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From the level that I saw, it will be a lot like the DOOM 3 style of level exploration. #6.1
Well don't worry about me doing that ;) I've been a long time id fan and love their game style. #5.3
Unlikely it'll happen, they monitored us pretty heavily. If they do leak it, then it certainly wouldn't be good enough quality to do it justice. Don't worry, they'll release an official gameplay video at a later date. Until then, just picture ripping high Def demons to pieces with your bare hands. #4.1
Oh for sure! That's why I loved Wolfenstein: The New Order so much (yes not by id, but still their game). I want those kind of fun shooters once again and none of these rehashed Cod or Battlefield games. #2
Yeah I don't see this working very well with a normal controller. When I used this I had a gun peripheral which made it more intuitive. I didn't try it, but I imagine the Razer Hyrda would be phenomenal with this. Also in first person shooters it might be more time spent crouched and under cover than anything. #1.1
I would have to disagree, it does have a 'slow' pace at the start. Just because it is taking it's time getting you engrossed into the world, doesn't mean anything bad. Just for some they only like fast paced games and many might get turned off by the initial hour or two of the game. #2.4
Yeah or even a custom character. I would have enjoyed seeing a personal avatar with the game. #3.2.1
They are releasing DLC so maybe a new mode to the game? Hopefully lol. I agree and find the two multiplayer modes very similar. #3.3
I'm sure he meant from his friends lol. #1.3.1
Definitely isn't a game for everyone. Has a slow start and may be difficult for most at the start, but once you start being able to craft objects and upgrade then the game picks up. If you're curious then definitely rent it or pick it up used. #1.1
Yes it's about 5 times as long as typical movie, but that's only for one playthrough as well. Many games, especially ones like this that will probably have multiple outcomes, can be replayed many times and get a unique experience each time. Making it's value increase dramatically. #1.3
Yeah it does have head tracking, and you need a controller to give a good gaming experience. VR enhances the game experience, not replaces it. Although if used with the Kinect then that will fulfill your desire to not use a controller and game. Feel free to get a Kinect and the Oculus Rift and program some stuff for it and put it out there. #3.2
The other commenters are right. VR uses a headset to encase your entire view making you immersed in the game. #1.3
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