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Assumptions, nothing but assumptions. Come back and judge it three years later when you've actually played it.

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The Last of Us IS about Joel and Ellie. Bringing in new main characters would just be an easy way out. A direct sequel is very risky indeed, but the payoff would be much better if done right.

This is ND we're talking about here so have some faith. This would never have been a thing if they didn't have a story worth telling in mind. And it's not the exact same game again unless you know something that we don't. Stop hating and just see what happens.

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Oliver was just lame. Can't say that I'll miss him. Mr. Drippy needs to come back though.

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What's with all the marked comments? It's a gaming website, not a church.

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Still the best story in the series. GTA V is a better game, but the story really took a drop in quality compared to IV.

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Just like how PS4 Pro is secretly a 9th gen console right?

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The lengths fanboys like you would go to justify why the PS4 Pro is weaker than Scorpio is hilarious. Never mind that the company itself clearly made it known that Scorpio is nothing more than a supercharged Xbox One from the beginning.

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Still in the denial stage huh?

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Haters must be in tears right now lol

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I wonder if people over here would be as forgiving to this game as they are now if it was an Xbox exclusive?

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I doubt TLG will be better than FFXV.

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Their newest JRPG is FFXV lol

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According to some people who thinks that anything below a 9 is unacceptable for a AAA game, yeah.

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XV will make Final Fantasy great again.

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Gamespot also gave TLOU an 8 so this is nothing to worry about ;)

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I played GTA 3 when I was 12 and I turned out fine. Not every kid is stupid enough to attempt what they see in games.

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As a great man once said:

"My body is ready"

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"Greatness Awaits" couldn't be a more appropriate slogan for Sony this gen.

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Your loss.

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