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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


You're all over the place in regards to time released, platform, how a game was received and many other factors. ignoring that Square's production issues are around consoles rather than handhelds.

I mean, FFS, if the FF13 games where generally regarded as being good, we wouldn't even be having this or many other "discussions". #10.1
Or, the 7th console generation, despite the Xbox 360 being "Easier to Program for", was an over mess. Dev tools weren't ready, system specs were low balled while software expectations were too high, there were storage format conflicts, and just about everyone was looking at development models for FPS - realistic and realtime - rather than any diverse or surreal. Also pronounced that types and genres of gaming had been "outgrown".

(Come to think of it,... #1.1.2
Much like with Kinect, I doubt MS really knows what to do with Hololens.

They know how to present it, what they want it to do that different/improved over similar tech like Googelglass, but when it comes to the actual hardware its likely that they figure that any shortcomings can/will be fixed via software updates. The second version of it. #1.1.4
Correction: Silent Hill was already buried.

Don't offer any assurances whatsoever between how they're treating what remains of their talent and thinking that they would have gotten away mobile comment. #1.1
Oh that's simple enough to explain: they cray-cray. Have been since/before the Nova Crystallis announcements. #1
Was talking about the MGS5 dev team directly, who are likely going to get shafted on bonuses. #2.1.2
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Depends on whether or not we're talking about a remaster that could be as little as a direct upgraded graphical port, or a remake that actually utilizes many themes which weren't well touched upon before. Like getting to fly/use airships. #12
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Except that Konami's bad employee practices seem to stem from the move to social/iOS gaming and exploiting IP history for themes in pachinko machines rather than developing them for todays - demanding - game standards.

Really, aside from moving people to jobs where skills they dedicated themselves to go to waste, I'm not hearing anything different in how many other gaming companies threat their low ranks. Western companies included. #3.1.1
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You realize that at this point you'd only be hurting employees and devs not executives, right? #2.1
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Even if they crash and burn, some other company comes in and buy their IPs, that's still likely wont help devs turned janitors. Sadly. #1.4
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Considering that they Lost Mass Effect, That Tales of Vesperia going over to the PS3 in Japan with extra content directly marked the end of any hope the 360 had there, says that the short term gains MS often focuses on means jack. #16.1.2
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Cause Sony's never had more first party development than MS? #23
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Aren't they suppose to be doing something in France? #2.1.2
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Have MS made a mistake by dismissing the TGS?

Are Sony/MS actually not going to be at the various conventions just not giving keynotes? #2
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And the reason that it was one of From Soft's worst games is that it was tied to poor game accessory. #2
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If this is really happening as a "remake" rather than just another HD ported remaster, I expect two things at the very least:

1) Characters generic/interchangeable in combat. They specialized skills and weapon preferences. Special attacks and magic.

2) Playable airships. That is all.

It takes place in more of the world. Not just a small country. #59
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Has to do with all the SJW BS going on. Not that the game promises to be a masterpiece, especially because its fluff, publishers don't want to deal with the headache trying to put it out in the West will cause. #1.2
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That happened with the original FF13 announcements.

And they apparently haven't learned their lesson. Forgot it as soon as it slapped them in the face multiple times. #3.1.1
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It'll be years before they complete them. If they complete them. While likely only announcing more titles. #3.3
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And...you lost me by putting a fifteen item list on fifteen pages... #1
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