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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


Mind control on any level is too cliche.

You've got Lutor as President, Amanda Waller one of the most amoral if not brilliant tacticians in the DCU next to Batman, the Suicide Squad...and Cadmus, a covert counter-hero arm of the government, mounting up against Superman and the JLU.

Have Luther or Waller using underworld/covert connections to create a "Legion of Doom" which targets the JLU and Superman in particular. A suspicious Batman sees th... #2.1.1
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Why go the whole "mind control" route? Luther is President, has Waller and the SS, so just set it in the wake of Injustice with Waller discovering the details of an alternate universe's Superman going rouge and reporting that to the new President who just so happens to be looking for an excuse to start a cold war against Superheroes.

And the issue with a Superman game is the same as always: even a grunt armed with Kryptonite isn't going to be as much of a t... #2
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Which is knowing how much it costs wold be a good thing? #1
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Cause that's all they got currently.

Honestly don't know if people can't see how crippled gaming has become, or don't want to admit it. Much less that things are coming back. Hopefully. #4.1.1
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Wont be the same to me unless it - the game - is either pixel animated or uses UE4 like Guilty Gear. And I doubt SNK in its current state wants to flip the bill for such. #4
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When was there any horror in Doom?

Or rather, where horror was easily to imply via a few pixel decorations like a solider staked some place, Doom never got close to what the likes of Resident Evil brought to game narrative in regards to horror.

This game is going to be a gore fest and that's about it. #30
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How could they not go with Princes of the Universe? #2
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And they're only three games in.

Try to explain the likes of Street Fighter, Tekken or the Tales of series, now there are challenges.

Thing is, like Square, Tales of has been around for long that Bandai keeps threatening/looking to combine and connect the stories as if taking place on one world. #1.1
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Your wallet isn't ready you mean. Especially since a price has yet to be announced.

Otherwise the whole point is that PSVR is plug and play versus likely need to upgrade and configure a PC for Oculus. #1.6
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How have you apparently not heard anything of the first game? #1.1.3
Except that doesn't make much sense, unless the day it was done was at the end of their commitment to advertisers. Which the first day of the second week of a month doesn't sound like.

If ad dollars was the big concern this should be happening on the last or first of the month. #1.1.3
Does anyone really care about the "awful", AKA, awfully stereotypical, cover for Doom?

Especially when Doom is one of the founding titles of the shooter genre. How isn't something like a cover not going to be stereotypical to a series like that? #9
Odd hearing - just now no less - a site like GT going away before Kotaku. #1.1.3
Until I started the trailer thought this was about a sci-fi game. #3
You make a good point here. By the time another Onimusha game comes out it will likely ended up being measured against Ni-Oh. #17.1
All I can think of is this:

Seriously, this is literally from the same company that demanded MML3 fans show support for the game, where given all benchmarks they were of, only to blame the fan base as reason why they canceled it.

And now I'm temped to make a ten hour Youtube loop... #4
Yes. its going to make whole new ones...

Also, the whole "wherever Square Enix goes, profits are sure to follow" by the article's example that really only applies to Dragon Quest and the Asian market. Its also yet to be confirmed that Square will support the NX.

Likewise, not getting Nintendo suddenly becoming "innovative" in terms of tech where it needs to count given, at best, they've been half a gen behind since the PS1.
Reading a lot of comments saying that MS likely wont share their cloud servers, but what happens if they don't and there's no difference?

Also not getting why you're asking EA to give up on campaigns on something like Battlefield as if such means a SP campaign on TF2 will benefit. As if the multi-player campaign on the first Titiafall was talked about positively. #22.1
" feature magic & technology colliding."

What? #19
One: the X1's reveal and the DRM/resale policies.

Two(more likely): The Xbox brand was never as popular as MS presented or its fans hoped. Issues like RROD with the 360, that the slim version of the console was more of a necessity to make up for design flaws, artificially inflated sale numbers. That plus the year and a half lead over the PS3, the market instability of the Wii after it released yet outsold the 360 early on, confused things as MS's PR exploited the sit... #43
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