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Because me wanting to know people's opinion on the ending and it being out this early means I want to know the actual ending itself. Logic!

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Lol, he says he doesn't want people spoiling his ending and you respond by saying it's a happy ending. Dick move, bro.

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Enjoy your crappy Xbox One.

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But she never said the word.

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Tupac didn't make up the word 'nigga,' and even if it's in black culture it doesn't make it right to say, nor does should it be on the advert. She never even said the word in the song anyway, so this article is pointless.

"My name is ONIKA, you can call me Nicki."

I believe people are trying to turning this into a context thing. It's not. Stop it. It's her name, obviously.

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True, I'll give you the fact that movies have done what Beyond attempted before. The problem was that a lot of necessary details were left out. With all of the random skipping between periods of Jodie's life, we never really understand why she develops crushes on people like Ryan, not to mention we directly transition from him practically cursing her out to them being on a date. You're pretty much spoon-fed her love interests.

Also, with the choices thing, that re...

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I'm playing Beyond right now and I can tell you that it's so different and polarizing you might like or dislike it depending on the type of gamer you are. This game is far from typical, and scores are more based on individual preference due to an inability to put it in a box and compare it to a lot of other games out there. If you like story and don't mind passive participation, you may enjoy it. If you expect to dominate every aspect of the action then you might be disappointed. ...

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It didn't break my single player but it corrupted my file and basically deleted the character I made. I had to remake the character. =/

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Yeaahh, I'll just save up for the PS4. Lmao.

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Are you contrary to everything? The analysts missed the mark completely. Let the man's statement stand.

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Not really important enough to rally for with an article or anything, especially given how much of an overlooked feature it is. But I guess it wouldn't hurt?

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Competing with smartphones and tablets. Lmfao.

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Sony fanboy till the day I die. LET'S TAKE THE HOOD BACK SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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Not even close to the best game of this generation.

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Switch between characters at will? I wonder how that will be explained in the story. Dunno how I feel about this.

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The Bioshock plot twist of my life.

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These two games don't seem like they're going to be anything alike outside of the sandbox element.

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I wish Assassin's Creed wasn't afraid to say things like this so they could put more detail into their craft and not release disappointing installments like AC3.

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More money hungry than other companies. They put out Need For Speed: World and it's riddled with microtransactions. They received the Golden Poo from the Consumerist for their Craptastic treatment of the fans, continue to ignore requests for an Underground 2 and have basically turned the NFS series into Burnout.

My complaints primarily involve Need For Speed because that's the only game of theirs I care to play. I also don't like the fact they shut down online ser...

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Oh my God. Bioshock? Really?

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