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What the hell are you talking about?!

The XbX is at least $100 over current systems, between pre-orders DLC and microtransactions a $60 title can costs as much as $300 and more, yet somehow the introduction of hardware every two years suppose to save consumers money?!

The pricing for console gaming is moving to a mobile model meaning setting things up for those who can/want to pay for whatever pay-to-play gimmick a publisher cares to introduce while devel...

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Just because many of the large devs have moves towards the mobile gaming doesn't mean that they have to *Totally* go in that direction.

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They have to. Thing is when will they come out?

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Post Halo 2 saving OG Xbox, which also legitimized subscriptions, executives only looked at numbers and online. "Community" gaming which again is all about subscriptions.

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The hate for EA and Ubisoft comes repeated mistakes. Compromises in quality as well as content in favor of stock values and microtransactions. With it being worse that fans reward such behavior while complaining about it.

And MS is the same way. Looking at short term solutions for long term goals only to shortchange efforts in both while declaring success. Meanwhile while sale reports tell one story, which they've gone ever more silent in repeating, their fan base echo...

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LBP on steroids as far as I know.

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Shouldn't have been anything to remake Phantom Dust, a new one, yet that didn't happen.

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They need total restructuring. More openness to more than just FPS and online, even if such is more profitable than SP titles.

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Wold rather see an RPG.

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"Next Year looks promising."

With what? Not that I follow games like I use to.

Also more like MS has to be the worst content creator for consoles. More so considering how long they've been in the industry.

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Click "show" and... well, would say find out, but the reason was likely they got voted/reported or modded/edited for fanboy reasons.

No foul language, just someone didn't want to see the comments or couldn't counterpoint them.

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Question is was it handled well within the context of the game and it's story?

Raiden being naked in MGS2 was effective - funny - especially because he always kept his junk covered, but really, it made no sense. Just like people routinely being in their underwear immediately post sex or taking a shower.

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Have we ever handled it well, one way or the other?

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What game does MS have which shows off "The Beast"?

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Certainly not a showcase for proving what cloud distribution can do. Not after all this time.

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Didn't they know about it years before it was published?


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They did allow him to let it out into the wild. Given publicity little to no chance of anyone else re-releasing it and trying to clam it as theirs.

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Isn't that everyone?

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And that is Bleszinski's very issue: he's never been all that original.

Loooooong history of focusing on a console, accusing others of being as dogmatic as he tended to come off as once upon a time. Not counting relapses.

Given that the internet is what it is, never forgives someone for what they might have said or been perceived of saying, that's just the way things are.

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Sadly, the real test is going to be when Sony or even Nintendo try something similar.

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