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Yeah, I can't help thinking this MS trying to burn down/ruin the console market, the concept of consoles, since they've failed to actually control it. Nevermind that the online direction they've taken and influenced has alienated certain consumers who at this point wont be regarded.

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Isn't the Scorpio now their lowest legit console? I mean, a few price drops and another slim model, the XB1 can easily be phased out. Nevermind that this is MS we're talking about so if they decide to stay with consoles, make another, they'll just revise history and their fan camp will go right along with it.

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Deep Down...

Isn't that the name of a title they touted as an MMO version of Dark Souls only to quietly stop talking about it?

I see what you did there...

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Its that female characters are considered to be objectified for being female characters by people who largely only see female characters as being objectified.

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Bring up ReCore, again, because MS presented it not as indie they bought, but rather a direct 1st party commission from a third party. Something they owned. In that same vein if NMS had been anything closer to a GTA in space than a randomly generated sandbox in space without Sony's behind it, it wouldn't get as much hate as it is. More than that however it was the AAA bump in price when it was an overhyped indie. ReCore at least did better in that regard by bein...

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Because so much was promised but not delivered. That like MS and ReCore, even if not presented as being 1st pasty, Sony connected their name directly to and behind the project.

Console maker backing is suppose to mean something more than PR spin/boosting.

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Based on the first two comments, given the past examples of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, the rather obvious signs in the Andromeda trailer, I feel that anything I say will only counter and shatter a level of denial which has no real right to exist.

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"These guys are a comedy gold mine."

Until they find a judge who takes them seriously. Then they set precedent and become a horror show...

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Its not about being biased towards whichever hardware, rather the review site when it's credibility has come into question.

Hell, when the site first began. By both a big payout from a major console maker and a declared statement pretty much saying social/political bias will effect how subjects are covered over any other factor.

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Yeah, it was. That was when Square got it into their heads that the world of FF11 was going to be a central setting for several FF titles. When it got into their head that all FF took place on the same world.

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FF12 *WAS* FF11...

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You're Polygon: your opinion is worthless...

Hell, I question if you even played the game much less played it competently.

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Does anyone really expect more from Square regarding a port?

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Author misses the point that direct 4k support in a single device is better than multiple.

Not that anyone got that with the $600 PS3 and $800+ standalone BR players...

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What MS needs to prove and deliver games, and they've never really done that.

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As the XB1.5 its going to be at a disadvantage priced above $400 if only because the competition will be that price.

More to the point if MS can't justify it's existence with titles that are playable on the XB1. Nevermind their poor support in general.

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Wasn't all too happy with the arcade direction the series took with four. Not expecting it to come back, offer gameplay that's less agile like Chrome Hounds.

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It was assumed by the community, and the author, when the game was first announced was doing more with it than promotion. That it was a new, directly commissioned, IP rather than an indie that was likely shopped around.

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It assumes - once assumed - that larger publishers contributed additional resources towards developing and polishing an indie title. It wasn't the "we got this and the other guys don't" PR BS which this game and No Man's Sky have come to exemplify.

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