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I don't think you know what an oxymoron is.

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One of the rare games where the sidequests were actually better than the main quests.

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Play Dark Souls.

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The story wasn't even that remarkable. It was the generic "rebels vs empire" plot that turned into a "rebels vs cliched omnipotent madman hellbent on destroying everything" plot halfway through.

Kefka wasn't that great of a villain either. Sephiroth, Kuja, Caius, and Ardyn all stomp on him.

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VII, IX, and X are way better.

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Not quite as good as Uncharted 2, but it was a great send-off to the series.

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He's president of Sony's Worldwide Studios and is directly responsible for finally getting the game out, along with the director.

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That's like Blizzard saying that their GOTY is Overwatch, or Naughty Dog choosing Uncharted 4 as their GOTY.

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Different cultures and all. There was once a time when the age of consent in several American states is as low as 10.

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But the game begins with Noctis and friends fighting Ifrit in the distant future.

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Agreed. The Last Guardian just feels dated in comparison.

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FFXV is to JRPGs what The Witcher 3 is to WRPGs. Both are on a completely different level.

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One man's trash is another man's art.

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Can you make the button prompts optional already? I'm surprised that a developer known for employing minimalism in his work would resort to it.

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GOTY belongs to FFXV.

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Will there be a Snake too?

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I liked XIII-2 but come on...

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That's literally the most generic motivation for a villain ever.

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"He's very much a spoiled rich kid who fails to see the value in anything others do for him."

The campfire scene at the end says otherwise.

"You guys... are the best."

And that's far from the only instance where he shows appreciation for his companions.

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Final Fantasy has always been about the story and the characters for me and IX tops VI in both categories.

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