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Remasters are a safer bet against making a profit than a new IP. At least that's what suits who don't really play games think.

And to clarify: when I use "suits who don't play games" I mean games when they weren't engineered towards solely being about revenue. When games offered options and features instead of DLC. The games "Suits" or business people play today are the post-DLC types of games as they attempt to...

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Game mechanics not simply that they're turn based.

Also something which recognizes that story and game need to be integral to one another.

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Its as simple as devs not using the extra power. And when they do, because many only complain how consoles are obsolete at launch versus PCs, then either either there's going to be issues with the older systems or they'll have to be excluded by default.

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More like move on because its pointless to discuss whether its a fad or not. If anything its probably going to become a sub culture. Of what size dependent on further support.

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Soon after the same people will complain about the lack of female characters.

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Now lets move on...

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You're missing the point: at some point the current PS4 and XB1 will become obsolete within what is suppose to be their own gen cutting out a lot of casual owners. At that point the market a total mess as everyone uses total numbers for consoles when there will be multiple types. Sales wont be measurable or meaningless.

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Unless the apparent dip in sales of the current XB1 is because of anticipation of this new slim model, I really doubt it.

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Thought they were using UE4?

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Would ask why the game's so damn expensive, but then the IP is popular. Whatever the market can bare.

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That didn't take long.

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Think that's a double irony in this case.

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If the gaming landscape was populated with honestly creative and diverse titles rather than generic and disposable, worth only one play, console could afford to last twice as long.

Instead we are where we are.

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Wouldn't that equate to increased sales?

Maybe they're losing sales because they don't have the exclusives?

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Wonder if they're making money through non-user methods. Ad revenue based on traffic?

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Its not that Sony can do no wrong but rather MS often over promises and under delivers. And especially in this case its an instance where they're playing catch up after already saying they were taking a wait and see attitude with VR as they were talking up an AR device with Windows Glass or whatever its called. Taking an entirely different path with only similar tech.

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Its not a mixed message that MS as a major player in VR is coming into it dead last yet saying that they will provide the best experience? At this stage the best they can do is to latch onto Oculus which is why Carmack was likely on stage at E3.

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Very simple response to the $60 price: don't buy it. Enough people do that and they'll have no choice but lower the price.

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Legal issues again.

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Its not technically possible, at least with physical games, because Sony didn't include a CD read on the PS4.

They could likely do software emulation and DDL since software emulation is what they did for the PS3.

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