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Oh no, I gathered the stuff about stances and recognise it won't be like KH, that's why I'm more optimistic, honestly, much as I love Kingdom Hearts, I'm glad this is doing something more unique, sorry if my post didn't really reflect that. To be clear, I love FFXII, and if this borrows the gambit system, I'm all for that, I think that was an excellent innovation that more games should use. But outside of that, I'm just glad that a new FF is really changing things... #8.1
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Glad to see people feeling positive about the review! Happy to have written it. It really is a lovely game and a fantastic sequel, and I hope people enjoy it even half as much as I did. #7
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I think Second Son is a very fun game at its core, and given a bit more time, could've been incredible, it's just a pity the side stuff was so repetitive. I do agree it's a beautiful game, and it hints at really wonderful stuff for the PS4's future, it just hasn't quite reached its potential. Haha, the GZ stuff is another story, yeah. Glad you're not mudslinging or anything, that's refreshing to see. #9.4.1
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We have different reviewers at the site. I haven't even played Titanfall, and the reviewer who played Titanfall hasn't played Second Son. #9.2
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Oh yeah, the best bits of the game are awesome, it's just a pity there are so many little issues. #8.1
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Oh, when I say empty, I mean there's not much to do in it. There's not much side stuff and it's mostly pretty repetitive, sadly. #4.1
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Yeah, it's definitely a very fun game, just not all it could be. Really hope they make a sequel though that could reach its potential! #2.1
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Awesome! Afternoon is such a remarkable game in every way. Though it wasn't on the list, I really do still love Disgaea 2, and though I wasn't a fan of 3 at first, the Vita version turned me around on it. It's a lovely series and they do indeed have a ton of content to get lost in. #1.1
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Yep! I only picked stuff developed by NIS. If we were picking stuff NIS America had localised, there'd be a few differences here. #2.1.1
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Is this a Robocop sequel or not? #1
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Oh, that's why it didn't get a 10. No Robocop, minus 2 points. That's how I review everything. #1.1
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Yeah, that was awesome! Mike Gale's really cool, honestly. #2.1
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Of note, I'm not the one who reviewed this game, it was a good friend of mine, so you can accuse me of bias right now, but here goes.

He went into this review with high hopes, and immediately told me about how much he was loving the writing in the game's cutscenes, as he got further into the game, he realised the gunplay was pretty rote and several ideas were poorly implemented, but as more and more game-breaking bugs popped up, they began to sour his experience, that... #7
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Man, I'm so glad to hear just how well this has turned out, I hope Next Level Games takes the reigns on the series from now on. #3
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Yeah, even if it is just a Monster Hunter clone, it actually looks like a lot of fun. #1.1
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