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I love this game, the adding of free maps has been good. I think these games have gotten so expensive that we cant just expect a 60 dollar and done anymore. For me this is fine. I only really play the games that I REALLY play lol. #6
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Well people bitched about "ALWAYS ONLINE!!!" so they took away the one time install and now your left with the process for one time install and no actual capability. The community here is ignorant. #14
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I have a kinect, I don't use it all that much, but XBOX ON and XBOX turn off is configured to turn off and on my DVR, media box, and receiver, which is is super convenient. also, the controllers are tied to your face, which is nice because for instance if you hand your bother the controller, it signs him in, and saves whatever he just did in his profile. You idiots are arguing emotionally over something you have no tried. #18
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That is the dumbest fucking title i have ever read. This is why people who are serious about news don't read n4g.. the community is hampering this sites success... #42
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Ours is working great! What a headline, im sure the fanboys and negitive seeking news fans are rejoicing at this however. #47
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Well, they technically did break copy right law, and if YouTube, I.e google doesn't appear to be doing something, it will have its balls sued clean off. Long term, i think the music industry needs to allow this, its like radio, free advertising. The people that still do buy music, buy higher quality audio. And no, youtubes 1080p 192kb/s does NOT sound good on any car stereo lol. #19
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Look, i could write a pong game that max's out a super computer....These games started development when the Xbox and PS4 didn't even have specs yet. They are built to scale to every bit of available performance. Future titles will be built against a solid spec line, and developers will manually optimize #61
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Almost identical, just little differences. End of generation anyway, hold out for next gen, especially if you the kind of person who watches these videos... #10
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Very Objective...Bubbles #2.1
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24 planned exclusives is better wording.... #24
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Those sounds like facts.... seems legit #4.1.8
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Your stupid, both FM5 and GT series are "arcade" racers. fun is the goal with both of them... Iracing represents a more realistic driving sim. GT has a old and very poor tire simulation as well, not sure where you got your info #2.5
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I thought the tiger games had realistic physics, I doubt that GTAV recreated that... #1
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We lost a lot of cool features because people heard DRM and bitched their tits off. fuck the uninformed #48
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Look at the jump from 360 launch titles to BF3. Its an amazing feat of optimization, we can expect the same jump on the one. #105
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People still seem to think the cell is "super powerful". Its old technology that has been outpaced by x86. It would be far to expensive to replicate the complexity of modern x86 processors just for one console. #15
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I started playing this game a few months back! At first it doesn't seem to enticing, but around Teir 5, the games becomes very deep with lots of fun tactics and enjoyable options. Add me "Gondee" we will platoon up! #2
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I really enjoyed the first game, and as soon as I get my rig back, I'll be buying Riptide. I thought it launched at 40 dollars though. #5
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Its simple, they care more about the money than the games. They suppress the passion in developers #10
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Speculation.... #64
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