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I doubt the result will be some kind of modular controller design.

Far more likely this is either directly for the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro, or is an evolution of that.

From what I gather, it looks like a way to connect a controller to a console using IR, which is exactly how the Circle Pad Pro works.

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I think the main takeaway that "blue ocean" doesn't mean "only casual", especially since the "casual" market is being dominated by Apple and phone companies.

I think Nintendo understands this and will probably target a different market altogether. Back before Wii, no one in video games would've said "Hmm, I think we can make money off the 50+ year old market". Likewise, there's probably a market out there that we're no...

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Ugh, the idea that "no x86 = Nintendoomed" is short sighted.

Gamers used to care about innovation. You can't innovate if you have to keep sticking to a mould. The truth is that while it is indeed risky to buck industry trends and try something new, it is a great way to create something that pushes the envelope in innovation.

Say what you will about the Wii, but that console did more than introduce motion control to the world. It was incredib...

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A lot of these points are stupid.

What is a "Respectable amount" of internal storage? I'd rather pay less then add a better hard drive later on when I need one.

Ethernet ports are good for us gamers, but what about the masses who are brainwashed by wireless devices?

The name "Wii U" is no more confusing than something like "iPhone SE" or "Xbox One: The Third Xbox".

Where ...

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I share these sentiments and only noticed the explosion once I clicked "submit" :/

But... it does kinda look like a step up from the CODs of late. So far, anyway.

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I doubt you read the article.

The article says basically that the problem isn't that it's unaffordable, just that it isn't all that compelling a proposition.

The best games for PSVR at the moment are very similar to Nintendo Land, or they're onrails experiences, or shooters that should really just be PS Move games that don't require a $500 investment.

Have a read :)

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Guys, read the article.

It points out the lack of compelling reason to buy the VR headset.

It's not about not having enough money, or that the other VR options are more expensive. The point is that without any decent games, it's not a good value proposition.

Many people slammed Wii U for being too expensive for the games it had at launch. PSVR's best games so far are on rail ghost houses, shooters that should just be PS Move title...

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Please, do.


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If Nintendo were so desperate that it looked like they'd have to do something to save their company, I think the first step would be to bring down the cost of the Wii U production significantly.

They could release a "Wii U Lite" type console -- a Wii U 2.0 if you will. Let's say they use a cheaper plastic, maybe a bigger, less sexy box for the console. A lower quality screen. Maybe they get rid of some LEDs, or remove rumble from the GamePad... little things...

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I don't think they're happy to lose their cash pile, but when a company has $10 billion in their back pocket and zero debt, that company should be attractive to investors.

Which is really what the doom and gloom articles are all about: scaring off investors. I mean, saying "this company is crap" doesn't really do much to customers like you or I -- Apple is an arrogant company, but I'm writing this comment on a Macbook.

Anyway, runnin...

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Erm... this has nothing to do with third party games.

This is about third party APPLICATIONS. For example, I could make an online forum and ask you to sign in with your Nintendo Network ID, instead of Facebook or Twitter.

Or I could make an application where Facebook auto-posts to Miiverse.

This could potentially be massive for Nintendo as releasing some NNID API's, all kinds of people could take advantage of Nintendo's platform. Look...

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Read the rating system before criticising it.

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Review score guides -

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We have HD TV's in Australia and use the same HDMI standards. The truth is that the graphic jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One isn't massive.

For example, if you played Smash Bros on Nintendo 64 then Smash Bros on Wii U, you would say "wow, what a difference". When you play Dead Rising 2 on X360 then Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One, you say "Ah, there's more shadows and stuff".

To put it another way, if Nintendo 64 gave artists 4 colour...

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KI was clunky, DR3 was a typo, you DO play as a god in Ryse Gladiator Mode and the graphics were shit. Were you at the event?

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"all the game has to offer" is very different from "finishing the game".

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You shouldn't complain about a game that you haven't played.

To think of it another way, when you're at the cinema and a trailer comes on for a movie you wouldn't want to see, do you:

a) Ignore it and get on with your life, or
b) Start an internet sh*t storm?

With movies, it's a). With games, it's b). Why?

Okay, you're not interested in the game. No need to threaten to kill a developer. No ...

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This guy obviously played the game for 13 seconds, probably at an expo or something. The mission mode alone is worthy of putting this game up there as a modern masterpiece and instant classic. The multiplayer maps are fantastic and while there may be only 12 'Bingo Battle' maps, each play-through yields a slightly different configuration, which ups the ante somewhat.

As for the time limit -- it's a part of the gameplay. Indeed, the main part. This game is about s...

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What is your fault is commenting off topic. Pretty sure there are rules about that.

Image is one thing, but not relevant to the discussion. Talk about the article's content, or don't bother commenting at all. The article was reported through the correct process, and has thusly been fixed (after N4G stopped giving me 'Runtime errors'.

Time to move on and discuss the article's content.

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You are wrong and misinformed and delusional.

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