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Some good questions asked, it's a shame that Dan wanted to dance around them.

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*thumbs up emoji*

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That's awesome, glad you enjoyed it!

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Hahahaha, it happens to the best of us.

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That's just the name of the podcast. It's a now playing podcast. The description even says what the podcast is about.

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Yeah, the animations are sick.

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Yeah, as of right now. That seems to be the most hassle free way to go.

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I mostly worry about drive space. You have at most right now, what? Room for 10-15 games?

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Yeah, pilot v pilot would seriously take away from what Titanfall is.

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Not really.

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That Super Punch Out song was great.

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Does anyone else feel like smashing their head into a wall when morons post comments like Summons75 comment above?

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The one that got me was the Gargoyles pic. Sora would look so bad ass like that.

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Just a little tickle.

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Seriously. This is an amazing time to be a gamer. I can only imagine what kind of games await us next year with these two amazing platforms.

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Maybe she can still make it with the fans voting, but I doubt it.

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A vote for the cover athlete would be neat. I'm saying Jones is an easy pick. But I can also see Ronda Rousey being an option. Being the one and only female champ in UFC, there's never been a female cover athlete for a UFC game.

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It seems as straight handheld and software would be the way to go.

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I agree with this article. I definitely think Microsoft will be able to reverse the curse with the Xbox One. The Xbox One will for sure outsell the 360.

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Greatest ever platformer? Or greatest platformer ever?

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