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I haven't had any problems with Cortana as of yet...sometimes it understanding WHAT TO SAY to make it work properly...its a shame that it don't have a natural conversation engine..but if you say it right it works..thats just MY experience.

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my question is.."what kinda game is this"..what is the base of the game..just exploration? space battles....any battles period.....or just fly from planet to planet looking around?

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so out of the 3....Nintendo is in the worse shape of the 3 gaming companies gaming wise.hardly no games nor 3rd party is next worse financially.they have a good system but sony has been bleedeing MS is worse in brand popularity..outside of the US an UK a lot of people just don't like the brand...cause the system is solid...the online is solid an a lot of the games are GOOD.....not great games but really good having all the systems I tend to put more of...

34d ago 0 agree3 disagreeView comment disappointed....clearly no buy for me...i'll stick to the RE5 master on the 28th...

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if this went back to the RE style like the not co buy for me....RE5 is one of my favorite games ever..i beat it on all difficulties an had all the DLC.....that's what I want..

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dude im hardcore xbox...but I can give credit where credit..those games looked nice...I buy 90% o my games on my xbox...but I was impressed with what I saw..

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not gone is WHOOPING MS ASS when it come to games right now....

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me personally...I do 90 percent of my gaming on my xbox even tho I got a PS4..but man...that god of war looked awesome an that one with the mechanical animals...then the game with the android.....color me impressed...

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the action RE's sold WAY MORE copies than the horror RE's so good luck with that...hell I didn't get into RE until 5 an I love it...I played the others..just didn't care for them..

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they need to make them backwards compatible for the xbox one...then i'd be interested..i have those games for my 360 but all my friends sold their 360 an games for the new system...

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there's no sense of entitlement you can do what you want with your money an I will do the same with mine...if your happy with companies doing this kinda crap thats not...just look at the last of us came with a ton of new stuff...activision could clearly do the same for a nearly 10 year old game...but they again..spend your money the way you want an I'm gone spend mine the way I want....

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I'm not buying this...oh hell then they only wanna give you 10 maps on the remaster...what about us who bought all the DLC of that game back when it released...they gone make us buy that to? go activision...

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if you played the gears beta n it looked like a 360 game then you need to change your v because when I loaded it up I immediately noticed how CLEAN it good the draw distance come on with that comparison dude...

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only in the minds of fanboys....great system...great games, great sales. sales just aren't as strong as the PS4....but in trouble...NAW!!!

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i just cant wait til MW2 come back....everything else gone take a back seat for awhile..

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all they need to do is get rid of the exo suite jumping crap...fix the horrid hit detection, get rid of that quick scope/hard scope crap, go back to the normal kills for kill streak rewards an not these points system, an focus on a more strategical team based shooter an not this simple minded run an gun an the game would be so much better....

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i got about 1700 hours in destiny...I played the division beta because I was super excited for the game...I was a little underwhelmed...but at the same time I still preordered it an waiting to put time into it to form my own opinion on whether its better than destiny or not..

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this has to be some of the worse so called journalism I have ever seen...there's still plenty of reason to own an you guys are acting as if EVERY SINGLE XBOX TITLE is on the seems as if your trying to convenience people that theres no need for the system...if you don't like it fine..but don't try an push this self hate for the system on everybody else..i have an enjoy all systems..

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dude...its obvious you cant count....the vanilla game was 60...the dark below an H.O.W was 40 an the taken king was 40 bucks...that's 140..where did you get 300 dollars from?....

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