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Just another SJW cuck.

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He should have renamed the game "The First of Us".

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Who cares about gender as long as it's a good game?

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I knew what not to mimic at a very early age. It all comes down to your upbringing.

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"The plot of the game doesn't have to be large in scale to be good. At the same time, a smaller, more personal focused plot doesn't automatically mean it will be good or bad either."

Exactly. The writer seems to be under the impression that large, epic-scale stories about saving the world and well-written characters having personal struggles you can emphatize with are mutually exclusive to each other, which is total BS. The fact that he uses HZD as an exam...

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But you do end up saving the world in HZD...

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P5AG = Persona 5 Akechi Goro spinoff?

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Hmm, I smell insecure fanboys.

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He never saw it coming.

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The cat acting like your nanny is easily the worst part of the game.

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Jimmy boy at it again.

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With Persona 5 coming out this week, it will be for a lot of gamers.

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Start from 5. Your first Persona experience will never be replicated so you're better off starting with the best game in the series.

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How about we lay off this fanboy bullshit to rest instead?

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Life will change next week...

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Then go play the remaster instead.

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I hope we can destroy the Guard Scorpion's missile launcher and use it against it, like in HZD.

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Kefka fanboys are perpetually insecure about their favorite villain not being as popular as Sephiroth.

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It's his personal list...

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