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Your mothers a cash grab #47
Tried getting cod friends into it, never try to convert a noob twitch shooter into a strategy driven MP. That lone wolf mentality doesn't work in this game!! #9
"You can already expected" lol! #7
So lets all complain about a beta. An unfinished game, hi retards, I actually get paid to test this shit out #7
I would but Sony was nice enough to put it on plus last year so ill pass. #2
Nigga you just went full retard #4.4
A new tekken is inevitable, just like a new street fighter is coming soon. You wanna get me excited show me some footage of tekken X street fighter damn it!! #7
Sweet tooth would be sweet! #3.2
Always thought will wright was a genius but this guy is beyond that #12
I want fish, give me fish #8
Just a bunch of whiny little bitches expecting so called triple A games from a system that's not even a year old yet. #9
Good for you u spent $30 on the service. Now buy every game that has been given from the beginning without the service. Fucking noob #6.1.1
People still complaining about free games. First world problem, such a struggle out here #6
Exactly! #7.1
How to make money with no talent #8
Japan loves the mobile market. Can't blame them, its a billion dollar industry #9
Boobees #1.2
People still pay for WoW so......yeah I would, there are a lot of people out there passionate about this game including me #2.1.1
Yeah like how you balance stupidity with stupidity? #1.1.1
The last of us didn't build their fanbase off multiplayer. #12.2
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