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I am not the biggest RPG fan but I am in love with Me2. It really plays more like a shooter with some RPG elements. I was luke warm on ME1, this is a big step forward for this series.

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Demo for the PS3 isnt out yet. Next Thursday they will be able to do those shots. Keep in mind the demo is a new level, not the one that was used in the beta.

But knowing DICE and knowing how BC1 looked the PS3 and 360 versions will be just about the same.

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Yep this is the sniper I use when I feel the need for long range damage.

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Stories reported as duplicates to this are lacking tons of information. Remove your reports and get this thing published.

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I believe it is only games released to this point. Uncharted 2 is obviously not out yet...

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Yet I bet if this was a custom PS3 you would claim this is the start of the Sony comeback right?

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They also had Disney Sing it WITH MIC for the 360 at $19 bucks.... even for one second I did not consider it but others might.

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As soon as KZ does 4 player online co op and has massive open ended levels then we can compare. Why nobody gets this is strange to me... The reason H3 was not the best looking is what it did with the online portion. Plus lets add video capture in there also.

KZ2 will be a fun game but the reason it looks so good is because they kept it tight... no co op and very scripted, which is fine but that is how you gain the resources for the visuals.

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So... they are claiming they have better Physics than a game that was released 2 years ago? Perhaps they should wait for Forza 3 later this year. But then again.. it has taken what, 5-6 years to actually crap out GT5.

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LOL WHAT?? He was the biggest fanboy at

He was a horrible so called journalist. Everyone leans one way or another, he flat out fell to the Sony side on everything...

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Because even if Sony slashed 100 dollars off the PS3 making it still 100 more than the cheapest 360 MS could again drop $50 off the 360 to make it $150. If MGS4, LBP and Resistance 2 did little to nothing to move consoles do you really think KZ2 or even GOW3 will make up the massive gap in the US?

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Sounds fairly solid, I might pick it up but I sure wish it clocked in at $30.

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I am really starting to hate the fact that this site considers personal blogs news.

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Not really that great of deals to be honest... most of those games are cheap other places. The only one I would pick up is MLB The Show 08.. facebraker for 24? Not worth half of that.

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No doubt that in order to pull off 60 man battles the graphics will need to take a hit. Single player should be much more impressive. Visually though it looks alot like R1 on the multiplayer side. I certainly forgive it based on the scale alone.

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Yes you can use your headsets.. BUT ... The author was pointing out that on the PSN not many users have one.

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Sounds like it was the patch that came out yesterday. The official resistance forums are filled with people upset over the patch.

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Yikes.. I do not agree with Saints Row being a 5 ... and Far Cry 2 scoring above Dead space.. no way!

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Please explain how it is a scam that YOU asked to be charged... they give you what you wanted before getting the money and then tried over and over to charge you (while sending notifications) and then in the end its their fault? At what point do you either change your billing method or call them? Why are they at fault?

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Why on earth would you ever attempt to buy even ONE month if you have no money? You are either very stupid with your money or full of it with this story. This is not news... sad that this was approved.

If true you have other issues to worry about with your life beyond the $16 you charged up.

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