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im running the sony XBR850A 4k it looks amazing...ive always liked Samsung TV's but ive grown fond of this sony I got the 4k media player.. #53
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i knew it was coming....I forgot how many hundreds of millions of dollars were claimed to have been spent on this game...they just didn't wanna kill the current gen sales by stating it was coming to next gen...but since im not a big GTA fan it didn't matter to me... #20
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im finally no longer in denial...EA sucks when it comes to madden...its been the same shit..same tackles same everyhing...its soo bland now...every year my online games been going down an usually a 150 games played season..i've barely played 30 online games of madden 25....the game just sucks.. #6
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i noticed everything had DEDICATED SERVERS an not the power of the clould...i guess phil is getting away from the marketing words an calling it what it is.... #8
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not impressed...they flat out lied don't look like the reveal trailer that they claimed was game play just like they did with the madden 25 an nba live footage...EA needs to be sued for their bogus claims an actually advertise what their selling... #4
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im sorry but that looks like crap...the animations look sooo this looks nothing like the reveal video EA showed at the beginning of this gen...they lied about what madden looked like an the lied about disappointed.. #6
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for me the xb1 is well worth it...I use my xb1 95% of the time....I rarely use my ps4 for anything...I may play rosogun for a spell an DC universe..but other than that my PS4 gets no use...most of my multiplats I buy on xb1 because that's where all my friends play running a sony 4k tv so everything looks because I can do more with my xbox an that's where my friends play...the xb1 is worth it... #34
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that's not true...I have a sony 850 4k tv an it looks amazing...Netflix has a few 4k movies an tv shows an I also have the round sony 4k media box..if your into great pictures get a 4k tv...if you really don't care then 1080p is fine.. #20
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did you feel that way when sony FORCED us to buy a blu ray player with the PS3?..i ran right out an bought a PS3 because that's what I whatever the system came with I had to pay for it because I wanted THE SYSTEM.. #10.1
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no...I love using the kinect for navigating my system..i don't see anybody that really like the xbox complaining..its mainly the ones who's not gonna buy the system anyway an sony fanboys...we're only 5 months into a 5-6 YEAR console cycle an you see the same people keep talking bout drop Kinect drop Kinect..WHY? an writers love posting these typs of Kinect hate articles because they always draw attention on this site..smdh #13
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you probably need the amazon prime subscription(which i just cancelled) to use it.. an it only runs there wont be any current gen games on it....i'll pass for now..they want my money..IMPRESS ME.. #49
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I still have mine...I only have Killer Instinct gold an i played the hell out of it getting ready for the xbox one to launch with killer have come a long way since then.. #14
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the PS3 came out in November 2006 at 500 an 600 dollars...8 months later in July Sony OFFICIALLY dropped the price of the PS3 by 100 MS hasn't dropped the price...certain retailers have..but you guys are still seeing this as a sign of desperation or the system isn't selling...companies know there's people that's willing an able to pay the premium once they run out of those people then it time to lower the price for the people who couldn't afford th... #14
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Is it from playing movies? .....because playing games is strictly from the HDD.....or is it during the game installs? #3
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I gave you BOTH gamer tags for you to check for yourself which you wouldn't an you still have the audacity to call me a a true sony #25.3.1
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got no reason to lie fool...go check my news feed on both systems....gnothe1 on PSN an Gno the 1 on xbl...that's what you guys do...I have NO NEED TO LIE....I guess I would be lying if I said my systems were hooked to a sony 850A 4k tv also...lmao #25.2.1
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I bought MG on the PS4 just to have a reason to use the system...I only played about 2 minutes(looks gorgeous)but all my friends wanna play is titanfall an madden an neither have the PS4....but I might really get into it tonight.....not interested in infamous second AT ALL....never liked the other 2... #25
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dude...GIVE IT A REST!!! we get it.. you don't like the xbox....but some of us do...that 3 walls of junk you just posted isn't gonna change anybody's opinion..the Ps4 isn't the end all gaming console..the only thing it has going for it right now is price an THE PLAYSTATION just give it a rest about a system an company you clearly don't like because NOBODY CARES... #16.1
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I've always been alittle more partial to my xbox than my playstation...but sony KICKS MS ASS when it comes to the free games...I've gotten so many great games from PS plus that was fairly new that I wouldn't have bought that I ended up loving....with xbox GWG I just don't get the feeling I NEED to play any of those old ass crappy games... #31
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to bad you cant respond...but I don't give a damn how many people out there wants a again this whole quality thing is a matter of opinion...for ME it hasn't meet my expectations RIGHT NOW an neither has the xbox one...but im getting more enjoyment outta my xbox.. #11.1.1
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