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LOL 360 exclusive? This game won't sell on 360.

Come on yourfather I know you mad but lets not use personal attacks.

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Ridiculous. How can that many people be so brainwashed for this game? I just don't get it. I played Black Ops one day at my friends house and every match I played had lag switchers, glitchers, and little kids screaming profanity. COD is horrible online.

Anyway I'm sticking with KZ and BF. They have kids too but majority of them are mature. Plus I like bigger maps and riding vehicles.

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No other game can match Uncharted 3. GOTY for sure.

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I don't care. Never was gonna buy the game anyway.

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Meh not interested.

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These game companies can still make millions if they sold they games for $30. Especially the ones who make crappy movie games with crappy gameplay and takes less the 5 hrs to beat. Anyway I don't mind paying $60 as long as the game has plenty of replay value and a good story. I can't buy every game I want so I wait for deals.

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Insomniac should let Sony buy them. I hope they don't go completely multiplat. I'm not really feeling that Overstrike game. I hope they have good success in whatever they do though.

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What Sony is saying is games don't look good in 3D on a small screen and they are right. 3D is better on a big screen.

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The gaming industry got worse when MS joined.

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Nintendo abandoned the core for the casuals so I'm abandoning them. I'm not supporting they kiddy shovelware.

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How was MS suppose to compete this gen. Simple, pay devs to make they multi-format games run better on 360 than PS3 and pay to get PS3 exclusives like FF13 and GTA4. This was MS plain all alone. Lets not forget that gimmick Kinect which is the only thing keeping 360 alive with the casuals. They was never interested in having they own 1st party studios. They paid and took what they wanted.

Anyway some will disagree because they know it's the truth. Truth will always ...

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360 survived because MS brainwashed the kids. Just like McDonalds brainwash kids with happy meals. MS sold a junk console and didn't care but they knew Halo and Gears would keep their loyal slaves from leaving.

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Parenting these days are no good at all.

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I think Wii U will be a disappointment. It still have those lame Wii avatars too.

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Nintendo just screwed themselves. 3DS is a mess. Vita has got them very worried.

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PS3 has plenty of juice. It's not dried out like the 360.

I see PS4 in 2014 because Sony don't want PS4 to overshadow Vita. Vita has to have it's spot light 1st.

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PS3 definitely has the best games
Wii has kids games
360 has no games

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Load time is slow on both. The 4 sec difference is nothing to brag about.

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LOL whatever MS. Trying to act cool but y'all panties is stuffed with green poop right now.

You guys think y'all high and mighty because you got Gears 3, the only decent exclusive you got to offer for your loyal slaves. 360 is 10 year old tech. It should be less than $10.

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