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PS4. I really don't see any point in spending more money to buy a weaker game machine. If graphics aren't important to you then buy a PS2! Plenty of brilliant games on that machine! #1.10.3
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If it had a single player campaign like Gears of War had, then I'd have looked more seriously into buying an xboxone. However, as it stands I won't support multiplayer only games, that charge full price. #29
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Simcity 5 with offline, on the PS4, I'm buying it. Simple. #15
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This game is excellent to play with my 7 year old daughter. The second metal knack has infinite lives as long as knack is alive. Since knack can be killed more easily I usually let her battle the enemies while I lend support once the numbers of said enemies are reduced.

The excellent transition from game to cutscenes really show that you are in a next gen game but where Knack really succeeds is in being a 'family' game. There are very few games that help cover this p... #1
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Sorry my bad. I misread the write up. Hopefully we'll see it sooner than later. #5.3
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I got GT6 on the 6th of December and just got my PS4 two days ago. However, I can't wait to play some more GT6 tonight. Speaks volumes about how good it is. I'll probably play a bit then move over to Battlefield single player or Killzone for a few hours then back to GT6. Too much to play but too little time in between work and sleep. LOL! #11
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Hey they've added YouTube uploads and YouTube support! Yippee!! #5
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If this is true then it sucks. I just got the game but would NOT have bought it had I known about this earlier. My internet can go off every so often and the worst thing would be on my one free Sunday to have a internet maintenance period and I can't even play a game fully, which I bought with my own money!!

If companies want to do this rubbish they better be giving the games for free or at least informing the public about these 'features'!! #35
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I just hope they have at least a two player, offline, mode included! I have fond memories of many great races in the origin Need for speed on PS1 with a friend and of GT3 on the PS2 too!

Can anyone confirm if this will be available in this game?

If they also put some point to point tracks, again, like in the original NFS then I'd be in racing heaven! #17
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Mine has been dispatched too! I'm trying to not be excited. Lol! #15
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You just reminded me about the xbox 360 blades! I actually liked those the best. In fact Windows 8 should have taken a leaf from that and had a blade system rather than the other way round. Lol!!! #1.1.8
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Thanks, I too am looking for a game I can play with my six year old and one that she can play by herself too. So I'm getting this! #1.4.3
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I wasn't getting any basketball game at launch but now I'm getting this one! Wow!!! #1
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Road traffic is about to go up as there are going to be tons of people randomly driving around their neighbourhood 'creating' tracks for GT6. #24
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EA is making titanfall and after the COD 720p fiasco I'm sure they didn't want PS4 to be obviously ahead of the xbone. Let see what the reviews say of the game as I was planning on getting it if it's good otherwise wait for Driveclub. #7
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I'm was getting Killzone, Battlefield, Knack and Driveclub but now I'll get need for speed to replace Driveclub. I initially had no plans to buy NFS so this Driveclub delay is going to work in their favour.

Though I will buy Driveclub when it is finally released. #11
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That's why the Roman Empire was so brutal! They played Ryse and..... wait a minute...... #11
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I can imagine that would have cost them a ton of sales and money as many potential buyers don't have super fast Internet with unlimited (no throttleing after 20-50GB) downloads. Has everyone forgotten that the next gen games will be in the 20GB to 40GB in size at the very least!! #12.2
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Why are your friends buying X1s? To be honest the only games that might get me to eventually buy an X1 are Forza and the next Gears of War. I had both series on my 360 and they were great games. I'm waiting to see how reliable the X1 is and if Microsoft doesn't reverse...umm...its current reversal after release. #1.2.1
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You know what, I actually find this idea interesting! It would be a refreshing change. :-) #1.1.5
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