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"Playing MGS Peace Walker on Xbox 360"


yup, all the main weapons had very similar attacks as well. the blades spun, the hooks spun, the whips were a little different but you get them really late. the fists were different but they had chains too and implemented in a really bad way. #29.1
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and who exactly is that ? anyone who has not played this series yet, is likely to not start now.

and as far as 1080p. / 60fps and other graphical nonsense goes, this was how the game was when it released they may have just added more bright lighting.
i don't see why people are so excited over this re-release it would be cool however if they included the original 3 way battle with gaia and zeus as the ending, and not that retarded montage of "kratos subconsc... #27.1
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chico is Quiet, is believable ?

What the hell kinda dope are you on? when we see queit, you can clearly see no bulge on her pelvic area, dont tell me chico was castrated.

You guys are so desperate your like religious fundamentalists, just grasping for dots that dont exist. #1.2.1
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yeah they should have not wasted money on those tow and porting it and such, should have just made it, for the next gen only. #4.1
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You cant compare Cod to MGS in any way what so ever.

Plus Cod maps are small and clustered with furniture. #1.1.1
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Word Brotha! Word! #14.1
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or how about make a good game, and people will gladly buy it day one for $65, that way you dont need to to run dlc to raise revenue, like call of duty, nobody buys ti for the story so dont even make one, jsut make a multiplayer mode like titanfall or evolve and charge $25, and it will sell like crazy. #8.1
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How about if they release the "DLC" as a free option to let us play the game and get a taste and if we like how it plays we can "upgrade" to the full game, but still have our dlc progress carry over? #8
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Why would we not need demos anyway? what are you rich and have nothing to do? or just a troll? #1.1.1
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Nice a Ps4 bundle, for FREE!!! well after being an early adopter of the PS3's $500 its nice to get the next console on the house. #505
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can this fucking company ever market something other than lego star wars and fucking Forza. Sim Racing is nto fun anymore. put, demo deadrising 3, or COd Ghosts on the X1, or driveclub, you know something relatively new, not something that gets yearly releases, and is advertised 24/7 in every gamestop. you know what if all they have is forza on demo im not gonna check it out just because thats all they have. #11
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really you guys couldn't just record it, you had to write about the experience of this game? so lame how ppl do that, shit. not clicking on it #18
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also a new legacy of kain game #61
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thats sarcasm right? otherwise you need to be shot. #53.1
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better social services like, voice chat, video chat, all while gaming. along with custom soundtracks whenever i want, just like the xbox 360 has it. not during certain online games like killzone 3's online ... quicker loading times with the xmb menu. an actual internet browser like chrome or safari, not I.E. and not firefox they both crash often.
cross-play for all games like mgs peace walker playing co-op with on person playing on the vita and the other on the ps4 (and they DON&... #60
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i was always a saints row over gta fan. but this has me sold way more than sR4 #135
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not to rain on an already rainy day. but they showed gameplay of Versus 13 back in 2010 #2.1
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look i liked both games. but there was variety in part 3 more so than in 2. yes the tactician grenades for spontaneous spawning in part 2 was better. but there was other things that mad eup for it. if the CLan system is waht all the "majority" is pissy about. get over it. its just one thing. and as far as the weight controls go. yea it was more so in part 2 then 3. but be glad they still had it. at least to some extent. #27.2.1
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uhh. no as i always liked KZ2/3 more than Cod, and i have no respect for halo. so they took away clan systm but they still had clans. i was in a clan in both games. kz3 had weighty controls just not AS WEIGHT driven. and they had the original control scheme but just cause they introduce a new slightly different one isnt a trash-talking point as some others like to make it look like. what both games needed was more weapons and more variety in map layouts, and more rewards for being a good pla... #27.1.1
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so wat if he brought politics in why must that topic be so taboo? #2.3.1
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