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"I Just Want a Motherf***ing Starfox Clone!"


Given that many on the SJW side were never interested in having a discussion, just talk about how right they were, yeah, its been pointless from the start. #8.2
That is literally what the whole SJW mess is about. People - feminist/pseudo-intellectuals -who think gaming is either a rape simulator or can be made into a Marxist brainwashing machine. #8.1
If that's not going too far, then its at least poking the bear.

The small, scrawny toothless and clawless bear who nonetheless makes too much noise. #9
You realize that you're not describing ME, right? #1.1
Most were bothered my the English, I was bother at how obviously staged that bit with the giant monster was. I'll even bet that you never interact - fight - it.

My problem with the series is that, more and more, characters do more in cutscenes than they do in game. #3
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Thought that it just needed to cook...for a lot more...

I mean, if it were a cake you could pour it. #12
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Didn't Starfox Adventures make everyone say, "Never leave the Airwing?" #2
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How do you not see direct correlation to feminist pointing out female objectification in media, and them wanting it to stop? That is literally asking what is two plus two.

I mean if Anita Sarkeesian see the reveal of Shamus at the end of the very first Metriod as only something to fuel male sexual fantasy, then she has serious problems. #2.3
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Its an unpopular opinion? #7
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The problem is that while MS is trying to situate their console ahead of the competition in order to be the most preferred for games, Its been established that their competition has the most games coming to their system. That a majority of games coming out will be playable on both, while either performing better or having more content on the other system. #1.1.10
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Loss of quality standards or massive gaps in the testing process. #1
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Not much in modern times. Most are designed for one playthrough. #6
Would think it had more to do with the game apparently already being approved for development on a console. There are also several other factors, such as what's been shown looking like crap, and the whole project having a shady tone to it. #1.8
No one is judging the game. whether they're reacting to Valve permitting it onto Kickstarter, allowing it to be approved, then immediately taking it down seemingly based only on its controversial reputation. That if such were the case they never should have allowed it to go through approval in the first place.

Again, the actual quality of the game, whether anyone has played it or not, has nothing to do with anything. #4.3
I have no real interest in the game, but if Steam allowed it through their approval system only waiting to take it down once it was approved, then they done goofed. #4.2
Except there you were killing things that were trying to kill you. Not just people minding their own business.

What I hate is that this is, or will be, used as an extremist example to attack games where you are killing people trying to kill you. #4.1
And yet the method they've chosen to offer 3rd party product is, for lack of a better word, democratic.

Then again its also politicized. #3.2
They probably are planning a full collection. around when they announce DMC5? #2.3
Has anyone said how its selling there?

Not well I suspect. That or they're that worried about the PS4 hitting next month. #3
Great deal, but those memory cards though... #1
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