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They should have an Ardyn boss fight instead.

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Of course it won't be the end. Ten years after KH3, we'll have the inevitable soft reboot with Sora as a bitter old man accompanied by a young girl training to be a keyblade wielder under him. The story would be more mature and personal, focusing on Sora's relationship with the young girl.

The game would simply be called "Kingdom Hearts".

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It's a nod to the game, but not an actual line from the game, which the article got wrong.

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Lmao...people disagreeing with facts.

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Sigh... really? Another one of these?

Yes. Stop being ungrateful and just trust ND on this one.

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That line wasn't even in the game.

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The Wii had the lead in sales last gen.

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Well no. Most Sony fanboys on this site have this mentality though.

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Damn, did the Xbox rape and killed your family or what?

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The PS4 Pro just came out last year so no.

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Treating their hostages like shit and then doing little acts of kindness to slowly gain their trust is the definition of stockholm syndrome, but here we have fanboys lied to by Sean Murray and pretending that he never did anything wrong, just because they're patching in contents that should have been in the damn game in the first place.

Maybe try learning about context next time haha.

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Lol at people actually defending this incomplete mess of a game. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

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By "zombie genre", he obviously meant post-apocalyptic stories filled with zombie movie cliches.

So far, I haven't seen anything novel or original about this game, gameplay or story. It's just one big cliche fest at the moment, filled with tired zombie movie tropes.

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This game received a lot of hate when it originally released and now its getting praise from everyone. I wonder if FFXIII will get the same treatment once the remaster for it releases.

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It's not like Ubisoft is pointing a gun to your heads, forcing you to buy their games every year.

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Damage control from the Sony Defense Force all over the place.

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Sony, you naughty dogs...

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What a bunch of stupid clowns. I bet if it was Microsoft who was against cross-play, Sony fanboys would be very quick to crucify them. But since its their lord and savior Sony doing it then there's absolutely nothing wrong at all.

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"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!"

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Or someone who just didn't like what they've seen so far.

Seriously, you guys are no different from fundamentalist zealots who think that everyone who disagrees with them is worshipping the devil.

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