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im really falling outta favor with the COD series...once the 2 original creators (zapella.west)left this series has went to crap...the hit detection is HORRIBLE.....this is the only series where I can start shooting a guy first an still get killed....ghost was bad an this game is just as bad...kinda hate I bought the digital copy because I would have traded it in by now...the control an tightness of titanfall just feels bad the game is kinda I don't care what they say.... #4
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mine down...both systems.....smdh #8
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if that's the case....I bought the sony XBR 850A 4k tv for 3000 in MARCH an paid 700 for the 4k media in November that same tv is about 1800 an the media player is about 250....does sony owe me anything?...NOPE!!..the sad part is the new 4k TV's support PS now(mine don't) an the new 4k media player(looks like the ps4) plays a lot more media yes I GOT SHAFTED but that's the price I pay for being an early adaptor....just like the money I lost on the HD D... #68
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yeah sure you #15.1
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I have both an for me I prefer the xbox...when I turn it just seems alive an ready to give me what ever I .plus that's where all my friends mainly an online truthfully I really don't have many if any games for my ps4 other than warframe..dc that digging indie for me its xbox.. #9
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I didn't like any of the past RE games...didn't like the controls or the way it saved...but RE5 got me to play the franchise an I loved it...loved the co op...bout all the DLC...great RE6 was a different story....didn't care to much for that one.. #15
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haven't experienced any lag,stats issues..controller issues or audio issues what so I got the game for both the 360 an xbox one....(free next gen upgrade) their talking about a completely broken game an AW isn't now...are these supposed problems limited to only the xbox? #3
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mine is MW2...COD4....COD2..MW3...cant stand the black ops series..the game just feels like a cheap rip off...well I guess I just don't like treyarch games... #6
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I got the xbox one on my sony 4k tv the game looks amazing...crisp as looks better than BF4 did an that game looked great..i haven't played the multiplayer tho it got to late.. #14
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im in the preview program an my pre load went tjust took awhile to download the 46 gigs but other than that no problems #12
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what really looks the same? #19
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im not downloading that shit until I know theres no system bricking going on an when the server strain isn't so bad... #10
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the first gears was the best....they built up the chainsaw lancer an the hype of cutting up enemies only to nurf it in the other games by introducing the lambent...when you try an chainsaw them they would explode an kill you..which basically took away the lancer an made the game strictly a stop an pop shooter.. #19
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just like people wanted to play the last of us again right...come on dude...i'd buy a gears collection(not touching the halo one) an i'd soo love a modern warfare collection... #13
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im running the sony XBR850A 4k it looks amazing...ive always liked Samsung TV's but ive grown fond of this sony I got the 4k media player.. #53
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i knew it was coming....I forgot how many hundreds of millions of dollars were claimed to have been spent on this game...they just didn't wanna kill the current gen sales by stating it was coming to next gen...but since im not a big GTA fan it didn't matter to me... #20
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im finally no longer in denial...EA sucks when it comes to madden...its been the same shit..same tackles same everyhing...its soo bland now...every year my online games been going down an usually a 150 games played season..i've barely played 30 online games of madden 25....the game just sucks.. #6
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i noticed everything had DEDICATED SERVERS an not the power of the clould...i guess phil is getting away from the marketing words an calling it what it is.... #8
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not impressed...they flat out lied don't look like the reveal trailer that they claimed was game play just like they did with the madden 25 an nba live footage...EA needs to be sued for their bogus claims an actually advertise what their selling... #4
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im sorry but that looks like crap...the animations look sooo this looks nothing like the reveal video EA showed at the beginning of this gen...they lied about what madden looked like an the lied about disappointed.. #6
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