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Every fan of every system should be worried about abama not because os what game he plays but how he's destroying our consitution.According to it he didn't have the right to all of his stupid bailouts(wich are not working,unimployment is still climbing) and bush was wrong to do the first one.our consitution give every one the same chance to suceed.It was my fault that i didn't go to college to become a doctor or trained and practice enough to play pro sports.people come here to live the ameri... #2.22
I'm tired of hearing that Palin is the dumbest person in the world and has no experience.The fact is that she has done better then the majority of governors they have.For one thing she made sure that the oil companies pay every person a fee for drilling in her state.On top of that the state had money not going bankrupt like a lot of other states.The fact is that the governor of Ill.,Abama good friend is bankrupting the state and is under investigation for a lot of ethics violations but we don... #7.3
I wish people growup and stop being childish,stupid,and pathetic fanboy of any system.I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys lieing and saying that halo,gears of war,fable and every other game on the 360 sux.The 360 fanboys claim the same thing about the ps3.They claim that every game sux on the ps3 and they are lieing to.The fact is that every one that claim that every game on the other system sux is just a lier and if they can't debate and tell the truth they need to shut the F**K up.

... #1.35
Here we go again with ps3 fanboys.When it's an article about the ps3 and it positive it's right,if it's a negative article about the ps3 they are 360 lovers spreading lies.Ps3 fanboys are the opposite way with the 360,If there's an positive article about the 360 they are 360 fanboys spreading lies like they claim for this article.If there's an negative article about the 360 it's right.I like to say a few things to ps3 fanboys.Growup and get a life.Just because yall have a ps3 doesn't mean it'... #1.50
I'm not a pathetic fanboy for any console.I think they are both good.After reading some of these childish qoute like the 360 don't have any good games coming out i had to say somthing.This is just a stupid fanboy remark.they are so bias it's pathetic.They act like they get $ for anything that has sony on it.The fact is that sony is just like microsoft they don't give a sh*t about us.

I'm tired of hearing lies like microsoft don't have any good games coming out.Ps3 fanboys claim tha... #1.40
I've read a lot of article about ps3 fanboys acusing microsoft from copping the moition controller from sony.The fact is that sony coppied it from nintendo and nintendo coppied it from a company that invented it years ago for the P.C.Sony ps3 fanboys think that sony invented everything for gaming or made it better and they never give any other company credit.Hell they have some ps3 fanboys even claiming that sony made it better then nintendo did.I don't like moition controller and never did.i... #2.51
I'm tired of ps3 fanboys acting bias and thinking the ps4 wont come out till 10 years after the ps3 been out.The fact is that all 3 companies are working on the next systems already.They start about 3 years before they release them.They already had a few reports that claim that the new systems will all be out at the same time.The people that think sony will release the ps4 1 year later then the new xbox shouldn't run a buisness.The reason that the 360 has overachevied what it wanted this gen... #1.23
I agree that ps3 fans need to stop acting like sony created everything.They coppied home,rummble controllers,online gameplay,downloadable content and other things on top of that.I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys cry and claim that sony creatd all their games.They also said that microsoft need to create their own but all they know how to do is steal exclusives from sony.The fact is that the Metal Gear solid series,ninja gaiden 2,Final fantasy series,and a lot of other ps exclusives was nin... #30
here goes the ps3 fanboys again.They are claiming that the 360 will be the 1st to go when it sold more units then the ps3.They act like the 360 doesn't have any exclusives this year.The 360 have

