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With a "new" system? Yes.

With anything to actually legitimize it if not also getting a 4k TV? Already have an XB1? Not really.

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"Only way to get them to take notice"

Considering that F7's issues are things that appeared in F6, only turned up a few degrees more, have to disagree.

And since Moldy has said his fan-blind statement: People seem to have forgotten that F6's drive credits for in-game items, pay real money, was so bad that there were so much complaints the "feature" was changed within weeks if not days of the game's release. Yet here we ar...

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"Microtransactions and loot boxes were coming regardless because game budgets have gone out of control. They have hundreds of people working every year on Destiny, you don't think they will find ways to get more revenue?"

And yet not only are there small dev teams doing ten times better work than hundred plus ones, you're ignoring that those big teams are working to structure MTs while cutting out content just put it back - if people pay for it.

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Isn't that very closeness the issue?

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The game's "story" used unconnected plotting to explain away how it had no plot. No way to overcome challenges or develop as characters. There were only the corridor, busy work and self affirmations regarding character development via cut scene.

Wasn't fun for me to play, just tedious.

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Odd, yet can't see MS supporting such a title if they had any active participation with it.

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Well, according to the fanbase, first impressions don't mean a thing...

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Better than one of its two competitors...

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"Xbuddies "


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Might be enough to get you qualified to drive one?

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Except it has to be earned before it can be bought.

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Or rather, "should be" makes it entirely too optional.


A top ten list that you can view on one page, but only if you pay or sign up to view otherwise its one page at a time?

I don't think a big enough "EFF YOU" exists to properly express my feelings regarding this.

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Xbox 360 did well at the start because Sony flubbed the PS3 on the back end with devs and general bad press. The XB1 flubbed because MS thought more about general consumers and media, trying to set up the system as passive revenue source based on always online practices, than the actual gaming market. Also thought they owned gaming despite only really dominating in the US.

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Still, current story telling is little changed from original FF1.
Which is probably the problem.

Though, with this game specifically: its re-skin of an already existing title.

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"what does it matter where it sold best?"

Market viability of a platform when that platform exists for a specific purpose. Like playing games.

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ffs: FF13-2 *IS NOT* FF13!

If FF13 required two sequels, two separate games, in order to be "good" then FF13 itself was. Not. Good.

You want to go to the old standby of "That's just your opinion man," fine. Lets just forget that Square has gotten into the habit of putting out a bad game, rely on franchise popularity and lore for sales, then milk the fan base through DLC and sequels under claim of "fixi...

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Its the nth version in a franchise. What do you expect?

Still, be nice if they started considering strategic game elements again like with the earlier SD series.

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I think Kinect is the counter to that argument. As MS's version of motion control they tried to spin as full on innovation separate from anything Sony and even Nintendo, who did it first, were doing.

That AR glass thing was their take on VR, something that looked different but was pretty much the same. The AR room thing as well. With main issue of why that didn't got more further than a concept demo was what they'd have to charge for it...

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