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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


"the winner is rarely decided until after the gen is over, or when it's approaching the end."

Really? "Winners" of a gen didn't become a thing until Sony came in with the PS1 and, all counts by sales, trounced the N64 and sent Sega, the static yet viable eternal #2 to Nintendo's #1, into a panic.

Likewise when MS entered consoles in the wake of Sega's exit though they took the #2 with the Big N demoted to #3, the PS2 domin... #3.4
Would think that if the unlimited money pot had and vitality to it they wouldn't have shut down their movie studio plans before really beginning them. That always online and kinect being required were central to the plans around it. #1.2.1
Can VR really do sweeping and vibrant panoramic scenes? #14
That comes from being sick and tired of discussions within the general culture where opinion is treated as absolute hard fact. #5.5.1
I wasn't going to nuke you people from orbit as I left, but if you insist... #5.3.1
Because someone saying that they liked it or its among one of their favorite entries in the series is the same as saying that its the best of all of them. That writing an article about said "opinion" doesn't invite discussion much less disagreement. #5.1.1
And to me the series started to go down hill with...FF7. That seems to be when Square's ability to tell a story with relative competence began to be outstripped by their ability to make and translate that into a game. Like how FF13 doesn't come off as a functional or living world where FF9, Sakaguchi's last effort with Square, did. #3.1
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

It has a decent enough story if you don't examine it too much - if at all - but of course with 50 hours of playing time - you examine it. #5
So it would be better looking, on a PS4/XB0 anyway, bu otherwise the same linear story?

Joy. #7
Yeah, such shouldn't be happening or still a thing a few year post release.

Probably has something to do with the changes/removal of their DRM/always online policies. #11
And a western release date!


(Well, I was hoping... :( ) #1
The "Myth" isn't about quantity but quality. Titles that are either suppose to be showcases for what the system can do, like Ryse, or multiplatforms that are 1080p on the PS4.

Though, such shouldn't matter. Yet people such as the author drags out the dead horse and beats it as a way to prove that it doesn't matter.

Go figure... #1.6
Getting a Dynasty Warrior vibe... #2
What is there about that makes it stand out? There may be a trailer, but it didn't say or show anything about the game. #10
Its made or shown a profit over given quarters, its just that overall the bran's lost money. The first Xbox put things two billion in the red by the end of its cycle with R&D into the 360 only adding to that before RROD happened. #6.2.2
Its not just the XB0, but the brand division. From the first system which only lost money to the cost of making up for RROD and now all of the thwarted plans for always online, which included an NFL deal that went south, the brand just hasn't had any luck. #6.1
Making a reasonable profit is not the same as beating a competitor. At best such is remotely related. #7
You cannot possibly be that devotedly blind to a brand name.

"not sure why or how that is even remotely relevant to the discussion."

The jest of the argument: MS will deliver cloud distribution perfectly on day one because they just happen to that good.

Bone of contention: MS has *never* done anything "perfectly" day one. Most glaring, notorious example: RROD. Nevermind that no online service from... #2.3.5
Did Netflix streaming work perfectly day one? PS Now hasn't had any issues?

Do I really have to bring up RROD? The numerous times what was shown for Kinect often failed to live up to reality? Sometimes even during presentations such as Star Wars Kinect.

The point is that you and others are heaping loads of praise on MS - as is always done - when they've yet to do anything to have earned it. Certainly not on the first day. #2.3.3
These are premises coming from MS, who I doubt as ever released something day-one which worked as advertised if not over-advertised.

So yes, people are looking at the engineers - though really, should be looking at the execs and PR shills - who claim cloud will work the same for everyone. #2.3
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