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Thing is PS+ was never as emphasized as XBL for their related consoles. It was introduced well after anything not gaming related, like Netflix, continued to not need it. MMOs on the PS4 don't need PS+, so considering such along with other possible factors it only stands to reason that there are more consoles online than those with a PS+ account. And I would like to know those numbers.

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Would rather like to hear how many are just online or with active accounts. Cause between over 40(?) million PS4s and 80 million PS3s, even if less that half of the latter aren't active, 20 million paid subs isn't all that much. Leaves the "here to stay" of paid online in question at least.

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Just like they'll leave behind the PS4 and XB1 for the Scorpio and Neo at some point.

"They've. Got to. Mister."

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Likely talking about the one with mandatory online even for single player.

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More miffed about the shield change than the whole Hydra deal.

"We could use another Captain America game."

Need to be more superhero games period rather than COD clones.

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Of course it was, but if you have something I might honestly love that pays I'm all ears.

Would even take mildly interesting if it afforded spare time to pick up experience/get me started on making games since many here complain that's what I should be doing which I'm not, at all.

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Quality trumps power. A balance between the two rather than focus on one at the cost of the other.

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Sounds like standard JRPG flaws to me.

And really, frame rate?

Not bland story blander characters or empty huge areas to trounce through, but frame rate is where you draw the line.


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Which means at some point, as we call this the 8th console gen, there will be games that wont play on the current versions of the PS4 and XB1.

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And yet you want a paycheck...

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I'm betting that multiplayer was MS's "suggestion".

Not Spencer's, MS's. Cause every major Xbox title has to have a reason to need an XBL sub.

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The kids these days...

Sega was the Dreamcast's worst enemy. They lost 3rd party confidence from the overlapping announcements of the Genesis add ons the Saturn and Dreamcast, dumped the Saturn on the market with no warning, which left them in such a poor finical situation as they bumped up console production the appearance of the PS2 cause their sales to stall. That stall was just enough to end them as a console maker.

No that between Sonic and keep...

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How do you take the first sentence of an article out of context? I was just commenting on how many die-hard Dreamcast fans would react to, again, the opening sentence of your article. Which you edited.

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"SEGA’s Dreamcast will go down in history as one of the best worst consoles in gaming history."

And like that, this has forever become a click bait article few if any will read past the first sentence of.

Edit: And yes, the article is pretty much rubbish. Has noting of real substance but does hint at MS and Sega being very close at the time.

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Think its only going to be a download with subtitles.

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I'm at odd with this. Given the choice of Rare being buried as they have, or made into the equivalent of a games puppy-mill which at some point have been taken out in back and shot. If it were lucky.

Really, at "best" Banjo and the like would have been added to Skylanders.

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Thing is they've made a single player game with a multiplayer aspect. Cast a wide net by default.

Its also a certainty that if doesn't sell well the fans who agree with this guy now will complain it wasn't given a chance by the general consumer, when by his very statements this game isn't aimed at the general consumer.

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Wonder if Lawbreakers is DOA for similar reasons.

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Yet AAA titles are nothing but corporate mandates. Last Guardian may be the sole exception but then its a last gen honor project.

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If it were true that it was "just a box" they wouldn't be making such a big deal that it has 4k support. There would still only be the current XB1 and the slim would only be the slim version of the system.

And while its true that DRM was the biggest issue, inbuilt kinect support along with hardware choices impacted the console. Weighs on it every time there's a sub-par 1080p/60fps release versus it doing better on the PS4.

The belief th...

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