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if sony were to buy capcom they'd have a reason to make another handheld and sony doesn't want that to happen #4.2
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"It's clear at this point that Sony hates the Vita. I see a new Crazy Taxi as just the kind of garbage Sony would be willing to allow someone else to put on the system."

I have no clue how to read this comment. Either it's genuine, and you think Crazy Taxi is trash, or you're trying reverse psychology and actually think Sony loves Vita? #3
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No, of course not. That would mean Sony would actually have to support Vita. #16.1.1
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Media Create has stopped tracking it. Its sales have been negligible for a while now and it turns 10 this year so software releases are slowing down to a trickle. #5.1
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The Youtube app was like 5MB in size ... #4.2
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... That's not at all what happened. Ken Levine wanted to design a strategy role-playing game set in the Bioshock universe for Vita. iOS got a port of the first game. Might I add that said port received horrible reviews. #3.1.2
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@Skate-AK How many PS4 games are actually exclusive to PS4? I think you can count that number on one hand right now. If people are fine with that, why can't they be okay with Vita having a lot of multi-platform games? #2.1.5
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Game compatibility really varies per region. It's best to check your local PlayStation Store on the browser through store.sonyentertainmentnetwork .com

You'll find most PS Vita compatible games are listed as being playable on the device.

If you're in North America, there are certain games (including the original Metal Gear Solid) that are only playable on Vita through a transfer from PS3. For that, consult this list: 5d ago by gokuking | View comment
PlayStation TV is pretty awful for watching TV anyway. 720p/1080i limit and very few video apps. The resolution limit is understandable given it's playing 540p Vita games, but PSTV even lacks video apps Vita has ... #9.2
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You mean a PSP ... #7.1
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PS4 sales will grow during the late winter/early spring window, but you're making that lineup look bigger than it is:

- Type-0 HD and Episode Duscae are the same thing. Interest in Type-0 HD seems a bit muted too, since they got the game on PSP. With no date for Episode Duscae given, Japan just might wait this one out until the game hits the bargain bins.

- The Order is a new cinematic western IP. I'm not sure that will do much in Japan. Other western... #1.4
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Those are Sony games. They abandoned Vita. #4.1.1
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"Barely did anything for them"? Uh, the Xbox 360 sold just under 2 million LTD units in Japan. The original Xbox topped out at 500k. Xbox One isn't even at 50k (no zero missing) yet. Given those figures, the RPGs certainly are missed. #3.2.3
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I feel like you kind of buried the lead in the story here. Their cancelled Vita projects are much more interesting to me than the obvious death of Syphon Filter. It's been 8 years. No duh. #14
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If I shot myself in the face the PS4 version of Toukiden would finally meet something that looks worse than it. #1.1
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It's not. #7.1
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Most of Sony's Vita downports are horrible. I can't see anything in Resogun on Vita because the resolution isn't anywhere close to Vita's, and Jak & Daxter makes me sick with its frame rate.

I don't think it's fair that Sony routinely shits on Vita owners with poorly made PS4/PS3 downports, but gives PS4 owners the best version of Vita games. Nor do I think it's fair that Vita apparently isn't allowed exclusive games. You can talk about Cro... #2.1.1
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Sony treats Vita owners so horribly. They like to talk about how they listen to gamers and are humble, but that's just talk as far as Vita is concerned. Instead they treat a fanbase largely consisting of their most diehard as though they don't exist - and worse off, as though they shouldn't exist. #2
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Those are free-to-play games in Japan. In fact, every game in this bundle is. #6.1.1
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Atelier Rorona 3DS is a demake. It features different graphics. It's also on track to sell nothing so I'm not sure 3DS will ever see another entry in that series.

As for Pokemon, I apologize. If you click "Computer Games" on the left it'll show you the video games, not the anime. I can't link you to a sorted version of that list. It says things like Pokemon X&Y, Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Rumble U, etc. are multi-platform, when in actual... #2.2.1
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