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Dreams do come true

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It's probably the lack of relatable characters. As good as the worldbuilding was, none of the characters really stood out for me. Aloy was boring as heck.The game would have been way better if Rost was the main protagonist. Shame he had to die before the game even began.

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I actually missed that part of the stream :(

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Just because you were deprived as a child doesn't mean others have to be as well.

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EA is the american version of Konami.

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And this is why kids shouldn't do drugs...

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That one dude in the comment section though...

"Your favorite games are all made by the gays! The industry is full of gays, trans, feminists.... Oh, and nearly the entire core industry is comprised of SUPER liberal Democrats."

I have never cringed so hard in my life.

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Talk about insecure

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I bet you'd be praising the game nonstop if it was a PS exclusive...

Get your head out of Sony's ass :)

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Oh, thought the release date was for the game...

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Jeez, now everyone's jumping on to the "It's too violent!" bandwagon.

The trailer wasn't even that violent compared to some of the things that happen in the first game. This overreaction needs to stop.

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What does that have to do with anything?

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Careful, your insecurity is showing.

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Why not?

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First game executed its story very well, but nothing much we have seen that hasn't been done before.From the looks of it, Part 2 seems to be attempting something entirely new with its story.

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Wow, I didn't know someone could see into the future so clearly.

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Depends on how the violence is handled. Deadpool is chock full of violence, but I wouldn't exactly label it "mature". TLOU is one of the few examples in gaming where the violence is handled maturely though.

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You're most probably still a kid yourself if you seriously think Disney and Nintendo are only for kids.

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Remember when Sony fanatics threw a massive temper tantrum when Poygon gave TLOU a 7.5 four years ago?

Yeah, that mentality is by no way exclusive to Nintendo fans.

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