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The article doesn't make this clear but the analyst is predicting 14.5 million sales by the end of December, essentially.

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So, a development team who employed an ex-Nintendo employee (who left Nintendo because he went off message and violated their internal policies) makes a Metroid "inspired" game, submits it to Nintendo's indie quality assurance programme during its most busy time and complains that they're taking too long?

Perhaps if it had less bugs it'd be easier to pass through QA.

It's the same story from indies. They're used to submittin...

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Does this site use the IGeNerator?

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The interviewer doesn't ask her what it means to take on the role of Zelda.

But really, what does it mean? Paid work.

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lol The writer would've hated the early-mid 90's and its Dracula game phase. Probably wasn't alive yet though.

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Typical of Pachter. He's basically saying "if Sony can't win they'll take the whole industry out with them!".

Pachter is a rabid PlayStation fanboy. This is the guy who kept counting out Xbox 360 and Wii even though they were both vastly outselling the PS3. Did the same with 3DS, saying the Vita would sell more units. He has Sony-painted goggles on.

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After reading, the point seems to be that the game might fail because the publisher... wants money for it.

I mean, that's essentially what the article is saying. That it might cost too much to be any kind of success. Or that the most riskiest thing about the game is that it has a price point consistent with a brand new title.

Even if that were a risk, my point still stands: The publishers definition of "success" is probably extremely differe...

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Without reading the article, of course it can. Do you know the publishers ROI expectations? Or even what the investment was to begin with? They've prettied up an ancient title for a major console launch window. Would not have cost them much, compared with the task of developing a new game from scratch. So even if it achieves a 10% attachment rate (which is probably small for a franchise like this, this early in the console lifecycle) that's still translating to a pile of cash.

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Gamers need to understand the difference between "I want more third party games" and "I want more AAA games".

I've seen the conversation DEMANDING Nintendo get more third party support. It's assumed that will lead to games like Crysis, etc, appearing on Nintendo consoles. But the crowds never seem to stipulate that as a desire and what happens? Ubisoft pledge support and announce... Monopoly. Activision rushes to launch with... Skylanders.

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Starting article headlines with the word "this"?

Agreed. It has to stop.

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I'm not very savvy with networks, but I find that disabling auto DHCP solves DNS issues. Is this a thing? But then you have to manually assign an IP to every device on your network. Not overly difficult, but requires more effort than "plug and play".

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DNS issue is most likely a crappy router problem.

Fastset fix? Reset your Switch.

Step 1: Hold the "Power" button for about 8 seconds. Switch will turn off.
Step 2: Press the "Power" button. Switch will turn on.


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This article is actually a rebuttal against an Ars Technica article that questions the size. The article here is justifying the size based on its marketing value and reaches your own conclusion

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How does this get approved? It's an ad.

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Probably because their back-end account systems are ancient.

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Not "getting desperate". I'm not trying to convince you of anything. But you're completely missing the point.

1 - Nintendo doesn't release specs because they don't sell consoles based on specs.
2 - Developer abusing his "privilege" and releasing the specs will probably have consequences on the developer community.

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Right - you ask the important questions based on the use of the car. The rest, the "wiper glue" or whatever, comes down to trust that the manufacturer knows what they're doing.

Of course the reality is that someone's job was to sit down and spend hours designing the wiper glue. It had to be important to someone, to be quality tested. Someone made sure it was fit for use and that it would do the intended job, even though it means nothing to you as someone w...

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Point is, it doesn't matter. Nintendo isn't selling you a CPU and a GPU. It's selling you a machine to play games on.

Specs don't matter because all you're ever going to be able to do with it is play games. You're not going to be doing word processing, or making feature films. Can you? Sure. Technically yes. But that's not what Nintendo's intention is. If all third parties refuse to make any software for Switch, then all Switch has to do is p...

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