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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


Thing is, as mikeslemonade pointed out, Pepsi as a product/brand is able to stand on its own. It doesn't need propping by a parent company.

And the people trying to insist that the system's failures are anti-American related, such is likely true because of the overall American-centric marketing and profit direction it has.

People are paying the same, relatively, for the same and getting different levels of quality and services from it. And that'... #1.2.2
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Not hate. Just was done with the series with MGS4. Max also looks more straight forward. The Fallout game on wheels minus actual mutants and monsters that Carmack's game was suppose to be.

People really need to stop assuming that not interested in a title, especially a sequel or continuation of a franchise means that someone hates it.

Aside for FF. Eff FF and the graphics over all direction its taken. #2.2.1
I might just get this over Phantom Pain. #2.1
Would that be MS who first charged for only and pushed for multiplayer games? Or Capcom who sold decades old arcade games over PSN and XBL that lock you out if they don't have online connections? What about the things EA Ubisoft and Activision on consoles PCs and tablet that are more about keeping money coming their way rather than just sell you something and be done with it. Nevermind the waiting question of how useful will the 360 or PS3 are going to be when their servers are shut down... #12.1.1
Hope it at least has something to do with game companies pushing to deny right of ownership to consumers through online access. #12
Isn't this pretty much the only kaiju game that's been offered in years? That's including the Pacific Rim iOS title which really *shouldn't* be counted.

Otherwise the reviews from the JP version are enough to tell you that this isn't exactly a AAA project. Not even close. But at least by most counts its serviceable. #1.1.1
No. Magic means as much if not less in FF15 than it did in FF13: f/x. It wasn't even needed in the FF15 demo. It means nothing. Offers no strategic or tactical value. The Ramuh summon was little more than a triggered scripted event.

Also think about the kaiju level monsters freely wondering around small towns and tourist rest spots. How are there even tourist rest stops when pack of dog-like monsters are all over the place much less two to three story tall literal behemo... #2.2.7
The only thing Square has been moving towards, possibly since FF7, are CG movies with busy work that tries to justify it.

I want layered gameplay with character types and their roles meaning something again. I want magic to mean something again. #2.2.5
How is a "focus" on multiple platforms even a thing? I get that ignoring the 360 and PS3 is suppose to be something, but its not! #9
One thing: the point is that most production costs goes towards graphics. Square committed to building at least two game engines from the ground up then not use them.

Another thing; what even makes you think I'm talking about 8 bit, 16 bit, or as many indies seem to use for "retro" titles, 4 bit graphics?

Lost Ark:

... #2.2.3
They've been going "backwards" since FF8. Diminishing or removing game elements such as mini-games while making stories and characters more generic and less interactive.

Unless you count cut scenes of course. #2.2.1
A this point graphics can take care of themselves. San incompetence.

Thing is, given the example of the first FF14, the introduction of FF13's sequels and along with more missteps than successes, guess what Square-Enix's middle name is... #2.1.1
How about Square makes a FF entry that's "old school". One that doesn't have to be a graphical showcase, but recognizes basic tropes and gameplay mechanics. #2
Pretty lame list. Though some of those characters you wouldn't want on the same planet as you. #7
Not something based on the current graphics overall focus they seem to have, but rather a remake that plays like a game instead of a movie with busy segments.

Something like Lost Ark:
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #5.1
It wont be a good thing for gamers if it happens. #18.1.1
Might be a concession to get EA's pay service onto PSN. With that announcement being held for E3. #18
Is Planetside 2 even still a thing? Seems like even before SOE was sold off or went indy it was taking forever. Now that they've gone multi its not likely to show until after the PS5 and next Xbox are announced. If not out. #3.1
Except that release delays and so buggy releases that they were broken happened throughout the 7th console gen. Became accepted things. #1.1.1
More complicated, complex and demanding programming further hampered by scheduling and production times. #1
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