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Jesus man you already said that earlier in this comment section. Find something to do

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Then he is not referring to you is he. Microtransactions are becoming a cancer to those who value single player experiences. Especially those from Rockstar as they have seemed to nearly abandon them for online content.

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I tried to read your article but I'm not clicking on a different page for each game. Lost me.

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Shouldn't an an elite gamer doing reviews play his games on the elite PS4 which is the Pro?

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We should organize a boycott on this site for several days until they get this advertising and pop up thing under control. I battled two of them while writing this comment.

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Are you for real dude!?!

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Console exclusives are what differentiate them from each other more than power ever could.

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The Pro will be more than $100 cheaper this holiday season. Tough to justify that much higher price for a discerning gamer.

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Yay I can't wait to hear about how they have focused on multiplayer and will have tons of free online dlc with microtransactions and no single-player dlc. Yay!

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How eloquent. What are you 14?

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There is no possible way that you could be more pathetic. Please call us all peasants next. Haha my god

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1. The release of the Ps4 pro and announcement of Scorpio.
2. Horizon
Read Dead
3. No man's sky debacle
4. Inside
5. Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank
The Last Guardian

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I can't bring myself to read an article when the fourth word from the beginning is misspelled.

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I really hope that Rime comes together on PS4. That's the one I'm looking forward to. Also very jealous of Xbox users who will get to play Cuphead. Hopefully it will come to PS4

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What does Crank and Score mean under my username on my profile page?

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No about 200,000 Xbox players will play it like I said. So no, not every single one of them plays only those games.

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200,000 copies sold on XBox tops. Their fanbase will not embrace this kind of game.

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I love Rockstar games but they have lost me as a day one buyer if they don't show any love to single player. I can wait for used or bargain bin prices if they are going to focus on this online micro-transaction crap.

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