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Cough *other OS* cough, cough *4 USB drives*cough, cough * ps2 compatability* cough

Man I must be coming down with a cold!

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Funny, I'm 30 years old and can still enjoy Nintendo games. Blood and guts don't make the game hardcore lol. Only little kids think blood and boobs means hardcore. They are adult games. Learn to tell the difference. I understand kids who just started gaming this gen don't get Nintendo, but alot of ADULT people do. I play games to have fun. If i want to see boobs i have my wife for that. Blood and guts i have movies and books for that. Grow up kid.

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I seem to remember everyone on here laughing at the ps3 for not having any games at launch. Ps3 fanboys kept saying "just wait we'll get more than ports" Its funny that now ps3 fanboys laugh cause the wiiu is getting ports at launch. Hypocritical much?

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This has to be the weakest comment on here! The wiiu will be running the game on the TV, then stream 2 different images to the 2 wiiu controllers. That takes alot of power there my friend. Everyone here saying that it wasn't going to be as strong as the current gen was just made a fool. If either ps3 or the 360 tried that they would probably melt and fry! They can barely handle 30fps on one screen. If you want next gen 1080p 60fps then get the wiiu and use the wiiu pro controllers. I gues...

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Like we don't know that xblrob is the author bubbling himself up lol. Author bubbled down, site voted down. Try harder next time lol

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Guys, when people here complain about having to pay for Xbox live, what's the consensus? "If you don't like the price don't use the service!" Well Microsoft is just getting its due. Remember karma exists. What goes around comes around. Its just Microsoft's turn to pay up. If they don't like it, " don't use the service."

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The fact that people like you still call it a gimmick is just plain sad. I guess "move" and "kinect" are gimmicks too? They all are TOYS. They are called video GAMES for a reason. Just cause you don't like it doesn't mean no one else does. This might come as a surprise to you, but the world doesn't revolve around you! Going by what you wrote here I'm going to guess you just started gaming this gen. So on that note ill leave you to think about those things. ...

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Somehow used games will get the blame for this!

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Cosplay queen??? Now don't get me wrong, she's very attractive, but all she does is show her boobs!! That's not cosplay! Girls like her are destroying this beautiful art!!!

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You laugh at Lionel about rumors he read, yet bash Nintendo about rumors YOU read. Nothing has been confirmed. So i think we know who the fool is here *cough bonsa cough*.

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When this game flops just like Enslaved, used games will get the blame!!

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"Lulz", in trying to argue my point, you made your point then contradicted yourself. You claim that after X amount of years a person will buy a NEW car, why would they if they can go out and buy a used one. Same as a game, why do i need to buy a NEW game when i can get a used one cheaper? See that's how common sense works my friend. Yes people will buy new, but they will buy used if given the chance thus taking away the new sale. If it works with on...

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Common sense is just going right by you!! I don't know how old you are, so ill just say this. Have your parents ever sold a car they no longer used? If so then tell them i need my cut of the money they received. See i work making cars and really think i deserve money from that sale!!! See common sense dictates that if you do something for one you have to do it for all, right? Well ill be waiting for the money. If the publishers determine the amount sold then the d...

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WOW!!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!!! its nice to know that in this ADD generation that some people still have some brains and common sense left!!! bubs up sir! !!

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That's exactly my point. they made their money when the game got sold new. If the want to keep their jobs they need to make better games. Just some common sense for ya!! This gen got worse and worse. Each game that comes out wants to be call of duty, and they succeed by releasing a buggy glitch filled short 5-6 hour game. Then have the gall to blame used sales when it doesn't sell. Some more common sense for you, if it didn't sell well new what makes them ...

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Oh come on!!! the devs who make the game get THEIR money while making the games. They have a 9-5 job just like everyone else. Its the publishers who are crying about used sales. If i buy used the publisher doesn't get any money, the devs already got paid!!!! This Gen just goes to prove, common sense isn't so common anymore!!! People today are just begging to have their rights taken away, and they cry and complain when they get their wish. All this "well it doesn't affect me&q...

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Everyone defending capcom must have started gaming this generation. It use to be that when you bought your disk or cartridge you got everything on it. Nothing was locked out. Today though "oh its just business." If i buy something i expect to get everything i paid for, everything on the disk. As more time passes, the more i think about the movie idioracracy. There's to many stupid people breeding and that's gonna lead us down a terrible path!!!

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Sorry I haven't played my vita since i got my 3ds...

See i can do that too.....

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I wouldn't call what she does cosplay. Its just her showing her cleavage and the 12 to 15 year old crowd drooling all over her. Not that i mind her cleavage, just saying.

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Revolver, please tell me why the dl games on xbl and psn are the same if not more in price than the disc version. Again the five dollar argument is flawed. Why lock content on the disk? If the practice is so honorable in your eyes, why not announce it on the cover. If its not wrong then they shouldn't have to hide it, but then I guess that's just me being naive, right?

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