1-mass effect 2
2-alan wake
4-Project Forza 3
5-Lionhead Project Dimitri (Confirmed that Lionhead will release a game in 2009)
6- Fallout 3 DLC (Confirmed it’s the same size as Oblivion expansions
7- All Points Bulletin
8-ninja blade... #1.14
Just like i said before,there's a double standard when it comes to Sony and their fans.Ps3 fanboys are claiming this isn't news and shouldn't even be posted.These are the same ps3 fanboys that was posting their own news articles trashing the 360 because of the RROD.They claim that it was just the 1st ones that had problem,guess's just the 1st 360 that had problems to.Microsoft fixed the RROD problem,but still today there are ps3 fanboys that's still posting articles about the RROD and... #144
I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying that Microsoft screws everything up.Ps3 fanboys act like Sony does every thing right.So far Sony screwed up a lot more then the 360 did and that's a fact.Last gen the ps3 was dominate.They fell from being domonate to 3rd place out of 3 systems.On the other hand Microsoft acomplished everything they wanted to do this gen.They still have ps3 fanboys crying and making excuses that Microsoft screws up and Sony don't,Sony is really in 2nd plave ev... #1.34
I agree and disagree with him.I'll agree that right now halo isn't the best FPS we have now.On the other hand to say that it never was even when halo 1st came out is just a bias remark.People could say what they wont.Halo put FPS on the map.Before halo FPS wasn't as popular as they are now.Hell i have a 360 and i'm not that crazy over halo.Unlike ps3 fanboys i'm not bias.Anyone could tell the impact that the 1st Halo had over FPS.To say that all 3 parts are overrated is just a bias remark .... #1.31
I have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I'm not saying the ps3 isn't a good system it is.Just because i have a 360 i wont be a childish fanboy.I said it once and i'll say it again,i wish they didn't have any exclusives.I wish that every one could enjoy every game they have no matter what system they own.Hell it wont hurt me 1 damn bit.The only thing that will happen is more people will be able to enjoy the game.The people that wish that their system have all the exclusives... #1.30
What's the big deal with exclusives.Everone that gets mad because their consoles don't have any exclusives is childish.The fact is that there might not be any more exclusives and i'll be glad.The fact is that it costs a lot of extra $ to develope games then it was last gen.On top of that sony doesn't even dominate any longer,as a mater of fact they are in 3rd place.Look at it this way.Just imagine that you own a developing company and drop the childish bias act.Will you give an exclusive to a... #10
It can't be to bad 1,2 and 3 outsold anything on the ps2 and ps3 . #1.5
This is just another stupid article.Sony been saying the same thing since year 1.I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying the reason the ps3 isn't selling because of the economy.The fact is that the 360 was still outselling the ps3 before the econoy collaps.I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and saying that people are just buying the 360 because it's a lot cheaper then the ps3 and if they were the same price the ps3 will outsell the 360.The fact is that they still have peo... #1.47
I'm tired of hearing article like this.The fact is that all 3 companies,nintendo,microsoft,a nd sony to already said that their new consoles will be out around 2012.The other fact is that dvd9 isn't a problem this generation.The fact is that out of every game that was developed they had less then 10 that needed 2 or more disc and that's a fact.In other words Microsoft knew that br or hd was really needed this generation and that's why they didn't put it in the 360.The people that say differen... #1.18
to rebirthofcaos & aksmashh
This is just a bias article.For 1 thing they have more ps3 fanboys articles then 360 fanboy articles.His other statement is also incorrect.The fact is that the 360 is still selling just as well as the ps3.In order for 360 fans to switch over they should have a decline in 360 sells and a increase in ps3 sales and it isn't happening.

The fact is that no one had to buy 5 360s like you claimed.It's just another incorrect remark from a ps3 fanboy.Microsoft gave the people a 3 year warri... #1.42
To icup2
I'll admitt that i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything but i give the ps3 credit when credit is due unlike like you with the 360.I'm not saying the ps3 isn't a good system because it is.I'll admitt it's the most dependable console ever made.I just like xbox live and more exclusive games on the 360 then the ps3.i only like R 1&2 and KZ2 even if it was a disapointment.My brother liked it to but wished that he would have bought another game because he thought KZ2 would... #1.14
It never fails for a duma** ps3 fanboys like you to say that the ps3 is is perfect when the article is about a game.
It people like you that runs your mouth and nothin but sh*t comes out because you don't have the slightest ideal what you are talking about.
The fact is that the ps3 isn't the future like you claim with your stupid remark.(ps3 is the future and the future is ps3).The fact is that the ps3 is behind 2nd place by almost 8 million units sold as of now and the le... #35
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