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Capcom announced MH Stories over a year ago. AFAIK, that's the only known MH currently in development for 3DS. I know they put a separate MH title on their financial report, but we know nothing about that game.

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What out Kingdom Hearts? 3D is the worst selling mainline release. What about Resident Evil? That's a series where every Nintendo-exclusive non-light gun entry got portedto other platforms and wound up selling better.

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Uh, yes worldwide. Portable 3rd shipped 4.8 million units on PSP in Japan. The best selling 3DS entry (4G) shipped 4.1 million globally, including Japan. 4.8 is a larger number than 4.1. That doesn't even account for thebextra 500k of 3rd that Capcom sold on PS3.

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Total sales of the games have plateaued. Portable 3rd is still the best selling release in the franchise globally, and that's despite it only seeing release in Japan.

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Their last new attempt at a major console IP was Gaist Crusher on 3DS. It was a major failure and never left Japan.

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The PSP games had more impressive sales. They were mostly ports on a platform riddled with piracy, yet MHP3 remains the franchise's best selling game despite only being released in Japan.

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Monster Hunter on PS4 wouldn't sell well. The reason MH worked on PSP is simple: PSP is portable. People can play the game with their friends at school, work, home, etc. The kind of gameplay MH offers is just not appealing to home console players. A Vita release would sell significantly more than a PS4 one (as God Eater and Toukiden have shown) and cost less to make, yet there is no real MH on Vita.

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Because neither of those sold anywhere close to a million units. Frontier G on Wii U might actually be the worst selling release in MH history.

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"Meanwhile the PlayStation Vita has sold in the region of 4 million units worldwide; a fraction on even the sales of its predecessor the PSP managed through its life cycle (It managed around 10 million units)."

Where did the author get these numbers from? PSP sold over 80 million units worldwide. Vita (+Vita TV) sales are over 5 million ... just in Japan. Did it sell negative 1 million in the US and Europe?

I'd agree with the statement that ...

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They didn't cancel this game because they didn't think Vita was a decent market, so a new platform isn't going to change anything.

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They didn't cancel this game because they didn't think Vita was a decent market. Even if that was the case, PS4 would only be a worse one for a game like this.

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lol at their Vita comment. Apparently the platform's strength is streaming content from PS4? That's not even an exclusive feature. If you don't have anything to say, don't.

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I think they're trying to say these games won't replicate the experiences you'll find on Vita and PS4? I guess they're definitely right about Vita. You can't replicate the experience of getting 0 games from Sony if you're actually getting games from them.

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If Chris is concerned about how it'll sell on Vita, he should have just laughed at the idea of a VR version. It' frankly a mindblowingly dumb idea. Severed is a dungeon crawler, not a 3D action game.

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Kind of rich for a site called "1080players" to be complaining about entitlement.

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Part of me is immensely amused that GR bombed on PS4 because I'm mad the sequel isn't coming to Vita. But then there's the part of me that wants the game to succeed. Oh well. Just another example of PS4 port beggars not putting their money where their mouth is. If Sony had any plans of porting WipEout 2048, Uncharted GA or Killzone Mercenary to PS4, the failures of GR and Tearaway should tell them to not bother.

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Persona V(ita) [not] confirmed.

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Not from Sony, Sega, Level-5, Konami or Capcom.

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I don't think you'd want Breath of Fire 6 on PS4:

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I think expecting FFE to decrown MH is a bad idea. Its real challengers are God Eater and Toukiden.

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