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"Doctor Eggman and the Underwear Experience!"


Okay, was going to let "cause if you buy there games" which should be "cause if you buy *their* games" but then Summons75 wrote "Destiny is they're only hope" which should also be "Destiny is *their* only hope".

I'm assuming the "Your must not be" instead of "*You* must not be" is a typo.

And as to topic:
EA has been pulling their crap, rushing out incomplete games in favor of finic... #2.2
There might be plenty of vocal online complaint, but the demo - cause it should not be thought of as a game - sold in numbers well enough for someone to offer something similar again. #1.1.3
And you've likely never touched Second Son, the earlier Infamous games and missed a few that other people like. Not everyone likes or are into the same types of games - try to accept that fact. #1.2.6
The only multiplayer game I've played - and liked - is Warhawk.

So please take that fanboy BS elsewhere. #1.2.2
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You mean by people who - for the most part anyway - think rather than regurgitate product dogma?

Seriously, the cry when it was on the 360 was "untapped potential" which was shown better by PC modders than anything which actually appeared on the console. Its just insulting that there are years of experience with Kinect 1.0 yet the only thing 2.0 has improved upon is its mic. And even then there are repeating issues. #1.1
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Out of the three platform holders its the only one with one platform its dedicated to. And then that's mostly 3rd party support. #1.1
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After the PS1 and PS2, Sony had earned their cockiness. At the same time they had already made the mistake of trying to use problematic architecture to manipulate devs with the PS2, and were only repeating it with the PS3. The Kutaragi made his "let them eat cake" quote and that should have been it for the brand.

Instead their "competition" never really capitalized on those and other mistakes. Rather MS only used Sony's weaknesses as PR talking points... #1.16.1
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They're likely going to be too busy with PS Now to be worried about PS+. #1.1.6
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Still, they get panned for FF13 basically being a "1-button" game, and now they've officially adopted a 1-button mechanic, Assumingly for FF15.

This is Square literally not listening or addressing complaints. #1.1.1
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There's no spontaneity about them at the very least. No one has yet offered anything as yet which is truly "next gen". Titanfall used a generations old engine and Second Son is a series/franchise redux. #1
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One, how does Geoff Keighly have any credibility? At all?

Two, given that the game is only a talking point at this point with sales which simply don't support any claims of popularity - why besides its fanboys is this still a f***ing thing?!

(And yeah, I answered my own second question...) #3
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Wasn't MS going to make every console a dev kit? Wont something like this - if true - kill that idea? #2
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More like they'retrying to do what Sony did with cross buy and remote play. #3.3
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My money is on the failure of gaming media overplaying the popularity of the Xbox 360 while criticizing everything PS3. Being bias and changing facts like sales number to fit their own narratives rather than just reporting the facts.

For that matter it much of the reason "journalism" in general has become a joke: its not about reporting facts anymore but opinions. #1
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How is it that its failing to register upon you that if the PS4 sell better overall, it doesn't matter if the XB1 is available at the same rate?

There is not some magic in which the XB1 will sell better than the PS4 in Japan when its available there. Its just going to be available there. #1.8
Think the point is that the IGN rep started and continued the argument.

All Joe is guilty of is saying something when IGN's - nonsense - score was being displayed. #1.9
Really looking like a good time to get a Vita. #10
Would be something if you climb on or over things. #5
Still a question of how different his mindset is from the one which caused MS to make the mistakes it did with their DRM. #1.4.2
Likely free on PS4.

Oh yeah. $20 for early access, yet the actual game is F2P?

The "wonderful" future of gaming... #4.1
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