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Or, lack of empathy or inability to see other perspectives which is true on both sides.

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Because politics is a thing, even in business. Personal relationships, nepotism, as well.

Then there's that elephant in the room regarding working conditions. Crunch-time.

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Still, MS is saying "Doing away with the traditional concept of generations" when they've never truly used a console. Even the OG Xbox was more midway hardware for PC ports than a platform for its own games. They tend to underestimate hardware while overestimating demands from it. That's how the original XBX came about, with the power of cloud distribution promising to make up for shortcomings.

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Why would someone put out a console that 4x powerful and not make games just for it?

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Hard to believe how graphics stagnated. Only lent towards realism.

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All depends on XBX owners.

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As PS3 era mobile title - that was never on the system - that looks like it a PS2 era game.

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Always been my issue with paid, money involved, services who adopt moral monitoring. they really have nothing to lose as they keep your money and deny you services.

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How about just a "simple" shooter that uses the characters? Have load-outs and customization acting as power ups as well as outfits.

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They're not making games while making money hand over fist via Steam, and they're "greedy"?

Hell, by what I understand Portal, L4D and even Half-Life weren't original Valve properties, rather they were original Team Fortress mods they published. So they really haven't been "making" games for some time.

Likewise, given how much they're making via Steam, can't see MS simply buying Valve....

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Would imagine Fortnite and PUBG are why it's declining.

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Talking strictly in terms of license holders. Nintendo may own Monolith along with the Xeno name, but Namco and maybe Sony could and likely do have their hands on certain characters.

This has nothing to do with "in-universe".

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One entry after five in the main, at least three side series, which had the man's input, and...

No, no, I can't process that much stupid...

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My general thought was that "theater" view in VR would be like having a 30 foot screen all to yourself. Instead its more like 8 inches if you're lucky. Meanwhile gaming in nothing by free-floating shooters.

And MS contribution to that was to heavily hint that their VR/AR efforts included their consoles.

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If Sony panicked with the PS3 when the PS2 possessed the lead and market it had, made the mistakes they did at the time, similarly blinked with the Pro, the PS5 is coming out around the time of the Nextbox.

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The issue is that 1) post OG Xbox has given no priority to exclusives unless its 3rd party DLC, and 2) They've come to favor - only be concerned about - online community themed multiplayer games under the apparent idea that one person will bring their friends into Xbox gaming. If MS were taking a more diverse approach in game types, there would be far less arguing going on here.

"Speaking of spinning, how's Sony doi...

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"Business" software. PC business and application software to be exact.

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Thought much of the reason the "series" has become Xeno - "insert name here" is that between "Gears" "Saga" and the other entries are IP holder issues.

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Quantity as well as quality is what matters.

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At this point a small and talented group of devs could become the Asylum of gaming making - only, you know, in a good way. Take the base concept of a high profile title, slap on a new and reworked title, and...

...I just gave away a good idea, didn't I?

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