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give halo a break, all ms and bungie are trying to do is create a great epic story, similar to a lord of the rings, matrix, troy. There has to be a hero and that is Master Chief.

As for the symbolism, if you didnt see that biblical reference till now you have no clue what halo really is.

John 117, common!

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do not beleive everything you hear. because most poeple are stupid

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this is the real reason the iphone price drop, and it in no way relates to the PS3 launch price, and price drop. first off i love coming onto this site to look at you dumb posters.

This is why the iphone price dropped, their was a problem with the iphone, a flaw in the design, which if not fix would hurt their future profits, and relationship with AT&T, because AT&T could sue them.

Now if you look it up, apple paid a guy that found the flaw 50k for his i...

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heres my opinion, Blizzard makes the best MMO, and that is WOW, why should a company change, and move away from something they are experts at. I think it would be stupid. DUMB business plan if they did.

They should continue to develope the next WOW game, and to innovate that game type.

Same for Bungie, bungie makes great Sci Fi shooters, why should they ever deviate from that, they shouldnt limit halo universe.

THye should continue to expand they...

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Halo racing on Forge!

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Halo Racing!

whether its ranked or unranked!

lol, you can have tons of different types of racing games too, that would be within matchmaking!

1. Just for Ghost and Brute Ghost?

2. Just mongooses, like you said, and you play exactly like diddy kong, stick another spartan on the back of the mongoose witha lazer, or rocket launcher and your golden!

3. teams- one on foot on in ghost so you can ambush, game varations are li...

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This is a great idea, it will increase support for 360 in the long run. Honestly how many people know about viva piñata, this game would be perfect for the DS. And hell why not sell halo on the DS. It would be a cash cow!

The DS and the 360, Wii, PS3 is not one market. They are completely different.

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This would be great and would most likely add alot of XBOX live Gold members!!!!!

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Sony and its stupid comments, lol. They were doing well for the past couple months, but i guess they cant stop themselves from making really ridiculous statements.

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XBOX live vs. Home, lol. FUNNY.

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I want Halo Wars to be bigger then any regular RTS game. I want to see ships built on planets or in space and leave the earth and head towards other planets and fight in space or wipe out entire planets, by building huge carriers, and fleets of ships.

The halo universe is huge so lets use it!

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Hu? What comes to mind oh yeah, Mario, Zelda, Donky Kong, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and so on. Oh forgot STAR WARS!!!! is Star Wars played out?

stop with these stupid questions, halo will never get outstretched, only these stupid question that dumb website pose to get even more stupod responses

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i will pick this up the day it comes out, great buy. Endless uses. Cant wait!

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It would be smart for them to keep the price where it is at for halo3 launch and bioshock, and then lower the price right before GTAIV

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I really think that videogames are heading in a different direction and Nintendo is the only one seeing it,

look at the WII, DS, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR, so on!

Sony and MS are eating up the leftovers

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Microsoft Game studios should develope titles for DS and PSP, they will make money and i see no harm in that?

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How many handhelds have failed in the eyes of Nintendo. Sega, SONY, NEO GEO, so on, NINTENDO IS the FAR superior company in this market, has experience has products, and MS will get NOOOOO penetration, and will loose billions,

In order to have a handheld you need kids games and MS has none, sorry RARE hasn’t been successful yet

Stupid MS.

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IF SO HUGE NEWS< microsoft stole alot here, this game is hyped as much as halo3 and GTAIV.


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ms better have some good title if they are to do this, because it will end up like the PSP, which equals SHiIIYYYYYY

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I think MS will always be a step ahead of the modders! As soon the 360 gets modded, Microsoft will release a new firmware update that identifies and changes the dashboard software. Which will kill your 360, on the spot if you are modding!

The you will have to buy a new 360 and start all over again, and again and again!

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