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the PS3 and the 360 have reached that critical mass console numbers. Both are capable of pushing high volumes of software. Both are perfectly viable and will continue to grow with software whether they are 2nd or 3rd overall. #7.11
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The 100 dollar gift card was a promotion
run by Walmart and Walmart only. The Arcade SKU has only dropped in price 100 bucks since it's release over 4 years ago. MS would be best served to drop the price the next time large volumes will sell, like 2-3 months before the Christmas season. Make a price drop effective and save it for big impact moments. #3.22
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Are you kidding me,
I don't know how much MS makes on their consoles, but I am certain it isnt a 100% profit. They probably make alittle profit, but nothing will compare to the profit of the licensing fee that historically companies like MS and Sony collect on. This is the business model that brings profits to these companies.

I could see how MS can't be a 100% confident that a gamertag associated with a modded xbox is truely the culprit and thus can only be confident, by however their means are... #1.36
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how much can they really cost
it's really stupid in my mind to take HDMI cables, which can't cost more than a couple bucks out of the elite packaging. Really stupid move in my mind. #2.2
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having a 360 doesn't make you neutral or even remotely unbiased.
Yes, it's a dumb stat. The number movies would be slightly better. #6.5
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seriously what bluray movie or movies are outselling it's DVD counter part.
Netflix is offering around 10,000 movies online. Who really can build a collection of that size. How many friends do you have that have 10,000 movies you can almost instantly borrow?

the service isn't perfect, but it does work well most of the time. #1.8
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seriously how do you know Halo War blows
the demo is soon to be or is now available, but the game isn't out. This game can turn out any which way and no one will know until they can have a go for themselves.

While you don't have to have a 360 to form an opinion on it's games, you really don't seem to have the ability to form your own opinion here; except to rely on otherwise opinions. Why both of you two up top even care is really only up to each you. #2.6
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If they really wanted to do right from a statistical standpoint,
they really need a large sample size. You can't do any statistical analysis with a N of 2 or 3, thus you can only go as far as suggesting a potential trend. A conclusion here can not counter it's occurance by chance alone. #4
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I applaud your attitude angryhippo,
a great game is a great game, exclusive or not. #9.2
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I am an average American consumer,
and I am not a dumb moose. Your comments later in that paragraph are insulting, thewhoopimen sir.

On topic, the PS3 is doing fine. The fastest toward the finish line initially doesn't always finish first. I am sure Sony knows better what it's doing than any journalist can. #1.33
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Crimson Skies is
under liscense by Smith and Tinker. Weisman formed the company after FASA was shut down. He doesn't seem to be doing anything with Crimson Skies, or Mechwarrior and Shadowrun for that matter. Very sad. #3.6
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if you like fighting games
then invest in the stick. A good fight stick is better than any d-pad for both pads. #13.2
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Not saying that Sony didn't know,but
just because Sony is an investor in Square Enix doesn't mean that they are prevy to decision made by the company. EA is a 20% investor in Ubisoft and a competitor like everyone else, and do you really think that they know what Ubisoft is always up to in developement? #41.1
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Your right,
the fact that GTA didn't really move many consoles on either side, can leave you expecting FF XIII not to move that many consoles for either side when it gets released. I think it's just a finacial move on Square parts. Maybe, and this is a big maybe because I think the audience for the 360 and the PS3 are pretty similar, they think that there might be a slightly different audience that Square can interest in their style of games by releasing it on the 360. Square does need to compete wit... #31.2
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Sony is a minority investor,
they wouldn't be necessarily prevy to what Square is deciding with their games. EA is a minorit investor in Ubisoft, and they can't necessarily control or be prevy to what Ubisoft does. As minority investors EA and Sony get investor/stock holder payouts if they are give yearly or quarterly like some companies will do based on overall profits. #5.4
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The guys at Turn-10 seem to be really big into racing
and trying to replicate racing as best as possible. I can't see them actually straying from their core game play with Forza. Maybe they will be taking over the reigns for PGR on top of still running Forza. I mean they took out fan favorites with point to point races from Forza 1 because it didn't meet with their racing direction for Forza 2.

Turn-10 studios did just move into a bigger office, maybe they have a new project to make something like Motorstorm, which was pretty... #14
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Never played condemed,
but the other two were fun. Once you leveled in both Dead Rising and Crackdown, they really became very solid games. Still can't find that last frick'n orb, though. #2
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I hope they will have free camera replays too. Hopefully they add a few helpers with the tuning department. You can get lost really quickly. I expect Turn-10 will keep the livery and auction house unchanged, some really great paint jobs were done in Forza 2.

Hopefully some pick-up and play assists, so friends don't get over whelmed, very steep learning curve if you want to even remotely compete. #48
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It's not a move of desperation,
the 360 over priced. It's over priced at 349 and still over priced at 299. The pro 360 should be approaching the low 200's by now considering how long it's been available. #16.1
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We are approaching the 3 year mark for the 360 pro version,
and a price drop should be more substantial than 50 bucks. 249 is more reasonable. #7.4
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