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Insomniac is not a subsidiary of Sony. Maybe they went PS4 exclusive to get the most out of the game without haveing to focus on another console.

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The thing about Nadine is she did'n care about the treasure. She is a hired gun. She does her job that she gets paid for as long as the job doesnt put all of her men in danger. Having her take control over Raffe, and be all about the treasure at the end whole betray her character because she don't care about the treasure to begin with.

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She is a soldier that has been fighting her whole life. Alot of people win 2 on 1 fight.

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The people who reviewed the game just dont know the ins and outs of the game. Not knowing how to cancel with dante, Not know comobs to get meter building quickly, Not know super setups or to comob into supers, knowing when to dodge or when to roll, using L1 to block, knowing the frames of character moves to know when to punish.

Known of this are in reviewers review of the game which gives an incorrect review. Knowing these things will give insight of which characters are hig...

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Why is the media so trying to focus on All stars flopping? instead of trying to tell people what the game has to offer if you put time into it to learn how to fight.

This article should have been All games are faltering in Japan cause non of them are selling that well. Instead the media trying to put All stars in the forefront just to make it seem like the game is bad.

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Having super moves getting kills is not a flaw. People need to just learn to get better at getting kills with the moves and stop trying to complain about it not being like this game and that game.

The game is not a promotional game just because it feature 1% of content before it was released on other games. You could say that if over 50% of content was from newer games.

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Actually learn how to play the game before you called it a clone. The game plays nothing like smash bros. Only thing they have in common are they are fighters. Different type of gameplay. Different type of way to win.

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Why should the characters have the same amount of appeal for people to play the game? People should play the game and learn how to fight in the game and stop trying to say well i dont know this character so I think this character suck. Instead learn the in's and out's of the game and it will be great to people instead of them just trying to find something to complain about.

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Superbot gave a good game if people stop trying to b**** about it not being like Smash Bros and actually try to learn to play the game. Learn how to block, get to know combos, learn what moves gets hit confirms. I see people play games now and that just go straight to the offense and not be smart. Then they lose 10 matches in a row and try to call the game trash. Its like this generations of gamers just hate to adapt in games now and just complain cause every game is not the same. It should h...

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DC Universe is bigger than most of these games on this list. I say most because i have not play all of them.

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I wish more people would give it a chance too. Alot of people are just going off what they hear and not what they play. DC Universe is a good game. Alot of people play the game and the game is nowhere near dead. The guy in the article hearing FOS is easy and complete in a day does not mean that Bat Cave 1, 2, and 3 are easy which they are not easy. One bad person in the group can mess it up for the team.

Plus IGN doesn't speak for me as I and alot of people in my league ...

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Outside of Uncharted the PS3 lineup looks thin? LMFAO at this guy.

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Meh. Drive from 20 miles of one point to get to mission startpoint & another 20 miles to actually start the mission. Looks same as all the other GTA's just in a different period. Show me something else gameplay wise that will differentiate this from GTA and I may get excited for this.

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They mention for months now that there will be big expansions every 3 months for the game.

@Colossal_Red All the things that come with the update this month and it doesn't warrant a price tag? What do you want in the update cause the next update puts alot of new content in the game.

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MAG sound is really down to memory issues instead of the sound they chose to put it in. If they had more memory to work with in MAG, then it will have a better sound in the game.

Also, Why is old school Socom heads hating the other game modes when there still the old school style in the game. You have the old way of playing and you complain about other modes that you don't even have to touch. That's just plain stupid

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I agree that this is a bogus review. All the things that is in this game and this site has a review that is shorter than a poem. Repetitive gameplay is a negative for this game. Every game in the world is basically repetitive gameplay. Stop just making that point for certain games and not all of them. I agree with you Post, this reviewer don't know how to play the game. Button smash your way through Arkham Asylum and see how far your group will get through that alert.

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Wow. Another article about Uncharted 2 being overrated.

Well I guess this guy is creative and has his own opinion about the game that no one has never said. Wait, it is the same thing that people who try to hate on all PS3 games said when the game first come out. This guy is being a follower and not having his own opinions about the game. He is doing the same exact article that haters been writing since the game came out which makes this article complete bullshit in its own ...

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Wonder if there will be a "Does anyone really play Mass Effect 2" dumb article cause that game fell off the face of the sales chartz

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I totally agree with you on that raztad. It also sounds like they cut out some puzzle elements that would have made the puzzle sequence better. Cause the ones in God of War 3 are lackluster and easy compared to the puzzles in God of War 1& 2.

Great interview. Wish I wouldn't have read it cause it made me mad that the game could have been even more epic with the removed stuff with more time.

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Just really looked up the sales and Uncharted did 230,000 during the month of November for north america.

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