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Awwww. You have many incredible exclusive games towards the end of the generation to look forward to. You poor baby. You had to watch two women kiss! You poor baby.

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You need to get a life lady. Sick of seeing you try to downplay these amazing looking games. Jesus man a 45 year old woman on here trolling

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As usual you are full of sh!t

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They do nothing better with the exception of backwards compatibility. Must be a really long game as it started at the end of last gen and will drag on into the next.

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These companies may play nice and be cordial towards one another but behind closed doors and in the board room they want to bury each other. Fanboys on the internet are just like any other fanatics. They are the vocal minority that scream the loudest just as on sports or political sites. Most of us are biased towards one console or another and enjoy some banter on the internet. Slow your roll, look at your disagrees and use some critical thinking skills.

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Yes you will.

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Your name should be biased observer.

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They aren't dislikes. Pretty much everyone here disagrees with you and for good reason.

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You don't get it huh? You don't understand why people would want more quality and quantity and variety of games to play? Sorry can't help you with that.

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Jesus man you already said that earlier in this comment section. Find something to do

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Then he is not referring to you is he. Microtransactions are becoming a cancer to those who value single player experiences. Especially those from Rockstar as they have seemed to nearly abandon them for online content.

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I tried to read your article but I'm not clicking on a different page for each game. Lost me.

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Shouldn't an an elite gamer doing reviews play his games on the elite PS4 which is the Pro?

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We should organize a boycott on this site for several days until they get this advertising and pop up thing under control. I battled two of them while writing this comment.

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Are you for real dude!?!

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Console exclusives are what differentiate them from each other more than power ever could.

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The Pro will be more than $100 cheaper this holiday season. Tough to justify that much higher price for a discerning gamer.

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