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What doesn't sound like a good sign is that this March launch comes off as something more for stock holders than the gaming audience. Since apparently they're putting it out during a dry spell and no competition, but otherwise no games.

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Would think that it was its own separate and equal thing. GTA = Western gangster fetish, Yakuza = Eastern/Japanese gangster fetish.

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Except looking at example of MS's current ability to turn out titles, pay 2nd or 3rd parties to make and deliver them, much less their previous statements that, at lest in the beginning, they wont be using the system to its best potential so not to leave the XB1 behind, that aside from the first Xbox they've never used a system to its fullest except for PC ports, its more than a valid thing to say. The PS4 Pro is as much a waste, if not more when considering the shared name it will le...

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So that begs the question then were MS's expectations reasonable. As well as what did they want in the game that became such as issue.

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Still, they only had a presence, have the one they do, more because MS occupies the position in the industry it does. Otherwise, considering the moves and losses involved with the first system, the Xbox brand would have been a one-gen console.

Measuring/judging success/failure by what they've done right and wrong. The effort they've put into now and then. And between getting into consoles, from trying to create a presence in Ja...

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What MS's goal when they first introduced the Xbox versus what's its achieved so far? Do they have a presence in Japan, or do they sell in low double is not single digits at this point? When the 360 had a lead against the PS3 did it increase or decrease? Near the end of that console gen was it all but gone with the PS3 just tying? Was the Kinect a rousing or even passable success?

The only reason the Xbox has gotten as far as it has was because th...

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The movies were made in lue of having to add such content into the game. Was used to sell it.

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Seriously? In the above post you're chiding me for asking for games from MS yet here, at around the same time no less, you're agreeing with the sentiment?

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"let me search your comments to see the same buzz words used before the ps4 pro came out...."

Find anything yet? Pretty sure I've never been all that hot and/or drooling for the PS4 much less the Pro. Though likely when I get around to buying a PS4 it'll be a Pro.

"but tell me which one gets far more attention on the forums as 'an issue'?"

Given that 4/5 of the planet seeing a red cap with an "M...

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None of which even addresses the topic. MS needs to prove the Scorpio at a time when their ability to deliver games is in question. Nevermind that of the eleven titles you list over half are sequels, two commissioned with one being indie, and really only one of them something originally created in-house - and that's the racing game.

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Talking about the Scorpio, which so far has no games to justify the hardware and will by all counts be limited, for a time at least, by the XB1's specs. Will only be turning out slightly better looking, higher frame rated, versions of previously released titles. Will also put MS's foot in the VR door when that's suppose to have already fizzled out.

As for the Wii U comparison, Nintendo and MS are on opposite ends of the issue. One having strong in-house IPs but...

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The brand in its entirety never really took off. It may have had a moment in the US, and initially in Japan, with the 360, but MS's underestimation of hardware - irony - and the insistence into turning what was once one-sale products into services, with ongoing subscriptions, limited them too much. Blew up in their face with the XB1.

If there is another Xbox after this one, my guess is that it will DDL only with no disc drive. It will be a Steam/streaming media box.

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[Banging head against wall]

"Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!" "Games!&...

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" I'm sure MS are very upfront with developers about their project expectations, budgets, timescales, and milestones."

Which is why they still seem to be mending fences with indie devs post a seemingly negative history with the 360?

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Its not really a question of good or bad, for all the complaining I like FF8 too, but rather what came after.

And after FF7, Square began booking more and more on cinematic gaming, separating game from story, than interactive storytelling. Making the gamer an active participant in the game they're suppose to be playing. Got lazy on top of that.

During FF7 you, the player of the game, are doing everything from barreling down a dark highway fighting of...

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Style over substance.

At this point Tabata, to his credit at least, has admitted that the game isn't perfect and that he plans/hopes to both add and change content. And that's going to be the future of the series going forward: putting out unfinished product meant to be played a few times, and trying to fix it while adding content in order to give it more life as a source of revenue.

That fans gush over the success of such, are only concerned with...

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I started having doubts with FF8 before it came out, if only because Square said they were scaling back on mini-games. Then the game came out with only noticeable holes in narration and pacing which skipped Nine, but immediately came back with Ten.

FF13, as I've before, was an unforgivable example of them no longer caring about story narration and even characters. Its all about appearance while relying on franchise lore.

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Name one.

Jumping into a fight with fire based monster while using fire based weapons?

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When, since the early 360 days Halo, did they bring exclusives? Ones with staying power anyway.

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I blame MMOs actually for presenting a story that's a few lines of text, fetch goals and a general atmosphere that has more in common with Office Space than anything fantasy related.

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