Playing MGS Peace Walker on Xbox 360


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i just wish they had been adding DLC to Blood money., it was such a simple game, but so fun and well balanced.

why could they not just add DLC for it. if Payday can have 50 DLC levels why not hitman?

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oh yeah, becasue when Black ops was added they totally fixed the broken ass multiplayer.

There's anew COD every year, why do you need the older ones to be added? Thats just a waste of time.

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they don't need to mention names. they simply would make formal statement, something like " we are trying to add new games, but the decision is ultimately up to the publishers to decide which games are added."


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okay, i can understand their position on not adding new games that people want, so why no go public with this info and basically shame the publishers into releasing the stuff for BC, its not like they are going to remaster everything

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those are actually games?

when is Splinter Cell Conviction/ Blacklist going to be added? how about mafia 2? how about crysis 2 or 3? how about far cry 1 or 2 or 3? how about the older Assassin's Creed games? how about the older Need for speed titles?

oh, no " we evaluate based n feedback wherein we supply all of the choices, and force the feedback to be what we want it to be" right?

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yes it does, i need that stuff on the fly when im gaming.

i can't go to the home page every time i have a cool moment.
what's so hard to understand?

Don't say "multitask and future-proof" when you are not even "present-day-proof"

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okay. i see what you mean.

but shouldn't it still be like part of the xbox OS or something like that?

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Also the excuse they have "requires developers to implement it" this was sony's pathetic excuse for how custom music would work on the PS3" As someone who had a ps3 since 2008 i was very disappointed to find that in over 100 titles I played only Warhawk (remember that old ass game) and Killzone 2's multiplayer segment allowed for custom music.

Why would developers waste time implementing and resources and money on implementing a software feature that ...

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why can't i customize what apps and in what order they come up in the quick menu on xbox one? I want twitch and the game dvr, to always be the top two, but No, I have to scroll past apps i haven't used in months, to get to what i want.
One of my biggest problems with xbox one is the lack of any real settings customization.

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Can i trade in my launch model in perfect working condition and no blemishes or scratches, for 50% of of this unit?

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The reason why MS deals tend to suck is the same games on Steam are on sale for $0.99. Thats why this shit sucks

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Frank West and double sided chaninsaw.

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considering how esy it was to get moeny at first, and then with Heists it became 100X easier why would anyone waste money on the shark cards, i mean doing 1 heist with all the setup missions will get you more money than most shark cards would.
WHO, FUCKING WHO was dumb enough to buy this shit?

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yeah he is back to normal, in the end of 3 where you kill Zeus there is a brief moment just before Zeus explodes where you see the chains o his arms fall off naturally and if you look closely you will notice the rain washing off the ashes.

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When we beat this let's all go to an all-expense paid trip to Planet Quantos with Cap'n Quark

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the controller is definately cool looking, but i jsut like the fact that they finally got the mp3 audio jack looking right. the way that you press the little right key to activate volume controls, is so good, why couldn't they do that from the get go? oh lemme guess they had to be stupid and restrictive in a yet again failed attempt to try an make people shell out extra cash for the " adapters"
fucking xbox.

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do you plan on playing the COD story modes? because all last gen COD is has either dead multiplayer or hacked servers. i was playing Blops 2 6 months ago and i was in a hacked lobby ,how do i know? becasue i saw the hacker's cheat screen on my tv, as he was selecting stuff, and the fact that he ended the game as soon as the start timer finished.

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quick prick? Thats right stick it in, stick it in....

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on amazon ,they list the "upgrade pack" as a season pass. and the paris level as a "full game download"

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unfortunate that the pre-order stuff is not available as a separate add on

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