrating and I do feel I would be entitled to some kind of compensation. #30
I think they should mention the fact that it isn't being developed by the original team. I mean that is something that affects what people expect from the game. New team means new game so I'm not wishing for something similar to the first two, but a new good game. Hopefully. #7
WTF you can't get fed up with zombies, first I watched for years good zombie movies and as they died slowly away I have replaced them with good zombie games. Although game about pirates would be cool or more western games. #25
There is no leak of any kind. Those pictures were unused concept art from UC 2. You can see the temple is clearly From Borneo in UC2. #22
I have been looking into different online stores like Impulse and Direct2Drive. I won't be playing WoW as it rips out people souls of their bodies and makes them zombies but I have been thinking about getting a LOTRO trial. Another thing is I really try not to get anything xbox this might be fanboyish but goshdarnit thats the way I live. I have found already many gaming pads but I still prefer console on these kinds of games as my friends get them on PS3 especially when the AC Brotherhood... #3.1
The best is
Niko Nirvi a Finnish reviewer who was one of the first persons to review tetris. He style is full of wit and hes reviews are true and unbiased to the bone. He's pretty much only known in Finland because he has only written and worked for magazines made in Finnish. #4
The worst is
definetly Jim Sterling as he has no understanding how review is done and he mostly does them to attract hits and get comments. He's basically a troll that gets paid. #3
The guy who wrote this hasn't played the real ending. I don't know should I be mad at him for it or cut him some slack. #4
All I will say is that Nintendo your stuff didn't work the way we hoped (The conduit, Call of Duty). And now other companies picked up the idea and may make it better so STFU. #31
WaW was better than MW. BETTER I TELL YOU! #6
Hmm what game this might be oh wait SOCOM 4. Dumbasses. #19
So going to the wrong platform. If Demon's Souls didn't prove that the HC audience is on the PS3 this one could. #21
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Do not ever take anything from this site again
I'm Finnish and this so called "news site" that actually publishes the one of the most read daily paper here is just bullshit. It's simply a rumor site and makes only news about celebrities and crashes and whatnot. There are plenty of good Finnish game sites that do reviews but then we take the one that makes me feel sorry for Finnish media. #15
Doesn't anyone else see the irony in the new name and between CoD series. #27
If this really happens I won't buy the game just from the principle. #3
Even though iPhone is nice but I don't consider it being a serious gaming platform. "Why?" you say. Because it doesn't have buttons. This makes it impossible to play strategy games well and those are the only ones I would play with the iPhone. #18
Old news. This was reported over 2 weeks ago. #13
WHAT THE HELL didn't they already have one demo like half year ago?? #12
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