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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


Shouldn't take too long for the crap to hit the fan if they plan on using Fallout backgrounds in the actual game. #1
Amiibosayswhat? #10.1
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Neither of them have the library of characters for it. #6
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When it has an unfair amount of politically correct based attention on it? #2
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Thing is the gaming industry and the gaming audience are separate things. Sessler as part of one while having influence over the other ultimately announced his contempt for the latter after being complacent, in part, in creating it. Now he's back after supposedly throwing up his hands and walking away. #20.2
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When has having celebs who know nothing about games ever stopped them from showing up at game events? #11.2.1
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To honest if not fair, the man left amid the "I'm better than my audience storm". Him coming back the way he is says that either EA gave him a big check, or he's doing it for pocket change because he needs the work. Is lowering himself to an audience that's in even more turmoil than when he left and he's likely to do more harm than good if his own mentality hasn't changed. #20.1
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"I am not sure M$ will push Hololens on X1."

When has MS ever worked on that basis? Introduce new tech, put it on a "non-brand" platform, then put it on their own later. Not that the PC isn't "their" platform, they've only been pushing Xbox for livingroom domination. Establishing hololens on PC first then offering a likely downgraded version on the XB0 doesn't make sense. #1.1
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"Just show us your tech and demos let that speek for itself."

When does that ever happen?

Oh that's right, when E3's are *good*. Have good segments at least. Apposed to ones which are only notable for wasting time. #22.1
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So long as there's no Tim Schafer sock puppet action things should be all good. #21
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Even if you won the last two games, you lost.

Welcome to the resistance... #3
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Why is MS giving a pre-order option for something that's free?! #3.1.1
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(Aside from the eventuality that you'll have to pay them something, on their terms, to keep using it.) #1.7
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Eight Days to Vegas. Something where if you're not driving and shooting you're at a reststop in a shootout. #8
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Because, by all counts, it was put out incomplete. It was a launch title that needed more production time. #1.1.2
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So many snark replies that can be made here.

And yet, Bioware, you honestly aren't worth anymore effort than this. #3
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Or for them to stop making the series altogether.

That is the problem: this idea which benefits them more than anyone will only give them reason to stop making the games which they apply it to because enough people don't buy it.

There have only been numerous examples of companies making mistakes and blaming anyone but themselves. Which is why such bad ideas are only tried again. #1.1.5
You mean like now where they're pretty much promising challenging combat? #10.1
What? You mean like having an Asari erotic dancer who uses virtual force-things as weapons? Special attacks based on group skills?

Though for the last, given various signs like a cheap photoshop for a character reveal, Bioware likely wouldn't to invest in the animations. #8.1
And the list becomes worthless for having FF13 on it...

Though my chief complaint with the series will always be FF12. A game set around the theme of airship pirates who *walked* everywhere. #10
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