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Someone on another post replied to how he'd laugh at me when the WiiU version of BLOPS 2 would be sub 600p. LOL I wonder where hes at right now.

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Anything else? The wiiu will be able to do it with anything and everything. The track record Sony has with add ons is what worries me. All talk at first then when it comes time to back it up here comes the excuses. Ex: 120fps, native 1080p on ALL games, rumble was last gen (my favorite). Well you get the picture.

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Edmix, hmmmmmm I wonder why you only have two bubbles. Wiiu will be fine my friend.

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I think you need to ask ea about mass effect if you really want the answer. They made it after all. Nintendo didn't have anything to do with it. They made the hardware, what the devs do with it is up to them.

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You must be in the loop to know that the next gen ps/xbox will launch next year. Or maybe you come from the future? The wiiu will do fine with dx11 capabilities my friend. Enjoy twiddling your thumbs in the mean time lmao!

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All linear games my friend. With flat textures and about 90% of the action CPU/gpu intense scenes blurred out. Yea real power houses there. Same stiff animations from the ps2 era just with prettier pictures. Let the ps3 run a retail game at 60fps and 1080p. Not a psn game. After 6 years it's still cant after being lied to about 1080p and 120fps lmao. The wiiu is able to do that day one. And now with it being able to do dx11 yea it's a real weak console (sarcasm).

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Look above you. The guy that posted first always trolls Nintendo articles. The dude/ chick must really have no life lmao!!! He/she is always first lol. To the point: you geniuses are the ones who keep comparing it to the ps3/360, so yes when it's proven that it's stronger STOP the presses so the trolls can read and go back to their bridge lmao j/s.

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OMG!!!! Can't you people just stop with the ports?? You guys act like the PS3 and 360 came out with 1000's of original ip's when they launched!! If I remember correctly they too had ALOT of ports!!! Guess what, when the PS4/nextbox come out guess what they'll have??....... PORTS!!!!! Shocking I know!! This is really getting ridiculous.

This is coming from a Ps3,wii,psp,ds owner.

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Your nintendo? The crying fanboys are nintendo? I ask because you said those who brought the sequel into existence were insulted.

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That was just poetry to my ears!! I literally couldn't have said it better myself.

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Next gen system nuff said

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But when nintendo announced their 8 gig model for the casuals everyone here just dragged them through the muck about it. Sony does it and its the best strategy ever thought of! LOL you just have to love these first generation gamers.

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It seemed appropriate

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I was about to post the same thing. Glad i didn't. I couldn't have said it better myself. If i buy it i can do whatever i want with what spend my hard earned money on. If i want to remove sonys os and add my own i can. That's what the EULA is for anyway, the software not the hardware. Get off your high horse little kids.

Been gaming since 88. I play PS and Nintendo games. Im not a hardcore or a casual gamer, I'm a REAL gamer.

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Instead of talking about motion controls, he needs to make sure borderlands 2 MP is running better than part 1. That was a disaster.

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Most of the games that come out are UPSCALED to 720p with 30 fps. Both on the ps3 and 360. Some maybe 720p native but most aren't. Now account for the fact that the wiiu can stream to 3 different screens at once. The processor must be pretty powerful to be able to accomplish that don't you think? So my point still stands that the wiiu must be stronger than current gen consoles. Notice how I say "must" and not "is". Until it's released we won't know for sure...

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This generations consoles can't even do 720p let alone 1080p native. From the mouth of Nintendo themselves the wiiu can. If the 360 tried to stream to two screens plus the TV itself it would probably melt. Granted it will be 720p and 30fps while it does it but it still can. This gens consoles were/are good but the wiiu will be stronger just by going with those facts. Now imagine what we still dont know about it.

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Who keeps approving this site? Site has been voted down.

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Cough *other OS* cough, cough *4 USB drives*cough, cough * ps2 compatability* cough

Man I must be coming down with a cold!

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