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"Playing MGS Peace Walker on Xbox 360"


if thy stuck to what they knew worked and avoided the that kane and lynch abomination, they could have relased absolution in 2010, and this game in 2012, and by now they could be releasing a real game. #7.1
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This is pretty similar to how Metal Gear Solid 5 got released, with Ground Zeroes to give players a taste and then the Phantom pain to really get you going, Hitman is just way shorter. #4.2.1
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well they rehired the same idiotic writer from the last one, cast a list of actors that look and sound nothing even close to the game counterparts. and made a story worse than absolution. and all this i got just from the reviews and trailers. not worth the $11 theatres charge #2.2
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but the game releases on Tuesday!!!! Thats no excuse. if the release was monday and they received it Between FRiday and Sunday. Fine but its been surfacing up in various places for 2 weeks NOW!!! What kind of "bank holiday" justifies this? #5.1
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yeah absolution only had about 4 levels that were like previous games, hope S.Dakota, chinatown, blacwater park, and absolution. #3.1
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i know this is common for really big games like Call of duty and battlefield and those really popular PC games, but MGS really? it's popular but its not 800 million on day one popular.
Why do they always release things so early, this defeats the purpose of a street date, why not ship them out of japan the friday before release so that it gets to retailers on Tuesday Sep, 1st. and by Sept. 3 in the hands of online orders.

I dont understand why they need to ship t... #4.1.2
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I just hope Criterion's bullshit crash sequences are not included, that's the only deal breaker for me. crashing i don't mind but having to watch a redundant crash sequence that is usually pre-scripted almost every time, is NOT FINE!!! #14
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I ordered my copy, already, but i checked at the time i posted this to make sure that they still have copies in stock, unfortunately for right now only the Xbox One version is re-stocked.
But the PS4 version is also supposed to be getting restocked, for the last wave of pre-orders #1
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about 5 hours after your posting they stopped, Cause i tried then i stopped for some reason, went back 20 minutes and they were sold out.
However about 10 hours ago restocked.
Ordered it myself. #3.1.1
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ATTENTION USA BUYERS!! for USA customers has also restocked at the about
2:00 a.m. on Aug, 21
If you hurry they might still have some in stock.

UPDATE: They only have the XBOX One version in stock #4
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yeah but joe usually plays and reviews his game on the pc, if he did a separate review for the console version spoiler free might i add, it would get a higher score,
given the differences between the consoles and the pc version, it really deserves separate reviews. #1.2.1
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whoever downvoted you, was a certified idiot #8.1
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Yup only Ps4 is running smooth, which means with this game and al lthe other timed exclusives sony is making, i mean COD is for the first time ever getting the 30 days early dlc on ps4, shows that sony actually learned something from the ps3 cycle, and that was to not rely on brand recognition to win customer's wallets #6.1.1
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the main issue in Arkham knight is they used the Denuvo DRM in the game's coding which ahs been proven to make games suffer. but why do they do that, when Steam already has a DRM policy in play? #1.3.1
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oh yeah, haha, moron, its a win 8.1 8gb ram. Asus intel-i7. not a compaq 95. #5.1.1
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too bad all that was promised to happen on ps3, but never did, well not most of it. nope sony lost me a long time ago. #1.4.1
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you guys are lucky the game plays at all, with me the game is never above 7fps #5
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probably after 7 years of not bribing developers during the ps3's best years , they decided to make business decisons with their wallets, and do what ms was doing and make some exclusive deals.
if only they had done this shit before they lost most of their exclusive games during the ps3 years #1.1.7
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who are the 2 morons who downvoted you? #6.1
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superman returns featured superman with no health bar, instead the city had a health bar, if he allowed the city to get destroyed thats how he lost. , but he never died. #3.4
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