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i remember when 100P was a big game that was 900p on xbox looked like crap compared to a game that was 1080p on PS4 according to sony fans...but now a game running in 1440p on the PS4 looks the same as a game running in native 4k on xbox one...go

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NOPE!!! on a fool would think hat

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dude having an opinion is one thing..but you know theres people especially on this site that will hate a game JUST BECAUSE its on another that's what starts the defending...I actually have Ryse which was a good game an I beat it, I also have the order 1886 good game as well I haven't beat it..but you know fans on both sides tore them games apart an I still cant see why...I guess everybody like different things..I have bought EVERY uncharted game, Have not completed one....

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to those comparing Spider-Man to CD3 is just really showing your game went for a more cinematic look while the other went for a cell shaded cartoon look ..2 totally different games..they both look good in their respect...but you cant honestly sit here an say the 2017 game play looks better than the reveal trailer...because it doesn't...but what game actually dogs nor the division looked as good in game as they did in the reveal trailer...I doubt Anthem is gonn...

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the game has been in development for a few years was rumored to release march 18 but I think they kicked it back to fall18.this game is almost done...I think they wanna pretty it up alittle more for the PC an one x to try an do a showcase...but we'll see..

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I'm convinced...NOTHING MS can show will ever be enough for the people that roam this site....

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PS4 pro looks better as it should...that's a 2015 arcade machine VS a 2017 console remake...

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for my taste RE5 was the best game in the series...I didn't like the style RE was before RE4...the type writer save points an the style of controls...I just didn't like it..many people loved RE5 that's why 6 sold so good...but 6 was a huge let down in my eyes..

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this whole article is nonsence...I have both a PS4 an XBOX PS4 probably dont have 200 hours of play time on it an i bought it at launch.I dont regret buying the system..its a cool system..I just like my xbox better...that doesnt mean the PS4 is trash...I just like my xbox all this talk about xbox not having exclusives...whats crazy is you guys KNOW that you either need an xbox or WINDOWS PC to run these games,an those are both platfforms OWNED by yes its s...

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Gno the 1 add me...

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i was in game stop yesterday an they got sooooo many used copies of this game in there....this game couldnt have been that bad...atleast i hope not..

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doesnt look much diferent to me...some scenes show more detail in the E3 footage an some show more detail in the looks like a change of filter an his shades are darker...other than looks pretty good an nothing like E3 an watchdogs 1..

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NO!!!! is clearly in the drivers seat....3-4 months of NPD isn't gonna make that big of a would take about 20 months to really cut into that lead an this is coming from a xbox fan...even tho I have a PS4..I rarely play it..i want to get pro JUST BECAUSE..i may still end up getting the PRO...

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yeah...I got a 3TB external HD an all I have to do is hook it to any other system an log into my account an all my games work on my xbox....

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modern warfare 2, modern warfare (COD4) call of duty 2, modern warfare 3...I hate all the black ops games...they just felt cheap with terrible hit detection an that sucky points streak instead of kill streaks..

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they dont wanna hear the truth...i dont think i said anything inappropiate but hey...what do you expect from this site....they wanna keep the back an forth fanboy crap going...

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so let me get this straight....the 1.3 an 1.8 teraflop difference between the xbox one an PS4 will be a bigger diference than the 4.2 an 6.0 teraflop dofference in the Pro an scorpio?... basically the scorpio is a complete PS4 difference in power but it wont be noticable?...HA!! ok.....

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man...this article is a fanboy ceaspool an you guys are playing in it...smh....why cant everybody just have a PREFERENCE on what they like...if you dont like sony your has the best exclusives blah blah blah...I prefer the xbox but i also have a PS4 because there are a few games i not loyal to one system..i like GAMES...

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maybe that explains why the multiplayer feels bland an worse than the first one...

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