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Oh come on!!! The $5 less argument is about as stupid as " the online pass is needed, when a person buys used that's a extra player on our servers." I buy used games as well as new. A game like enslaved I buy used, after it drops in price. A game like folklore or valkiria chronicles I buy new. Used is not just 5 bucks less. I also get the power rewards discount. 2 for 1 ect, ect. I guess im a dying breed in the gaming world. A guy who use to play complete games, but we're t...

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No retraction I see. Well one less website to visit.

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Hmmm... I knew you could do the batch downloads but for some reason my ps3 doesn't automatically install them. I still have to do it manually. Didn't know about holding the ps button for ten seconds though so thanks for that Drstabwounds

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If the shoe fits then wear it. If not don't worry about it!

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Lol got left in the dark, DARK, bank vault with all that money they made. That's the problem with the ADHD generation!! It's all about the graphics and blood. I've been gaming since the atari days so, graphics take a back seat to a good story and gameplay!! I would tell you and everyone born after 1998 to go back and play the classics but you'd just say they were too childish for you lol!! Nintendo have always done things their way and they're the ones who've been in ...

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I wrote it. So if you wouldn't mind sharing with me what you THINK is nonsense.

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You do know that when you drive you can cause a car accident right? You do know that if you use a gun you can kill someone right? you do know that if you stick a fork in a wall socket you will die right? The point is that people have the right to do whatever they want!! Why do you think a company creates a ToS? Cause they have a right to protect their investment right? Well so do we. The argument you'll probably come back at me with is " Well they're made for games! If you want h...

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I don't understand n4g. I've been coming to this site for a long time, and the people here must be between the ages of 12 to 18. The software that these game consoles have is the companies. They provide us with a license. That's very well known, but these guys are fighting for the right to do whatever you want with the HARDWARE!! If Sony wants to remove the os fine but the hardware is ours to do with whatever we want. So if someone wants to write code for it then he should be able...

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How old are you? The reason I ask is cause if you ever sell your car or house or anything that you own I really do hope you give a kick back to the people that made it, or if u buy a used car or a house that was built 10 or 15 before you moved in I hope ypu give a little kick back to them. You seem to be on the side of the developers right so it seems only fair IMO. They provided you with something your gonna sell or probably buy, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say they you don&#...

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I don't think he needs luck to spend or not spend his money lol.

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It's getting really annoying to keep reading about the "developers". They made there money when gs or walmart or target ect bought their game. Oh they need money cause new players are using the servers? Think about it like this: I buy season tickets for the packers. I can't go to a game so I sell me seats to a friend. Where's he gonna sit?!?!? Oh no I guess green bay has to charge him a seat tax right??? But wait why can't he just sit on my seats???? That's the w...

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Nice dude bubs up for the poe reference!!

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I hope everyone here remembers Bobby kotick wanting to cut out the endings of games and sell them to us. Well with this new online pass, it is the begining of the end for gamers. It has now come to pass. I'm sure people here will still support it cause the developers are living in the streets and need our help. I suggested on another story for everyone here to start a $50 donation to help them out of the gutter but still no biters. Well here you have it folks. Pretty soon they will sell u...

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Guys guys I have the perfect plan. Why doesn't everyone here donate $50 to their favorite developers. Not by buying a game but just cut them a check for the money. According to the majority here they're gonna be on the streets soon so why not just give them the money bypass the publishers. Everyone here is so concerned for them but I don't see anyone starting up a collection. Come on it's just $50. They bring us such happiness. Or they could be happy with the million that thei...

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Just my two cents on this topic. What about the mandatory fw that are needed to play these newer games or newer blu rays? So I'm forced to accept this if I want to continue playing? What if I don't plan on ever playing online or just want to use my ps3 for blu rays? There goes the " durr this only applies to the psn" argument. This does affect everyone and for something like this I do agree that it should be clearly stated on the box. That way if anyone is looking to buy ...

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OMG this is the first time i post on here after coming for about 4 years, but i just had to. Specialguest that was the best ownage I've seen in a long time!!! Still no reply's to all those who demanded proof lol!!!! You slapped the taste out of their mouths with that one!!

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