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regardless of the release date now both consoles are pretty much sold out already and they're still 2 months away. Here in Australia preorders are been taken to secure a PS4 in 2014 the earliest.

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Well said bubble to you my good sir!

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Agreed and surely all PC versions of any game have always been the definitive version, but thats a given it only makes sense that a platform which can be continually optimised would allow for games to be optimised with it.

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Woo hoo PC yeah!!

Maybe you should install a fuck machine extension to your tower so you can not only get visual pleasure but physical as well?

PC has never been part of the next-gen its always been excluded the gen part of NEXT-GEN refers to the console cycle...
Ofcorse PC will always be better its the platform which games are MADE on.
Consoles were made for the living room you know the device that sits next to/under/over your TV?
A d...

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Why UK amazon only though?

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Haven't all their games been on different platforms? I can't seem to remember any of theirs being multi platform? So wouldn't it be better if they were exclusive to one of the big three, where you could get all their stuff from one place instead of two or three?

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From a person who was here during the 360/PS3 console war and being a PS fan the Podcast Beyonds intro says it best "Never Underestimate the Power of Playstaion".
That being said the console "war" coming up is absolutely pointless! The 360 and PS3 had so many differences arguing between which was better made more sense, but between the Xbox1 and PS4 they're so similar it all comes down to personal preference. Do you like major exclusives or do you prefer the on...

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Agree 100% most console players don't even know there is an auto aim -__-
Just remove it completely and level the playing field to just skill and a tiny bit of luck :)

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I wish they would stop showing us how much better it looks in HD and tell us when we will be able to buy the damn thing! The kingdom hearts HD has been out in Japan for like 6 months and still hasn't released else where!! It worries me to think when we might get our hands on this.. I have however preordered both wanting that JRPG fix :D

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I think he is referring to the shared library. Not completely sure how it works but you nominate 10 people to be on the list and in turn you become on their list? This is the only way it seems to makes sense for me.
No way in hell will a company that only lets you lend a game once to one person let you share all of your download library with 10 people without some sort of restriction.

I think the main reason they changed it f...

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On the Gametrailers interview with Tretton he says that according to devs the PS4 is a much more powerful console and that if you compare the games side by side (multi-platform Im guessing) it'll be obvious that they look and run better on the PS4.

We will just have to wait and see how true this is but my guess is the mans probably right!

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Anybody else find it a tad bit weird they didn't show how much it would be in YEN?
This does not affect me in the slightest, it just makes me think they've got a heap saved up for TGS!!!!

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I thought GAME went out of business? They've completely disappeared here in Australia :/

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I believe each console game had a different director not sure about the psp versions

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If you believe god is made up for control then you too are as closed minded as you make "he's" believers out to be.
People don't worship him because says so in a book -__-
God is not a man in the clouds who watches over everything.
The whole purpose of religion is to guide people, to make them more peaceful to others so we can live with each other without causing harm to one another.
god is not a being rather an entity a...

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yeah? how is it?

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i really enjoyed dark souls more than demons souls. it just felt alot more connected. you didnt HAVE to use the bonfires it was up to you and the fact that it was more forgiving but still hard as hell still gave a rewarding feel.

But I do hope they make a demons soul 2 following that trend of relentless unforgiving gameplay. there really is nothing else like it on current gen...

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i have the same feeling. He loves trolling keeps the wait more interesting :)

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