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Correct, but the point is that retailers will push Switch more than the others because they stand to make more money on the accessories.

The article is more about the "time of sale" attach rate potential, rather than after sale purchases.

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The point is that retailers have more reason to sell you a Switch than an Xbox or PlayStation.

GameStop, for example, will make say $20 if they sell you a 1TB PS4. But if you buy a Switch, you're likely to buy accessories. Third party accessories have huge profit margins. A $20 carrying case probably gives GameStop $15 of profit.

So when you walk into a store and say "which console should I buy?", the guy at GameStop i...

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Unless it launches late-March. Because they said 2 million in March, but for all we know that could mean "we'll ship 900 million units in April", starting a week after launch.

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Some needs to explain to gaming media writers what bankruptcy means.

So... I'll explain it.

Bankruptcy legally frees you from your debts (money you owe) at the cost of certain conditions, for example the director of the company cannot sit on a board of directors for a certain period of time.

For Nintendo to go bankrupt, it will need to satisfy the following conditions;

- It will need to owe money to someone

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Patent says both.

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The news is the patent was released that explained in detail how the throttling would work, along with a bunch of other stuff. Read more than the headline.

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Couldn't have anything to do with the patent being released or anything.

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Uh, the article says nothing of the sort.

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Star Fox Zero will be the next Super Mario Sunshine or Wind Waker -- everyone was quick to slam it, give it 5 - 6 years and eBay will be hocking it for $200.

Same can be said for a lot of Wii U games, and the system itself.

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It wasn't bad news. As the article suggests, it was neutral news at worse.

For what it's worth, Nintendo's share price has recovered to pre-Switch reveal. Much ado about nothing.

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Wii U's concept was a dual screen gaming system for the living room. You know how Nintendo DS sold 154 million units? Well, that. But in the living room.

Nintendo Switch's concept is, to quote Nintendo directly, "the mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system".

Both concepts are entirely different.

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I think Nintendo is saying "this wasn't footage of actual games", not "Switch can't possibly handle those graphics".

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Neither is Game Freak.

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Publishers are under embargo until Nintendo reveals launch lineup.

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But even Apple had to start somewhere. Nintendo do release hardware yearly too, by the way. DS, DSlite, DSi, DSiXL, and a similar thing with 3DS. And if Sony and Microsoft are doing slight updates every year or so too, we might see the gap between announcing and launching consoles get smaller and smaller.

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I doubt the result will be some kind of modular controller design.

Far more likely this is either directly for the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro, or is an evolution of that.

From what I gather, it looks like a way to connect a controller to a console using IR, which is exactly how the Circle Pad Pro works.

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I think the main takeaway that "blue ocean" doesn't mean "only casual", especially since the "casual" market is being dominated by Apple and phone companies.

I think Nintendo understands this and will probably target a different market altogether. Back before Wii, no one in video games would've said "Hmm, I think we can make money off the 50+ year old market". Likewise, there's probably a market out there that we're no...

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Ugh, the idea that "no x86 = Nintendoomed" is short sighted.

Gamers used to care about innovation. You can't innovate if you have to keep sticking to a mould. The truth is that while it is indeed risky to buck industry trends and try something new, it is a great way to create something that pushes the envelope in innovation.

Say what you will about the Wii, but that console did more than introduce motion control to the world. It was incredib...

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A lot of these points are stupid.

What is a "Respectable amount" of internal storage? I'd rather pay less then add a better hard drive later on when I need one.

Ethernet ports are good for us gamers, but what about the masses who are brainwashed by wireless devices?

The name "Wii U" is no more confusing than something like "iPhone SE" or "Xbox One: The Third Xbox".

Where ...

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I share these sentiments and only noticed the explosion once I clicked "submit" :/

But... it does kinda look like a step up from the CODs of late. So far, anyway.

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