Playing MGS Peace Walker on Xbox 360


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Zombies were in The Phantom Pain, So i don't know why you re not blaming Kojima for planting the seed. Also whenever COD announces that it will have a zombies mode everyone clamors about how great it is. But When MGS does it its terrible? OR maybe its terrible because its not Hideo that is promoting the zombies.

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Yeah, it was fine, i dont understand what all the hate is for.
Plus its online was a massively underrated gem.

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my ps3 back in 2012 got the YLOd, i opened it up cleared all the dust as best as i could but some little bits of it was downright embedded into the motherboard. then i put on a new thermal paste on the cpu/gpu don't remember.

but while it turned on again it soon afterwards still got the YLOD. it took me two hours to assemble it together.

How did you fix it?

Also years ago someone modded my PSOne so i can play European releases of...

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i tried doing that to my PS3 once the Fat model. and although it turned on again for a few minutes, soon after it got the yellow light again. the console was 4 years old back then.

I was told that putting on thermal paste on electronics is very tricky. to pull off effectively. How did you do it well?

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stop crying about your zombies . Zombies is what the "snatchers" in Ground Zeroes were, and its also what the soldiers possessed by the Skulls encounters were.

but i didnt see anyone complaining or calling Kojima out on that. !! Everything in MGSurvive is reused assets from MGSV, so dont cry now when you were busy dick-riding Kojima.

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Maybe they need new management. how long have they had that same guy with the smug face starting the presentations now? How many times has Phil Spencer been at the top of a major game company while it was struggling? Phil was at Sega , then he left and it got better, he was at sony, soon as he left kevin butler was hired. now he's at MS when is he leaving ?

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So what happens if i bought them digitally on my xbox, then deleted them. would i no longer be able to download them?

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An opinion is not wrong. right and wrong only apply to facts. not opinions.

You are wrong however for claiming that his opinion can be wrong in the first place.

Get over it, not everyone dick rides Snake eater.
i liked it too, in fact i probably logged more hours over the years in snake eater than any other mgs, but i still liked sons of liberty the most

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Is this just a re-release or they add or fix anything.?

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if you take the time to notice, when u get all the bionic arm upgrades. Snake runs faster than any staff member.

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many of the reviewers were flown out by konami and played the game under very strict circumstances, they basically one-upped Call of duty when it came to "buying the reviews"

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how is this any different from any article ever that started with "Michael Patcher..."

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on steam it says that the season pass is for episodes 2-7.
so it seems people are getting burnt.

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sunset overdrive was nice, but many people myself included felt it just didn't have that " yeah! im gonna play that later" feeling. it was a nice game it just felt lacking

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a snow map is bad?

because desert maps which have been done to death in other games, are sooo much better right?

a game like this cannot have well thought out maps, becasue if it did, it would change from "fast=paced" which is what all 12 year olds hooked on adderrol like to a more tactical kind of game and require teamwork.

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how is this any different than the last 3 games?

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i just wish they had been adding DLC to Blood money., it was such a simple game, but so fun and well balanced.

why could they not just add DLC for it. if Payday can have 50 DLC levels why not hitman?

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oh yeah, becasue when Black ops was added they totally fixed the broken ass multiplayer.

There's anew COD every year, why do you need the older ones to be added? Thats just a waste of time.

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they don't need to mention names. they simply would make formal statement, something like " we are trying to add new games, but the decision is ultimately up to the publishers to decide which games are added."


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okay, i can understand their position on not adding new games that people want, so why no go public with this info and basically shame the publishers into releasing the stuff for BC, its not like they are going to remaster everything

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