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Think more of the point, if he only used the one specific racist word, is why did he use the one curse when there are many other to choose from.

Kind of get why white people want to use the specific word, because they generally aren't allowed to use it, but then you have to look at the context of when they want to use it.

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Okay. So friendly so long as you pay them.

Sometimes, but then you just have to pay them more.

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Legally in some countries you may be recognized as a man or woman at 18, of physically being an adult, but mentally is a whole other thing.

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Um, not really. Considering that Ninja Theory has repeatedly failed to deliver on a level like Guerilla Games has.

Not saying they've made bad games, just that they've missed the mark of making them market worthy.

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Consumer friendly now only because they did such a poor job of it beforehand.

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The thing I don't get about modern gaming is the free-falling loop increasing complexity and pushing technical limits, yet needing to compromise and get out a project asap.

Even devs and studios who can keep often mess up big time. Especially because of publisher pressure.

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"Embracing"? More like forcing.

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What you're suggesting, two possible interconnecting story lines, is hardly a simple fix. Especially considering the money gouging for least effort state of the industry.

More the sign though is that this is suppose to be cannon.

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But what else can you do with the MC story line?

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Key words are "since joining Sony". They existed before Killzone, weren't formed to continue it, even if they only made forgettable Gameboy titles.

343 might have the talent to do more than wring a dry franchise drier, but by the example of Rare being left to rot for the longest, until MS stops trying to make everything into a online shooter, either noting is going to change or the results wont be worth much.

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Guerilla Games wasn't created to support/continue an exiting IP.

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If MS, as a game publisher, have been doing similar to they have with Xbox brand as PC, namely expecting 3rd parties to use DX 12 rather than make titles, then that goes some way in explaining why it hasn't become as common as it has.

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In a bleak, obliterated hellscape kind of way you mean...

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Pity then that when Crytek came onto the scene graphics were the only thing that mattered.

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Given that I'm not whitelisting the site to read the article, cause sites that ask are often especially intrusive with ads, I'm just assuming.

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"Sony has quality control,"

Um, No Man's Sky...?

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Someone forget its on the WiiU too?

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Only because too many devs under deliver on a consistent basis. The PR guys up them to excess?

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Seeing a contradiction in getting a "free" weekend when paying for all the other days in the week.

Sure it would be a thing if its generally free, but the only reason they'd do it was to give people a taste.

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Just have to wonder, if not for GG/SJW, would something like this be getting the reaction it is.

I mean, if Square announced tomorrow that this would be a - paid - DLC option, how many "loyal" fans would burn their copies of all things FF?

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